The Almighty Johnsons Wiki
First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present 1x01
Last Appearance: The End of the World As We Know It 3x13
Played By: Hayden Frost
Nickname(s): Freki (self-appointed)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Residence: Auckland

Zeb is Axl and Gaia's rather useless flatmate; and Axl’s somewhat unfortunate choice as best friend.


Early Life[]

Season 1[]

After Axl was nearly run over by Stacey, Zeb quickly checked on their beer rather than his friend, looking for surviving bottles. Following the earthquake he picked up a dagger he saw on the ground, unaware it was Stacey’s. After returning home from work the next day, he found Axl messing about with a sword he’d received as a present, and offered to swap the dagger for it, only for Axl to panic and cut the blade off, upsetting Zeb over the loss of it before they headed to the party at Mike and Valerie’s. Zeb immersed himself in the festivities, and after Axl was shot with an arrow, waited at the hospital for news, and noted that the arrowhead in his chest looked like a second heart. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

Season 2[]

Zeb was the target of Stacy's infatuation while under Michelle's spell, during the course of which he lost his virginity.

Due to unfortunate timing, Zeb was kidnapped by Egthar while he was looking for Gaia. While he was being hostage, Zeb managed to befriend Egthar and negociate to allow for the ending of the confrontation around Gaia without bloodshed.

Repeatedly denied access to God ceremonies, Zeb became highly frustated around Gaia's ascension when he was again refused, kicked out of his apartment, nearly kicked out of the bar and the only person to acquire Gaia a birthday present before the date itself.

Season 3[]

Zeb came up with the idea of finding Frigg by setting a casting call looking for the perfect Frigg in a beer commercial. (Mike in the Mirror)

As Axl prepared to set out for the ceremony that would unite Odin and Frigg, Zeb lamented that once again he could not go, but accepted the fact that this was the most sacred to the Gods. However he wished his best friend luck and hoped that Ragnarock would be stopped.

When Frigg and Odin were officially united together, the Goddess Spirits of all the Gods and Goddesses who were present disappeared. Since Axl was now mortal, and like what had earlier happened to Ty, Zeb lost all of his memories of his best friend and his family. However Axl had somewhat prepared for this by bringing free pizza and beer to the flat and offering it to Zeb before asking about the 'free room'. Zeb was curious how Axl had known that the spare room had only just been vacated by a previous tennant, but Axl's charms won him over and he invited him in, with their friendship set to begin all over again. (The End of the World As We Know It)


Apparently Zeb is studying something in the IT area, but there is very little evidence of that. He also works part-time, flipping burgers for a multinational corporate burger joint. But mostly he is He is a good guy, a loyal friend, a devoted follower, a bloke you would never trust with your life and a pain in the arse, yet, for reasons that are beyond the understanding of most mere mortals, Zeb is a guy you quite like having round because: (a) he’s fun; and (b) it makes you happy to know there is always someone more tragic than you.

Upon learning of Axl's identity, he adopted the name Freki; Odin's wolf. In spite of the flak he gets from Mike and Olaf concerning his knowledge of the Johnsons being Gods, he has remained loyal to his best friend. His research into the Norse myths have at times allowed him to be better informed than Axl, and while his ideas of finding Frigg have sometimes been foolish, Axl is glad that he has Zeb by his side.


Zeb is a hopeless romantic, being spurned for almost every advance he makes towards women, resulting in him being a virgin.


Though he flirted with Stacey, she had zero interest in Zeb, due to his somewhat creepy behavior and unlikeable personality. When a deal was made between Mike and Michele was made to hook him up with someone, Michele used her power of manipulating attraction on the unwitting Stacey. This resulted in her being overridden with lust and desire for Zeb, with long periods of sex, and believing that she was truly in love with him. However Michele's power only lasted a few days, after which she was back to hating him, to his extreme dismay.