Valerie Johnson
First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present 1x01
Played By: Roz Turnbull
Gender: Female
Ex-Spouse: Mike Johnson
Partner: Rob
Relatives: Olaf Johnson (ex-grandfather-in-law)
Elna Johnson (ex-grandmother-in-law, deceased)
Elizabet Johnson (ex-mother-in-law, deceased)
Johan Johnson (ex-father-in-law)
Ty Johnson (ex-brother-in-law)
Axl Johnson (ex-brother-in-law)
Anders Johnson (ex-brother-in-law)
Residence: New Zealand
Nationality: United Kingdom

Valerie is a good Kiwi chick; good at being a wife, and good, she fervently hopes, at being a mother one day soon.


Early LifeEdit

After Anders turned 21 and become a God, Anders used his powers to seduce Valerie into having sex with him, knowing that doing so would split them up when she clearly still loved her comatose fiancée Rob. However the plan failed and the incident only drew them closer together.

Season 1Edit

Mike was outdoors watching the shooting stars when Valerie came and suggested they get into bed together. During the night, they felt an earthquake and huddled together. When Axl arrived for the 21st party they were having for him, she was surprised by the number of friends he had brought with him, and when injecting herself with hormones to give her and Mike a better chance of conceiving, she was accidentally caught by Axl. When Anders showed up, she was unnerved by his presence and chose to avoid him. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present


Valerie is the sort of woman who takes things in her stride. She sets herself tasks, then she goes about completing those tasks and making those around her fall into line so those tasks can be completed. She can do this with charm and good humour; or she can put her bossy boots on and get things done that way. Either way, things get done when Valerie is around.

Valerie is remarkably skilled at tuning things out of her life. If they are of no direct concern to her or her plans for Mike and their family, then she doesn’t need to know. This is compartmentalisation of the highest order and it enables Valerie to keep her life on an even keel. It also means she has never noticed anything strange and God-like about her husband and his family. This is one of the qualities Mike really loves about her.

There are very few people in this world that Valerie doesn’t get on with. She may not like them, but she’ll get on with them, if needs must. Anders is the exception to this rule. You would never describe Valerie as dull – she’s always too busy and too driven to wear that crown – but she is pretty no-nonsense person. Except when she cuts loose, because she also knows how to party, given the right time and circumstances.


Around the age of 21, Valerie was in love with Mike's best friend Rob, and continued to care about him greatly even after he fell into a coma. She and Mike grew closer, and, despite Anders' attempt to keep the two from getting closer from guilt, fell into was apparently love and eventually got married. Since Rob has woken up she has supported him greatly, leaving Mike worried about where they all stand despite her assurance that he was the one she was in love with. However while in Danniverke with Rob, they had an affair, and six weeks later learned she was pregnant with his baby. Valerie told Mike that she was still in love with Rob, and Mike decided to leave her.


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