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*[[Jared Turner]] - [[Ty Johnson]]
*[[Jared Turner]] - [[Ty Johnson]]
*[[Ben Barrington]] - [[Olaf Johnson]] / [[Baldr]]
*[[Ben Barrington]] - [[Olaf Johnson]] / [[Baldr]]
*[[Shane Cortese]] - [[Colin Gunderson]] / Loki
*[[Shane Cortese]] - [[Colin Gunderson]] / [[Loki]]
*[[Hayden Frost]] - [[Zeb]]
*[[Hayden Frost]] - [[Zeb]]
*[[Eve Gordon]] - [[Stacey]] / Fulla
*[[Eve Gordon]] - [[Stacey]] / [[Fulla]]
*[[Michelle Langstone]] - [[Michele]] / Sjofn
*[[Michelle Langstone]] - [[Michele]] / [[Sjöfn]]
*[[Rachel Nash]] - [[Ingrid]] / Snotra
*[[Rachel Nash]] - [[Ingrid]] / [[Snotra]]
*[[Fern Sutherland]] - [[Dawn]]
*[[Fern Sutherland]] - [[Dawn]]
*[[Millen Baird]] - [[Lance]]
*[[Millen Baird]] - [[Lance]]
*[[Kimberley Crossman|Kimberly Crossman]] - [[Amelia Tennant]]
*[[Kimberley Crossman|Kimberly Crossman]] - [[Amelia Tennant]]
*[[Stuart Devenie]] - [[Johan Johnson|Joe Johnson]] / Njörðr
*[[Stuart Devenie]] - [[Johan Johnson|Joe Johnson]] / [[Njörðr]]
*[[Jennifer Ward-Lealand]] - [[Karen]] / Lofn
*[[Jennifer Ward-Lealand]] - [[Karen]] / [[Lofn]]
*[[Matthew Saville]] - [[Martin Larson]]
*[[Matthew Saville]] - [[Martin Larson]]

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Unleash the Kraken!
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date 1st August 2013
Written by Nick Ward & James Griffin
Directed by Mike Smith
Episode guide
Like The Berserkers of Old
And Then On to Norsewood

 Unleash the Kraken! is the fifth episode of the third season, and is the twenty-eighth episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall


Monsters from the past unlock the demons of today, as the Johnsons dress up for the family reunion they never expected.


The episode begins with continuing from the last episode, with Joe, the Johnson's father, attempts to appease Mike's anger at his sudden appearance, and when Karen and Joe realize they are both Gods, slip back upstairs, to their offspring's anger. Ty finishes packing up his things from Axl's flat, and as Zeb laments that they need another flatmate since they can't rely on Ingrid for rent, and notes that he has found a potential flatmate. Axl is furious to learn that it is Amelia Tennant, a 'friend' from their high school days, whom he believes to be a psycho. Zeb insists that they give her a chance, but Axl refuses to hear a word of it.

As Joe attempts to make good with Mike over breakfast, Mike still fumes about his father's lack of appearances since leaving, as Joe explains that time has passed differently for him. In an attempt to try and bring the family back together, Karen announces she has started organizing a fancy-dress family reunion barbecue for the Johnsons; Michele describes this as Lofn's ability of making social events for Gods so that they feel they have to go even if they really don't want to. Anders calls Mike to question the party after receiving the invite, and learns about Joe's return, and Mike informs Axl about the development as well, and Axl is far from enthusiastic.

Zeb shows Amelia around the flat as Axl returns, and the latter is far from pleased about this. Amelia tries to play nice by reminiscing about the old days and tries to appeal to Axl with the benefits of her moving in, and he reluctantly agrees to a trial period. As Mike tells Joe about who his brothers have become since turning 21, Ty calls about the party, and upon learning of Joe's return vows to show up. When Olaf learns of his son's return, he mentions that Joe broke his one rule and will be there to deal to him. Karen and Michele go out costume fitting, and Karen seems to have become infatuated with Joe, to Michele's surprise and somewhat disgust. She asks Mike if Joe is using his powers on her mother since she has never acted like this, however Mike admits he doesn't know what his father's powers are.

Ty goes to see Anders about the party and their father, and Ty points out that he wants to deal to Joe for the way treated them and their mother them when he left, and Anders debates as to whether or not they should bother punching him. As Zeb unpacks Amelia's car, Axl makes clear his suspicions about her using Zeb for her own gain, just as she used to in school. Amelia threatens to expose a brief fling she and Axl had if he doesn't play nice since Zeb was always head-over-heels for her. Axl backs down. Mike and Olaf go costume-fitting as well, and Olaf explains that Njords power is to calm fires, or in the case of people, reassuring others so that they don't feel like arguing with him, and warns Mike not to let Joe get a word in.

As the party begins, tensions are high as Ty and Anders reunite with their father. Joe uses his powers on Ty to reduce his anger by claiming that he was brave in giving up his godliness, to full effect. Zeb begins making pasta in an attempt to make nice with Amelia, while Amelia tries to hook up with Axl, much like they almost did years ago, and Axl brushes her off and decides to head to the party. Ty finds himself confused after what just happened, just as Olaf and Stacey arrive. Olaf gobs Joe in the jaw for breaking his number one rule; when Ty asks what the number one rule is, Mike replies it's never hit a woman.

Axl arrives, and Joe bows before the new Odin, while Karen is surprised that Michele didn't tell her about this and tries to suggest that Michele hook up with Axl/Odin, but Michele points out that she isn't Frigg and is happy with Mike. Olaf suggests that the brothers make nice with their father.

As Joe tries to connect with his boys, readily admitting he was never a good father or partner to their mother, Anders slaps his father, before suggesting that he and Ty try and get even with their father through a cricket game. Axl finds himself confused about how he feels about his father. Mike gives in to his fury by claiming that he had to do Joe's job of raising his brothers instead of living his own life, however Joe believes that Mike still looks after his brothers because he likes having the power of leadership over them. Colin arrives at the party under Karen's invitation, to everyone else's dismay, while Axl questions why Joe has even bothered to return to the brothers' lives, and Joe claims that it's because of Axl.

Ty and Anders collect cricket equipment from Lance, who has Dawn over, and Ty tries to speed up their departure as Anders makes fun of Dawn. Joe says that he has felt a pull towards Auckland for the last couple of years since Axl's rise as Odin. Axl questions why the sea attacked him if. Joe encourages Axl to stand up to Amelia by being a true Odin, and decides to go with him. Mike questions this, but Axl tells him to back off. Michele tries to tell her mother that Joe won't likely come back to her, but Karen believes that he must.

Axl returns to the flat to admit to Zeb that Amelia only ever used Zeb to get to Axl in high school. Zeb refuses to believe this, and demands Axl leave. Amelia reacts to Axl calling her a psycho and stabs him in the back with a knife, however this makes Zeb start to questions Amelia's motives. Joe notices the knife in his son's back, and suggests that they go to the hospital.

Colin flirts with Karen to Michele's dismay, as Ty and Anders return to find Joe gone before they could confront him again. Colin reveals that Anders is his campaign manager, and the two brothers go outside with a new conflict between them. Colin tries to get it back on with Michele, who knees him in the balls again after he removes his protective cup. Ty and Anders' conflict comes to a head and they start brawling, which Mike tries to intervene in, but it is Olaf who finally stops them. He organizes the boys, Stacey and Michele to have a true family reunion, which works out better than the original party.

After Axl has had the knife removed, they start to leave, and Axl suspects that Joe is about to shoot through again. However Joe says that he is going to go to Norswood, the family's old home, and on the way he will answer all of Axl's questions if chooses to come with. Axl agrees and they take off, unaware that someone is watching them, and writes down in a notebook that Odin is going to Norswood.



  • Writer - Nick Ward & James Griffin
  • Director - Mike Smith
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock, Nick Ward & Helen Searancke
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Mike - "Your son's returned."
Olaf - "Have you talked to Johan? Whatever you do, do not talk to him."
Mike - "Bit late for that, Grandpa."
Olaf - "He broke my one rule, Mikkel. I only have the one rule, and he broke it. And he will suffer the consequences. Tell him he has a world of hurt coming his way. No. No, no, no, no. Don't tell him. I will tell him on my own."
- Olaf cannot stress how badly his on has behaved

Joe - "Now, I know you have a lot to say to me, but before you give me the broadside, can I just say one thing?"
Ty - "I look forward to listening to what you have to say."
Mike - "Ty, I don't think that's gonna-"
Ty - "Mike, don't you dare side with him again."
Mike - "Fine. Whatever."
Ty - "I need to hear this."
Joe - "Mike tells me you managed to slip out of the net of being Höðr. What a bloody brave thing to do, son. That's some major balls right there. I salute you, mate."
- After Mike's failed attempt to warn Ty, Joe's powers as Njörðr get to work

Karen - "Why didn't you tell me the builder's brother was Odin?"
Michele - "Because of this moment right now."
Karen - "Sure he's a little bit on the young side for you, but-"
Michele - "Mum!"
Karen - "But he's Odin."
Michele - "And I am not Frigg, much to your disappointment."
Karen - "True. But... he's Odin."
- Karen attempts to convince her daughter to be a power-seeker

Axl - "We should go somewhere, do something." (starts to get into car)
Joe - "OK, I'm going suggest the hospital."
Axl - "What?"
Joe - "I don't want to alarm you, Axl, but you have a knife sticking out of your back."
Axl - "Aye?"
- Axl fails to notice he has been harmed

Deleted Scenes

  • After Axl tells Mike he's not going to the party, Mike passes on the message to Karen, who asserts that Axl will come, then announces that she and Michele are going costume-shopping. Michele doesn't want to, but Karen reminds her daughter that she loves shopping, to which Michele relents. As they leave, Joe notes about Mike being Ullr, having learnt that from Karen, before asking what the other boys got.
  • After Ty's call to Mike, Joe thinks that Ty is still on the boys' mother's side before asking how she is. Mike tells him the short story: gone and presumed dead. Joe doesn't seem to care much, since he and Elizabet were long over before he even left. Mike asks if Joe will even stick around for the party, and Joe admits he will be since it's a Lofn party. Mike realises Joe doesn't have a choice but takes delight in his father's predicament.
  • As Zeb and Amelia note that they and Axl were the three outlaws at high school, Amelia recalls an embarrassing story of Zeb's in which she helped him get payback.
  • As MIke admits he doesn't know what his father's powers are, and explains to Michele that Joe left before he turned 21 and simply assumed it was something water-based. Michele tells Mike that her mother has it in big time for Joe and says she doesn't want to be involved in the chaos if he leaves her hanging.
  • After Anders has slapped his father, Ty then asks why Joe why he hit him (once) as a child. Joe is surprised that Ty is still holding onto that, stating that he only did what needed to be done, since Ty had just about poured boiling water onto Axl to warm up his cold fingers. Ty, unsure as to the truth of this, asks if Joe has made this his own memory, however Joe says his powers do not extend to manipulating memories, and suggests to him and Anders that they keep ahold of the happies memories of him.


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • Retro - Performed by Surf City
  • Mindwarp - Performed by Bachelorette
  • Heart and Soul - Performed by The Narcs



  • The title of the episode is a reference to the Greek God films, Clash of the Titans, although the actual quote was "Release the Kraken!"