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Ty Johnson
First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present 1x01
Last Appearance: The End of the World As We Know It 3x13
Played By: Jared Turner
Harry Stanbridge (young Ty)
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Occupation: As Ty:
*Refrigerator repairman (formerly)
*Bicycle Courier
As Höðr: (formerly)
*God of Winter, Cold and Darkness
God/Goddess: Höðr (formerly)
Power: Formerly:
Ex-Spouse: Eva (deceased)
Partner: Dawn
Relatives: Olaf Johnson (grandfather)
Elna Johnson (grandmother)
Elizabet Johnson (mother)
Johan Johnson (father)
Mike Johnson (brother)
Anders Johnson (brother)
Axl Johnson (brother)
Valerie Johnson (ex-sister-in-law)
Hanna Larson (sister-in-law)
Residence: Auckland, New Zealand
Religion: Norse
Nationality: New Zealand

Tyrone "Ty" Johnson is the third born of the Johnson brothers, and was the reincarnation of Höðr; God of Winter, Cold and Darkness. Which means he was "cold".


Early Life[]

Growing up, Ty was his mother, Elizabeth's favorite. Ty hated the way his father, Joe, treated Elizabeth. Ty wanted to confront Joe, but Elizabeth told him to stay in his room. On one occasion, Elizabeth gave Ty her necklace, saying it would protect him. (Charlie Truman) The significance of the necklace is unknown, but it is a representation of Mjolnir; Thor's Hammer.

When it came time for him to become a God, the only reason Ty participated in the ritual his family had gathered for was because of a game of rock-paper-scissors with his older brother Mike. Mike never lost a game—chance doesn't influence the God of the Hunt. Mike never loses a game. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

Season 1[]

Ty was out on a date, but the woman he was with claimed to only want to be friends. The next day during his run, he noticed that the Bay was colored oddly, like blood, before Mike called him to remind him to get Anders and Axl, the former being more difficult. He joined his brothers in the forest to enact the ceremony that would turn Axl into a God. After Axl was transformed, the near-unconscious Olaf claimed that he was Odin, a fact which worried the brothers. He went to Axl’s 21st party at Mike’s, and when Olaf woke up and explained the signs, Ty told them of the blood red sea, and was angered by Axl’s blurt that he only made women’s nipples hard, a comment he knew had come from Anders. When Axl was led off by a strange woman, Ty quickly caught up with Mike’s guidance, but was too late as Axl was shot with an arrow. Though Axl was alright in the end, the final sign came to be, and as Axl was now Odin, he would need to find Frigg or else if he died, they all would. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

(This Is Where Duty Starts)

(God's Gift to Zebras)

(You Gotta Love Life, Babe)

(This Is Not The Washing Powder, My Friend)

(Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms)

(Bad Things Happen)

Ty was at Mike's place when Dawn left with Val and Rob to go to Danniverke, and lovingly farewelled his girlfriend. (I Can Give You Frigg)

(Hunting Reindeer on Slippery Rocks)

During a confrontation with Axl after Zeb was injured, Ty angrily pointed out that what he had done was worse, and subsequently dumped Dawn, believing it was the only way to ensure he wouldn’t hurt her again. Anders teased him about it later when Axl called a meeting, and tried to attack his brother but Olaf held him back. Ty felt worse when Dawn showed up, who was angry at the mixed messages he was giving her, and returned the gifts he had sent after dumping her. At the engagement party for Axl and Eva, Ty requested Axl to turn him into a mortal once he ascended. When Eva arrived, Ty immediately felt a strange sensation overcome him and felt like having a go at Eva for no reason. Eventually he confronted her on her obvious lack of feelings for Axl, and tried to coax her into stabbing him before his brothers defused the situation.

After Axl and Eva’s attempt to call the wedding off brought on the revelation that Mike would have to die if they did, and that Eva was not in fact Frigg, but Hel, Goddess of Death, Ty looked over the contract to try and find a loophole. He found one, and decided to take Axl’s place in marrying Eva. He went to see her, and convinced her that they were meant to be together, resulting in them having sex. Ty then went to tell Dawn that he was seeing Eva and to forget about him, before rallying his brothers to confront Colin with his plan. He quickly married Eva in a small ceremony witnessed by their fellow Gods and Goddesses. (Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice)

Season 2[]

(And Then She Will Come To You)

(Frigg Magnet)

(Charlie Truman)

(Death's Cleansing Embrace)

(A Damn Fine Woman

Ty sought to become mortal by killing himself and being quickly resuscitated to allow his God Spirit the chance to leave his body. Mike convinced him not to try until they had talked to Kvasir, wisest of the Gods, to see if there was a safer way to become mortal. He enlisted Ingrid's help to track Kvasir down. (Effortless Manly Coolness)


(Everything Starts With Gaia)

(Magical Fluffy Bunny World)

(The House of Jerome)

Ty awakens as a mortal

After learning that Anders had fired Dawn, and that she would likely move away to be with her sick mother, Ty tried to convince Anders to manipulate her to reconsider. Failing, Ty went to Mike's bar and learned from Ingrid and Michele that Kvasir was tied up in the basement of Mike's bar by Olaf, though Olaf had failed to mention it. Confronting Kvasir, Ty asked if there was a way to become mortal. A smug Kvasir told him that he required two things; one, a way to die and be resuscitated, and the second, less likely thing they would be able to retrieve, a piece of the Yggdrasil tree. Since Anders had retrieved a part of it, they had everything he needed, so returned to his place with Olaf, Ingrid and Michele to prepare the Yggdrasil Stick. After drinking a tea infused with the bark of Yggdrasil, Ty began hallucinating that everyone else around was Dawn, before collapsing and dying. This enabled the Spirit of Höðr to leave his body, and then Michele brought him back, and the first thing he realized was that he could feel the warmth, thus he was now mortal. (You Call This the Real World?)

Despite Mike's fury at him for turning his back on their family, Ty felt happier than he had ever been, even more so than his earlier temporary power-lapse. With Anders apparently very happy for him, Ty went to see Dawn, and announced that he didn't want to just be friends, he wanted to be with her. But Ty received a horrible shock; Dawn had no memory of him, aside from mentions from Anders, and assumed the whole thing was a prank of Anders before demanding he leave.

Ty took the matter to Mike and Olaf at the bar, and Zeb didn't' recognize Ty either. Upon questioning Kvasir, it was revealed that mortals (even if they didn't realize it) knew Gods when they saw them, but as Ty was no longer a God, there was nothing special worth noting him for, and so no mortal would remember meeting him, only hearing his name from others. Ty, furious that Kvasir did not tell him, attacked him, but Olaf pulled him off. He went to Anders to ask him to talk to Dawn to try fix things. Anders agreed to put a good word in with Dawn for him, but when he went to apologize later she brushed him off coldly. (Does This Look Like Asgard?)

Season 3[]

No Info available.


A promotional image of Ty

Ty is the third Johnson brother. He runs a small (as in just him) refrigeration repair company and lives on his own in an apartment above his workshop. Although his name is short for Tyrone; derived from Tyr, one of the Norse gods of war, Ty is possibly the least-warlike person on the planet. As befits someone of a wintry disposition, Ty is something of a cold fish – quiet; shy; not much fun at parties; naturally pessimistic; and logical in a Mr-Spock-from-Star-Trek kind of way. He spends a fair amount of time running – long distances, on his own, thinking.

Ty is the human incarnation of Höðr (also known as Hodur or Hoor or Hod or Hoth), the blind Norse God of winter and darkness. As Höðr, his Godlike ‘power’ is to make things slightly colder – a room when he walks into it; a glass of beer when he’s holding it... This so-called ‘power’ gets stronger during moments of intense emotion. Ty hates being Höðr, as it defines his life in so many ways.

It is no surprise, then, that Ty is single. What is surprising is that within this frigid exterior lies the heart and soul of a true romantic; capable of acts of love and devotion that are, well, quite mythical in their strength and intensity. He’s a dreamer; an artist who carves ice-angels in his spare time. He’s intelligent; a great listener and a very compassionate man. Thus he is ‘friends’ with many of the women who have dumped him in the past. And they actually do ring him and share their problems with him and tell them of their lives and their loves. Just that Ty will never be one of those loves. Just a friend.

Mike and Anders have God-given gifts; Ty has a God-given curse. He tries to fight it, to live a normal human life, but the ice has got in and he has let it define him and shape how he sees the world. If he can only get rid of this curse, to feel warmth again and to live and love like a normal person, then Ty’s world will again be a place worth living in.

Former Powers[]

Cryokinesis - Simply by being Höðr, Ty had the ability to freeze objects, and to lower the temperature around him. Initially, Ty had limited control of his powers, which mostly came out whenever he was being emotional or passionate. It also would take an extended touch of him to slowly reduce a person or object's temperature. When Ty became Höðr again, he had better control over his abilities.


Ty has always had trouble with women, who think he is too nice and only want to be friends, and he also falls in love with them quickly.

Helen Larvig[]

He had a brief fling with Helen after meeting her while repairing the refrigerator at her club, and they felt a connection to each other, though neither knew why. It was only before they made love that they realized they were both Gods, and the fact that they had never been with another before made them curious. But after Ty learned that they were not destined to be together, but that Iðunn and Bragi were and that it would end badly for her, so he broke it off.

When he realized Helen was nearby when he and Anders were out drinking, he tried to get Anders away, showing he still cared for her wellbeing in the long-run, but was too late. However he managed to get past it by taking Olaf's advice and asking her questions about herself (Iðunn).


Ty has always had a soft spot for Dawn, but was unaware she thought he was gay and while clarifying the matter blurted out that she was the kind of person he could fall for. They soon started a relationship, however he continued to worry that her being around him was dangerous, and took many precautions. However this eventually failed, and feeling guilty he broke up with her. While he was married to Eva, he still felt something for her when Agnetha told him a present from Anders was from Dawn, although he was heavily drugged at the time. Even when he was back to normal he showed care for Dawn, however her fury and being unable to understand him makes it hard for them to have a friendship.

When it came to him losing his powers due to Axl's illness, Ty took advantage of his returned senses and did his best to patch things up with Dawn, but since this effect wouldn't last forever he decided it would be best if they remained just friends. But his feeling for her never diminished, and so sought to become mortal. But upon doing so, he was hurt and horrified to learn that his sacrifice, for her, was in vain as she no longer remembered him.

Ty attempted to befriend her in the hope that eventually she would fall for him, but he impulsively inserted himself into her daily life by showing up at Anders' office and jogging past her place, and even Anders powers did not do much help. When she started dating Lance, he settled on a casual friendship with her, however he remained jealous. After Dawn and Lance broke up and Colin attempted to manipulate Anders into having his way with her, Ty attacked Colin with his returning powers. Dawn witnessed this and suddenly an onslaught of memories from their time together started returning to her. After Ty rebuffed her initial questions, he received an anonymous message about honesty, and admitted the truth after about him being a God and everything they had been through together. Dawn accepted the truth and the fact that she loved him, and the two resumed their relationship together.


When Ty met Eva, he was extremely bitter towards her, and it was only through the learning that she was actually Hel that Ty saw they had something in common; pain and suffering. He convinced her they were meant to be together, and neither seemed to care that they would likely be the death of one another. They got married to save Mike's life, in a marriage more of convenience that love.

Even after getting married, they were still as bitter as ever, but the passionate sex was what kept them coming back to each other. Her wild and dark behavior intrigued him, even allowing her to brand their initials onto his chest as a show of his commitment. However as her behavior grew more erratic, Ty decided to leave her, especially after her assault on Dawn, but Agnetha beat him to the punch and killed her. Eva's death shocked Ty, but having never truly loved her, was quickly able to move past her demise, but had respect enough for her that he told Colin the truth.


  • Ty is thus far the only character to go from being a God to a mortal, but how his being forgotten by mortals will affect their accounts of major situations involving him (such as Eva) is as yet unclear.
  • Ty has noticeable changes in complexion over the course of the show. He was usually pale when he was a God, became extremely pale when he was with Eva, and became colored when he lost his powers temporary, and again when he became a mortal.
  • Ty lost his powers when Höðr left his mortal body, however, when angry, Ty's powers resurface, eventually leading to Hod returning to him, but now he has control over his powers.