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Thor fighting the Giants
Vital statistics
Title The Thunderer
Gender Male
Race Asgardian
Faction Norse Gods
Health 475 (+76)
Level High
Status Immortal
Location Asgard

Thor (also Þórr, from Old Norse) is the hammer-wielding God of Thunder, Lightning, Storms, Oak trees, Strength, Hallowing, Fertility & the Protection of Mankind; Idol of Craftsman & Fighter of Evil, in Norse mythology. Like Odin, Thor is also a widely revered god and one of the principal Norse gods of legend.


He is the son of Odin (by the earth goddess, Jörð), stepson of Frigg, and older brother of Baldr and Höðr. In most myths, Thor is said to be Odin's most favorite son of all, for his heroism and compasion. Husband of the goddess Sif, and stepfather of the hunting-god, Ullr. He is a great warrior represented as a middle-aged man of enormous strength, an implacable foe to the harmful race of giants but benevolent toward mankind. His figure was generally secondary to that of his father Odin, and perhaps among all northern peoples except the royal families, he was apparently worshiped more than any other god.

Thor's name means the word, "thunder", and it was the thunderbolt that was represented by his hammer, Mjölnir, the attribute most commonly associated with him as his weapon. It is said that, the hammer is one of the most fearsome weapons in Asgard, created for him by the dwarven brothers Sindri and Brokkr. It is what helps Thor boost his powers, and it has many marvelous qualities, including that of returning to the thrower like a boomerang; it is frequently carved on runic stones and funerary stelae. Thor is capable of hurling Mjölnir with great force and, by holding onto the leather thong, is capable of flying through the air at tremendous speeds.

Thor is one of the most powerful gods in Asgard. He is well known for his fights with the race of giants. His duty is to protect both Asgard (home of the gods) and Midgard (home of the humans). Among Thor's chief enemies is the midgard serpent Jörmungandr, the symbol of evil.


  • Thor The Thunderer
  • The God of Thunder, Lightning, Storms, Oak trees, Strength, Hallowing, Fertility & the Protection of Mankind
  • The Idol of Craftsman
  • The Fighter of Evil


  • Blunt Weapon Proficiency
    • Empathic Weaponry
  • Deity Lightning Manipulation
    • Electricity Manipulation
      • Lightning Bolt Projection
  • Divine Weather Manipulation
    • Storm Manipulation
  • Flight
  • Guardianship
  • Purification
  • Sky Energy Manipulation
    • Celestial Manipulation
    • Sky Manipulation
  • Soil Manipulation
    • Fertility Inducement
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Terrain Manipulation


The ancient Norse believed that if Ragnarök ever happened, Thor would kill and be killed by Jörmungandr, the midgard serpent.

In the series

  • Thor was reincarnated into the human body of Derrick, a goat farmer who helped Axl Johnson / Odin and his brothers whenever they needed his help.
  • When Frigg and Odin were officially reunited and remarried at The Ga, Thor emerged from Derrick, along with all the other gods and goddesses who were or weren't present there, and they returned home to Asgard. With his powers restored in full, Thor presumably aided Odin in battling the midgard serpent Jörmungandr, and save the world from Ragnarök. When the serpent was presumably beaten by Thor and Odin, restoring balance to the world, the two of them returned home where Frigg greeted Odin with love, and Thor (like all the other gods) lived happily in Asgard, to protect it from danger for all eternity.
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