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This Thing Inside
Season 3, Episode 2
Air date 11th July 2013
Written by James Griffin
Directed by Murray Keane
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 This Thing Inside is the second episode of the third season, and is the twenty-fifth episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall


Attraction versus repulsion; destiny versus free-will; Godliness versus humanity: oh yes, the battle is most definitely on.


After spending the night with Anders, Gaia feels immensely guilty. Returning home, she lies to Axl and says she was walking all night, and she wants to bring their wedding day forward. Excited, Axl calls Mike with the news in the hopes of also having their wedding reception in his bar, however Mike has to deny this as he and Michele have started renovations. Concerned, Mike tells Olaf and Ingrid about this development who cannot see it working out well.

As they are planning the wedding details, Gaia receives an explicit sext from Anders, as he had gotten her phone number while she showered and added it to his contacts. Gaia feels she has to leave, purposely avoiding the arriving of Olaf and Ingrid. They instead confront Axl and remind him of the suspicious actions of the pair, so he calls Anders, who blatantly lies. Axl decides that no Gods will be allowed to the wedding, and when Ingrid points out that Odin and Iðunn will be there, he asserts that it will be him and Gaia.

Michele delights in her demolition of the bar's living space, as Mike, Olaf and Ingrid discuss the Iðunn and Bragi situation. As Mike laments that their powers are weak, Olaf says that they do have power deep inside them, Michele cuts herself and uses the Yggdrasil stick to heal herself. Gaia goes to see Stacey her former handmaiden, who is setting up her courier company, and admits to sex with Anders. Stacey warns Gaia that she needs to stay away from Anders, but Gaia says that there is a voice in her head that she cannot ignore. As Gaia leaves, Anders calls her and insists that they meet. Later, Stacey goes to Anders office and uses this information to blackmail him to exclusively use her courier company for all of their deliveries.

Anders and Gaia meet in a public park, and Gaia insists that she doesn't want anything to do with him. Anders doesn't believe her, but also protests his desire for her, and both agree that they need to avoid each other. While arranging a bucks night with Zeb, Axl calls Gaia, but she doesn't answer; having succumbed again to Anders, she is sleeping with him at his place.

When Gaia returns home, she confesses the truth that despite her love for Axl, she cannot ignore the need to be with Anders. Axl storms out to find Anders. Stacey arrives at Ty's place, and lets slip about Anders and Gaia to Ingrid and Olaf.

Axl arrives at Mike's bar after failing to find Anders at his office or home, and he tells Mike and Michele what's happened, demanding that Mike use his powers to lead him to Anders. Mike refuses, but tells Axl he will find Anders. He does so at a tennis stadium, and Anders offers no resistance as Mike berates him, claiming that he tried to stay away from Gaia but couldn't. Mike demands that he apologize to Axl. Meanwhile, Ty is talking to Olaf about how things went with Dawn before she left, and with Olaf's help, realizes that she may have had a subconscious flashback of when Eva locked her inside his freezer. Mike arrives with Anders so that they can all talk with Axl.

Axl tries to get at Anders, but Ty and Olaf hold him back as Mike speaks on Anders' behalf about how he couldn't deny Bragi and Iðunn trying to force them together. Axl is almost calmed until Anders starts talking, getting descriptive about the sex and refusing to apologize. This ends with Axl launching him into Michele's pile of debris, resulting in Anders having his throat cut badly and bleeding profusely. Seeing Anders mortally wounded, Axl flees. Michele has no choice but to grab the Yggdrasil stick and use it to augment her powers so that she can heal Anders in front of the remaining Johnsons. Mike is shocked, but despite wanting answers from Michele, leaves to go after Axl.

When he finds him in an old train car, Mike says that Anders will be alright, but that they cannot avoid Gaia and Anders newfound connection. Axl doesn't want to accept this, but Mike says that they do not have a choice. Anders, despite having lost a lot of blood, demands the Stick back from Michele, but topples over when he stands, to Ty, Olaf and Michele's laughter.

Axl and Mike head to the flat, where Gaia admits that she does love Axl, but becoming Iðunn has made it impossible for them to be together and that she must end it. Mike assumes she means to kill herself, but Gaia says that she intends to go to the U.K. on her own for a while, to give her space from Gods, and asks that Axl not go with her. Olaf and Ty take the slightly delirious Anders home, while Michele fronts up to Mike about the Yggdrasil stick working for her because she is a woman, and points out that she saved Axl, Ty and Anders' lives with its power. Mike decides it's not worth arguing about, and they settle down together.

The next day after one last night with Axl, Gaia packs and leaves in an airport shuttle, leaving behind Zeb and a barely-holding-it-together Axl.



  • Writer - James Griffin
  • Director - Murray Keane
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock & Helen Searancke
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Zeb - "This isn't one of those God jokes where you say that now, then it turns out, like, Thor has to be the best man and I don't even get invited?"
Axl - "I definitely don't want Thor. I want you."
Zeb - "In that case, I'll think about it. (pauses) Kidding. I am so in!"
- Zeb finally thinks there's a God ceremony he may attend

Anders - "You're in my chair,..."
Stacey - "Yes."
Anders - "...which is kind of a provocative act."
Stacey - "This is provocative? I can think of a lot of things that are way more provocative than this."
Anders - "Good for you."
- Anders has a very dirty mind... not that it's news to Stacey

Mike - "Everything is falling to shit. Do you know that?"
Olaf - "You're talking about Anders and Gaia, I assume?"
Mike - "And what are you doing? Having a party? Get help, people!"
Ingrid - "Mikkel, you cannot un-crash the train once the train has crashed."
Mike - "No, but you can deal to the dead and the dying."
- Mike isn't happy with some of the reactions to the Gaia and Anders situation

Mike - "We all know that Anders did an unforgivable thing."
Anders - "Gee, nice opening, Mike!"
Mike - "You would do well to shut it right now."
- Mike starts speaking on Anders' behalf isn't accepted by Anders himself

Olaf - "Listen, Iðunn, Bragi - as long as the two of them inhabit the same Godly postcode, they will find a way to knob each other. Gaia could have lost her face and all her limbs to leprosy and Anders would still find her irresistible."
(All stare at Olaf)
Mike - "Yeah, OK, Grandpa, point made."
- Olaf essentially says love and attraction are powerful forces

Anders - "Bro, you need to know that I am not proud of what's happened here, OK? And I know what you all think of me, but I'm going to fight this thing every step of the way, whatever it takes, because there were times there, when I was with Gaia, and I felt like... I was floating above everything, looking down, and I - I was think, 'What am I doing? I am balls deep in Axl's fiancee-'"
(Axl roars and charges at Anders)
- Anders' attempt to appeal to Axl falls flat right before he does

Deleted Scenes[]

  • Slight extension of Mike and Michele starting to have sex after she tells him about the Yggdrasil Stick.


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • The Quit - Performed by Flip Grater
  • Slave to Your Mojo - Performed by Heart Attack Alley
  • Real Time - Performed by Sola Rosa



  • This is the last episode to feature Gaia.