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Odin & Frigg holding hands at the Ga.

The Ga is a special ceremony centered in a clearing, deep in the forest, where Odin and Frigg were united and properly married, before they and the other Gods ascend to Asgard.

How it works[]

  • Martin Larson was tied up to two trees, shirtless, because Heimdallr stands guard at the stopping point between the Bifröst and the Alibu.
  • Frigg reluctantly carved into Heimdallr's chest with a knife to begin, she chanted a spell, and then carved into her hand and Odin's, which they then joined together.
  • As a drop of their blood spilled onto an Asgardian stone, all the stones in the circle ignited, and it unleashed the Pure Light.


  • The Pure Light caused the spirits of the Gods to ascend to Asgard, which left their mortal vessels behind on Midgard - and they were forgotten by all who once knew them.
  • Heimdallr took the Bifröst Bridge with him to watch over Asgard (as was his sworn duty), and Martin had been granted entrance into the afterlife, after he instantly disappeared.
  • When the Gods returned to Asgard, all of their powers were restored to them in full:
    • As a result, Odin used his magic to bring Michele back to life from death.


  • The Gods at the Ga weren't the only ones effected by the Pure Light, both Gods who were present, and Gods who weren't present, ascended to Asgard.
  • There were 11 Gods present at the ceremony: Odin, Frigg, Baldr, Snotra, Ullr, Sjöfn, Bragi, Fulla, Höðr, Heimdallr, & Loki.