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The End of the World As We Know
Season 3, Episode 13
Air date September 26, 2013
Written by James Griffin
Directed by Mark Beasley
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The End of the World As We Know It is the thirteenth episode of the third season, and is the thirty-sixth episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall, as well as the series finale.


If you had one night left, and in the morning everything changes forever, what would you do with that night? The Johnsons face this very question in the season finale.


A stormy morning has Ingrid and Olaf wandering along the beach discussing their revelation that the Gods will not rule Asgard, but Earth. Colin gloats to Anders that they will rule the land, but Anders isn't quite so happy that they won't be going to Asgard. Ty tells Dawn that the God Spirits within them will leave when Odin and Frigg are reunited, while their mortal forms remain behind, which means that she will forget him all over again. Axl is fuming to Zeb about the fact that while the Gods within them will be restored to power, they will be left behind to deal with Ragnarök. Mike and Hanna sleep together once again, and as Martin frets about her decision, a large earthquake strikes. Zeb notes that Ragnarök is coming.

Michele, despite her apparent death, roams the streets and arrives at Anders' flat. The still-giddy Colin notes from the pair's behavior that they're together now that she and Mike have split. Michele demands Anders to sleep with her, saying that she needs to feel a warm body against her. Anders eagerly complies, and when they're done, Michele leaves. Axl, Zeb and Olaf discuss the worldwide disasters occurring being related to Ragnarök, and Axl realizes he cannot just stand around doing nothing.

Axl goes to Mike to warn him to back off since only the true Odin can stop both Jörmungandr and Ragnarök. Mike refuses to back down, and they go to Hanna's place to ask her whether's she's decided. However in spite of her not being there, Axl notices a hammer belonging to Mike, which Martin used to kill Michele. Mike uses his Ullr senses to determine that Michele is part of it and tracks her down with Axl in tow. Michele is cryptic, but implies that she does not have much time left. She explains what happened, and that Hanna breathed life back into Michele to bring her back. Hanna then explained that Michele is not truly alive, and that when Frigg ascends, along with Sjöfn, Michele will die. Neither Mike nor Axl can think of what to say.

Ty and Dawn are trying to have their own fun, but Ty can't help but feel weird, since they are making a sex tape. When Ty's phone starts ringing, he ignores it and continues with Dawn.

Axl and Mike inform the other Gods and Goddesses about Michele's situation. As Ingrid and Stacey console her, Mike reveals that Martin must have done it, and wants to avoid The Ga so that she will live. Axl, however, says that they must take the risk to save more. As the Goddesses leave, Michele reveals she slept with Anders, to which Mike demands that he and Anders have a frank discussion about the latter's morals in sleeping with Mike's ex. However since they were technically broken up at the time, Mike lets it go, but goes on to wonder how Hanna feels about him, since he believes he loves her. Ingrid and Stacey both try to think of ways that they can forestall Michele's death, but Michele knows that it is unavoidable.

Axl is at Martin's halfway-house home staring at a drawing of Jörmungandr when Hanna arrives, followed by Martin, who confirms Ragnarök's approach while playing Nordic tunes. Axl implores that Hanna hurry and choose, but she demands more time and leave to go and see Mike, who has settled matters with Anders. She then starts to tell Mike something. Zeb and Axl discuss Martin's way of telling how Ragnarök is coming when Hanna arrives. She tells Axl that she has decided that he is the one she wants as Odin, to Axl, and Zeb's joy. Mike is upset and Anders attempts to console him.

Meanwhile, the Goddesses are shopping to look their best for the Gahr, and Michele offers to pay since she won't need money when she's dead. Stacey then receives news of whom Hanna has chosen, and that the Gahr is set for the next morning. Michele leaves to do a spender-bender in the wake of this news. Ty also gets the news and shares it with Dawn, who reveals that she has a plan for Ty to be able to stay if things go wrong. Axl calls Anders and Mike to ensure that they will be present at the Gahr, and they assure him they will. Colin calls Mike to gloat, to which Mike promptly hangs up. Michele arrives to sympathize with Mike, before asking both brothers if they want to go out for a night of fun. When they agree, they leave in Michele's stolen sports car.

Mike, Michele and Anders hit the Casino

The trio arrive at a casino, where Mike intends to utilize his Ullr powers to the fullest. As the night goes on, Anders uses his Bragi powers to steer away two bouncers, allowing Mike to win big. Meanwhile, Axl and Zeb play video games together, Ty and Dawn are baking naked (save for aprons), and Olaf enjoys making out with both Stacey and Ingrid on the beach. Colin arrives at Mike's bar and starts burning it down in retaliation for his earlier humiliation when Mike tricked him into a fight after Ty and Anders broke his arm, despite hoping that Mike would still be there when he did.

Michele laments that she and Mike could have been great together, and both admit they will miss each other. As Mike receives a call from the police about his burning bar, and all realize that it was Colin's doing. However Mike takes it in his stride, and toasts to the three of them. Zeb asks Axl what he thinks Asgard will be like, however Axl is unsure he will ever know, and decides to turn in for the night.

The next morning, Dawn and Ty watch the sunrise together. Olaf stares out at the beach with Ingrid and Stacey as he realizes he is going to get old once Baldr is gone. Axl prepares to leave, but then decides to take the family sword with him. Zeb accepts the fact that this is the one God ceremony he cannot go to, and wishes Axl good luck even as he knows that he'll forget all about Axl when the ceremony is done. Colin arrives at the ceremony's location in the forest, and makes fun of Ty, Olaf, and Mike, however the latter actually thanks him for burning down his bar since he had the foresight to insure it and can claim the money. As soon as Axl arrives, Hanna tells the gathered group that it is time.

Axl and Hanna hold hands.

In a clearing, they find Martin tied up, since Heimdallr is the gatekeeper between Asgard and Midgard. Axl tells Michele that when he is Odin, he will bring her back to life. Hanna reluctantly carves into Martin's skin with a knife to begin, and then into her and Axl's hands, which they then join together. As a drop of blood spills, the God Spirits within everyone present rises up and into the sky. With that, Odin and Frigg are united. Martin has disappeared to take up his role as guardian between the realms. The collapsed Michele is restored back to life, to everyone's joy. Axl calls out to Odin, thanking him for keeping his word. Axl asks if he and Hanna have to remain married, and suggests that Mike is the one for her.

Michele collapses as the Ceremony ends.

As they all start leaving, Axl asks Olaf if he thinks Odin is kicking Jörmungandr's butt, which Olaf thinks he is, as Axl notices the sword is gone and Olaf complains that he already feels older. Colin remains to throw a glowing stone onto the ground, and insults everyone one last time before leaving. Michele offers Stacey and Ingrid a ride in her sports car, happy that she is still alive. Ty leaves with Anders with a plan for Dawn. While everyone else leaves, Axl offers Mike a lift home, repairing their relationship, and play one last game of rock-paper-scissors where Axl finally wins.

Ty gives Dawn a package, who once again fails to remember him now that he's mortal again. In it is film in which earlier Dawn explains that she knows that she has lost the love of her life and that Ty is the one to fill that gap. Following that is clips of their time together, and the recording of Dawn implores that she continue to love Ty like she wanted to before forgetting. Dawn accepts this and embraces Ty, at which point Anders rudely interrupts to ask if he's done something to help her remember him as well.

Axl returns home to the flat with pizza and beer, offering it to Zeb for free since he also doesn't remember Axl as he is also now a mortal like the other Gods. He then asks about the 'spare' room as a way to reforge the friendship with his best friend. Zeb wonders how Axl knew about the spare room when the previous 'mysterious tenant' only just packed up without warning, but eagerly accepts and invites Axl inside to show him around. Before he closes the door, Axl looks up at the sky, smiling.



  • Writer - James Griffin
  • Director - Mark Beasley
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock & Laura Hill
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Michele - (to Anders) "I'll be in bed when you get rid of your dickhead mate." (walks away)
Anders - "That's your cue to leave, Colin."
Colin - "But I cooked breakfast and everything. Where's the love?"
Anders - "Love died ages ago. Now fuck off."
- Anders has better priorities than Colin

Michele - "Oh, Anders, if you're worried, it's not actually necrophilia if the corpse still has a pulse."
- Teasing the one with the biggest perversions of anyone

Zeb - "What do you think Asgard will be like?"
Axl - "I don't kow that I'll ever know."
Zeb - "True - when you split into your component parts."
Axl - "I do wonder, but it's like trying to imagine infinity - it makes my brain hurt." (both chuckle)
- Axl and Zeb discuss what's to come

Axl - "Is it a clothes on or off ceremony?"
Hanna - "Clothes on."
Axl - "Cool."
- It is supposed to be a wedding ceremony after all...

(Hanna carves a symbol into Martin's chest with a knife. Martin looks somewhat excited)
Olaf - "Kids, whatever he's on, do not try it."
- That's rich coming from Olaf

(Michele is revived, and Axl calls up to Odin in the sky)
Axl - "Yes! Odin, your the man!" (joyful laugh)

Deleted Scenes[]

  • (extended scene) As Ty explains to Dawn that his mortal body will remain behind after The Ga, she is surprised that they will no longer have to live in an igloo together.
  • As Axl laments the worst part of not going to Asgard, he thinks that Hanna has chosen Mike over him since they slept together. Zeb tries to remind Axl that he is the true Odin and that she may merely be confused by the two-Odins situation.
  • Hanna arrives at the bar, and Mike thinks she's looking for Martin, whom he's noticed has disappeared. Hanna says it's not why she's there and kisses him, leading the pair upstairs.
  • Tigilau emerges from the ocean, telling curious bystanders that there's a tsunami coming. He then goes to Olaf and Ingrid, who are on the beach, raging that disasters are occurring; that Iceland has had tsunamis and the Phillipenes has lava spewing everywhere. He then demands to be taken to their leader.
  • As Michele confirms to Colin that she is now sleeping with Anders, she tells them both that she's never been with more than one person at a time despite their beliefs. Colin takes this to suggest that he get in on their action, however she rebuffs him. As Colin is demanded to leave, he notes to Anders that he must have wet himself during the earthquake, but Anders claims that he just spilt his drink.
  • Tigilau arrives at Axl's, showing him dead fish that are his friends and claims Axl responsible for their deaths. Axl asserts that the problems wil be sorted within the next day, which Tigilau accepts. As he starts leaving he complains that his eyes are stinging because of the fish air, so Ingrid offers him some eye drops.
  • Axl tells Mike that Hanna has to chose between them quickly, because he gave his word to Tigilau. Mike still doesn't believe Tigilau exists and that Axl has been on a drug trip with Olaf.
  • Dawn is preparing to take home a camera from JPR when Anders arrives, asking why Dawn isn't worried about her inevitable loss of memory when they become mortals. Knowing that his clients will forget him - which Dawn remarks isn't that bad a thing - as well as her, he orders her to go, but first asks if she will miss him. She tells him no, since she won't remember him.
  • As Mike tells Anders to chose between following Axl or staying, Anders remarks to Olaf that he wishes the bar was still open so that they could have some drinks. He suggests they both go surfing, but Olaf points out that too much weird stuff is happening.
  • Hanna tells Mike that when she left him earlier, it was to get away from herself as well as to check on Martin. She also tells him that she is choosing Axl as her Odin. Mike asks when she knew he was her Odin, and she replies that it was the moment she laid eye on him. Mike demands to know why Hanna led him on, to which she replies that she herself wanted to get to know him, but that her also being Frigg means that it has to take priority. She states that Ragnarök is real, to Mike's frustration, and she also says that the world is a fair place.
  • Hanna starts to leave Axl's, since she needs to make sure Martin is ready - Heimdallr is an important part of the Gahr. She kisses him and tells him not to worry about them not having any time together since they have eternity. Zeb notes that they have finally gotten results, and Axl concurs.
  • As the Gods and Goddesses arrive in the ceremony spot, Hanna points out where the representatives of each realm must stand. Michele complains about her representation of the realm of darkness. When it comes to Mike's turn, Colin mocks his sudden demotion from Odin.
  • When Axl challenges Mike to a game of rock-paper-scissors, Mike actually wins all three games.
  • Colin returns to the stone he threw to the ground, which suddenly ignites and bursts into flames. Colin watches as a replica of himself emerges from the flames, the entity of Loki, and Colin welcomes him back.


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • Young Blood - Performed by The Naked and Famous
  • Junior Stepper - Performed by Sola Rosa
  • I've tried Ways - Performed by Sola Rosa
  • I Don't Rate Your Man - Performed by Splitter
  • Frontier West - Performed by Nathan Haines
  • Sun Gangs - Performed by The Veils



  • This is the final episode of The Almighty Johnsons.
  • The song Young Blood was also played in the series premiere.