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Axl Johnson
First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present
Played By: Emmett Skilton
Gender: Male
Age: 20
God/Goddess: Odin
Relatives: Mike Johnson (brother)
Anders Johnson (brother)
Ty Johnson (brother)
Olaf Johnson (grandfather)


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{{Infobox Individual
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|image = 
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|last = 
|portrayer = 
|reason = 
|nickname = 
|gender = 
|age = 
|occupation = 
|god = 
|power = 
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{{Infobox Individual
|name = Name
|image = Image
|first = First televised appearance
|last = Last televised appearance
|portrayer = Who portrayed them
|reason = Reason the individual left
|nickname = Nickname
|gender = Gender
|age = Age
|occupation = Job 
|god = Norse God/Goddess
|power = God Power
|spouse = Husband/Wife
|exspouse = Ex-husband/wife
|partner = Partner
|relatives = Family
|residence = Where they live
|religion = Religion
|nationality = Nationality


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