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First Appearance: And Then On to Norsewood 3.06
Last Appearance: Typical Auckland God 3.07
Played By: Colleen Davis
Gender: Female
Occupation: Barmaid
God/Goddess: Sága (Formerly)
Power: Formerly:
Power to refill empty bottles
Residence: Whangamaungamoa

Suzie is a barmaid from Whangamaungamoa, and unbeknownst to herself, she was the Goddess Sága.


Early Life[]

Both of Suzie's parents died in an accident when she was a child, so there was no one to inform or prepare her for her 21st birthday. When she turned 21 she saw what she thought were fireworks in the sky when Sága joined with her.

She eventually took a job as a bartender in Whangamaungamoa where Derrick (Thor) also lived, although the two were unaware of the other being a God/Goddess. What she actually knows about her own power of being able to constantly pour drinks is unclear (or whether she is even aware of it). (Typical Auckland God)

Season 3[]

Suzie met Axl Johnson when he wandered into her pub after being dropped off while trying to hitchhike to Norsewood. She gave him a beer telling him it was on the house, and asked what he was doing in town. She noted that he and Derrick knew each other right before Derrick threw up on Axl. (And Then On to Norsewood) She and Axl arranged with Thom to get Derrick home, before the two spent the night together, obvious chemistry happening between the them.

When Axl returned later, he noticed that she was able to continue to pour alcohol out of the same bottle even though it should have been empty, and she teased him that there was plenty of booze to go around. His curiosity piqued (and hoping he may have found Frigg), Axl asked Derrick if she was a Goddess, but Derrick admitted he didn't know. Axl then asked Suzie about her history and learned that she was unlikely to know about Gods and Goddesses. Upon consulting with Olaf Johnson, he learned that Suzie was actually Sága, who is Odin's confidant, council and best friend.

Nevertheless, Axl agreed to help her in serving at Thom and Kerry's stag night, stating that she would thank him in a sexual payment. Suzie was greatly amused when Axl (attempting to fix the issues between Derrick and Thom and Kerry) came to her for help in fitting a frock for him to wear so that Derrrick would agree to apologise to the couple. She also gave him an advance in her gratitude.

After Derrick's apology to Thom and Kerry, Suzie was amazed that he had actually managed to sort their issues out, and the two kissed passionately before they consumated the rest of their agreement. However the next morning, Axl told her that he was leaving, which she accepted and the two agreed that they would keep in touch. She and Derrick waved Axl goodbye as he headed off to Norsewood. (Typical Auckland God)

When Frigg and Odin were officially united together, Suzie's God Spirit of Sága presumably left her along with all the other Gods and Goddesses who weren't present. How this affected her or her relationships with mortals is unknown. (The End of the World As We Know It)


It is apparent that Suzie is fun and really easy to get along with, and Derrick mentioned that she's too good to be "one of those goddess slags", implying that she is a very kind person, which is also apparent with the time that she spent with Axl.


Axl Johnson[]

Suzie meets Axl at the end of And Then On to Norsewood, after he walks into her bar. They immediately get along well, after Suzie offers Axl multiple pints due to mis-pours. Axl starts to suspect that Suzie is a Goddess, though unsure which one, but because of the chemestry between them, he suspected that she was Frigg.

Whilst Axl is in Whangamaungamoa, he stays with Suzie, sleeping with her multiple times. Once Axl finds out she is Sága however, he makes the choice to leave her, owing to the apparant need to take care of business at home. It is possible that this is because Suzie doesn't know she's a goddess, and Axl doesn't want to be the one to break it to her, because she is happy how she is. The two part ways, with the intention of keeping in touch. 


It seems that their relationship is strictly on the basis of Derrick drinking in the bar which Suzie works at, though it is mentioned that his phone number is behind the counter for "When he leaves things in the bar". It is unknown to Derrick that Suzie is a goddess, until Axl raises the question with him.


  • Sága is generally thought to have been another name for Frigg, which may be why the show's writers chose to make her Odin's best friend.