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First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present 1x01
Last Appearance: The End of the World As We Know It 3x13
Played By: Eve Gordon
Gender: Female
Occupation: Bike Courier
God/Goddess: Fulla (formerly)
Power: Formerly:
Serving Frigg
Athleticness (Yggdrasil Stick induced)

Stacey is an ex-Emo cycle courier with an attitude that is not improved by being the former human incarnation of Fulla, who is the handmaiden of Frigg, whom everyone was seeking. 


Early Life

The ceremony that turned Stacey into a Goddess took place in a garden shed. (Does This Look Like Asgard?)

At some point she met Agnetha and the other Goddesses, and agreed to stop Odin and Frigg from meeting and restoring all the Gods powers.

Season 1

Stacey was sent to kill Axl, who was going to become Odin. Stacey tried to run him over, but Gaia got in the way, so she pretended to be sorry, and got invited to the flatmates party. While making out with him on a trampoline, she prepared to kill him with a dagger, only for an earthquake to start and was forced her to flee when Zeb picked up her dagger. After reporting to Agnetha, she apologised, and argued with Michele over the incident. However when Michele’s actions led to the prophecy of Odin’s return coming true, she smirked and glared at her fellow Goddesses for her mistake. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

Season 2

Subjected to Michelle's power of seduction, Stacy became infatuated with Zeb; leading to her taking his virginity. They agreed to have no secrets, which results in her learning of Zeb's knowledge of the existence of Gods. (Folkmoot)

After the effect wore off, Stacy was appalled at what had happened, and broke up with Zeb with immediately, and remained furious with Michele. (Effortless Manly Coolness)

Stacy aided Anders in acquiring his branch of Yggdrasil from quarantine, in exchange for allowing her to gain access to the funds to buy a courier company. When Anders was reluctant to look after the aged and sick Olaf, Stacey agreed to do so, and after Axl got well and everyone's power returned, slept with the restored Olaf since he had admitted he respected her. (Man-Flu)

Season 3



Stacey pretty much hates her lot. As she peddles furiously this way and that around the city, at the beck and call of people she doesn’t like very much, she tends to brood on how much her life sucks. She could be so, so much better than this, if only she got the chance – and that when she got that chance things actually went right for a change.

Stacey especially hates being the young Goddess at the bottom of the heap. And not even a proper Goddess – no, she had to go and be incarnated as the hand-maiden of Frigg, so that her fate and the fate of Frigg are inextricably linked, and that just sucks so much. Not even a proper Goddess, with no powers to speak of and a whole bunch of Goddesses who think it’s okay to order her around like she’s their hand-maiden too. Except for Ingrid of course, because she’s nice and she understands how hard it is to be Stacey.

Not that Stacey will let this get her down or even let the others see (too much) how much everything sucks being Stacey. No, Stacey will prove herself worthy of Goddess-hood, so that when they do find the Frigg it’ll be Stacey who will be the trusted companion, at the side of her Mistress, influencing things, making things happen. But until that day she’ll take every mission she’s given and she’ll do it the best she can, just to show them.

Like being the one who stops Odin being reborn. Yeah, she’s up for that mission – big time. That’ll teach them that Stacey isn’t just a hand-maiden on a bike.



Stacey initially had no interest in Zeb, due to his somewhat creepy behavior and unlikeable personality... but that all changed when Michele used her power of manipulating attraction on the unwitting Stacey. This resulted in her being overridden with lust and desire for Zeb, with long periods of sex, disclosing that she was a Goddess due to a no-secrets-agreement (even though he already knew) and believing that she was truly in love with him, even in spite of some of more outrageous habbits. However Michele's power only lasted a few days, after which she was back to hating him, deeply regretting what she had done, to Zeb's dismay, and trying to avoid him if at all possible.

Olaf Johnson

During Axl's sickness and Olaf's subsequent rapid aging, Stacey looked after him as Anders was in no state to. As Olaf accepted that he might die, he told Stacey that he respected her for toughing out what others thought of her for being a hand-maiden, and asked that she remain close in case it was the last time he felt a woman's warmth. After Olaf got his powers back and became young again, he thanked Stacey for being there for him, and Stacey was in turn grateful for his honest and flattering words about her. The two had sex, which they disclosed at the next God meeting.


  • Despite being Frigg's hand-maiden, Stacey feels a compulsion to serve any God or Goddess more powerful.
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