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The Almighty Johnsons
Season Three
The boys are back...

Original Broadcast

July 4, 2013 - September 26, 2013

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DVD Release

October 2, 2013

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Season 2

The Almighty Johnsons had been recommissioned for a third season, it began in 2013. It began airing in New Zealand in July on TV3 and the series concluded in September.


Each of the Johnson boys has his own God-like power; it’s just that their powers aren’t all that powerful. The Johnsons are typical Kiwi blokes who don’t much like to stand out from the crowd. And everyday gods have everyday struggles – striving to love stroppy women, overcoming sibling rivalry and fulfilling your God-like destiny, all while still finding the time to enjoy a few beers with your mates.

In Season 3 the boys are trying to regroup from the false Frigg chase of Season 2 and to reclaim their lives in the ‘real’ world. The universe might have other ideas but right now Axl has a new quest, to lead a ‘normal’ life.


  1. An Orchard of Trees
  2. This Thing Inside
  3. Bergerbar
  4. Like The Beserkers of Old
  5. Unleash the Kraken!
  6. And Then On to Norsewood
  7. Typical Auckland God
  8. The Asparagus is Kicking In
  9. Mike in the Mirror
  10. Playing God
  11. A Bit Like Buses Really
  12. Late to the Point of Knowledge
  13. The End of the World As We Know It


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  • Axl will struggle to deal with Gaia becoming Iðunn and her pursuit of Anders.
  • After becoming mortal and having other mortals forget him, Ty will try to woo Dawn all over again, or may try to become a God again.
  • The God Hunters that Colin spoke of may appear. (True.)
  • Agnetha may return if she survived the fire Colin started. (Didn't happen.)
  • Michael Hurst is set to direct at least one episode, so he may return to act as Kvasir.

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