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The Almighty Johnsons
Season Two
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Original Broadcast

February 29, 2012 - May 23, 2012

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DVD Release

May 30, 2012

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Season 1

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Season 3

The Almighty Johnsons had been funded by New Zealand on Air for 13 episodes. The second season began on Wednesday at 8.30pm on February 29th on TV3.


The quest to find Frigg continues. Along the way several new and exciting variations will be explored and the youngest brother, Axl, will find himself on a more personal quest: to become Odin, he must first ‘become’ Odin.


  1. And Then She Will Come To You
  2. Frigg Magnet
  3. Charlie Truman
  4. Death's Cleansing Embrace
  5. A Damn Fine Woman
  6. Folkmoot
  7. Effortless Manly Coolness
  8. Man-Flu
  9. Everything Starts With Gaia
  10. Magical Fluffy Bunny World
  11. The House of Jerome
  12. You Call This the Real World?
  13. Does This Look Like Asgard?


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