The Almighty Johnsons Wiki
First Appearance: This Is Where Duty Starts
Played By: Richard Knowles
Gender: Male

Rob is Valerie's former fiancee who went into a coma.


Early Life

While living in Danniverke, he was engaged to Valerie, and best friends with Mike. After Mike turned 21, he became very egotistic and overconfident which Rob attributed to his constant winning of bets with other patrons at a local bar. During a game of pool, Rob tried to stop Mike from goading more players, but a fight ensued and Rob was knocked onto the table, his head hitting a ball, which resulted in him falling into a coma. Following this, Rob was admitted into full time care, and when Mike and Valerie got married and moved to Auckland, they had him transferred to a local hospital to ensure they were able to visit him regularly. (This Is Where Duty Starts)

Season 1

After roughly fifteen years of being comatose, Rob started babbling in Norse tongue, to which the nurses called in Val and Mike. Mike recognised the signs, and asked Oracle Olaf what it meant, but Olaf was unable to provide any answers. (This Is Where Duty Starts)

Rob later awoke upon a night after Valerie and Mike had a fight. During this night, Mike again abused his powers; resulting in the firing of a cruipier from a casino to whom he exosed his powers. At the end of the series of games in this demonstration, Mike made a concious effort to lose a game of pool after which he was informed of Rob's awakening. The timing of the awakening was likely not coincidental and suggests a tie between Mike and Rob possibly that Rob's coma was infact a punishment for Mike's arrogance. (Bad Things Happen)

Soon after he woke up, he traveled to the bar where he had entered his coma. When Mike came looking for him, Rob admitted his warriness of all of the progresses in technology (such as LCD televisions and mobile phones), missing his mother's death and . Later Valerie insisted on allowing Rob to reccuperate at her and Mike's place, and he watched the footage of their original engagement party. Anders later spoke with Rob to allow him the chance to have a news story made based on his coma, and agreed. He and Val decided to head down to Danniverke together as part of the media story. (I Can Give You Frigg)

During their time in Danniverke, Rob and Valerie had a brief affair, effectively only one encounter. They agreed not to do so again, since Rob didn't want to do anything to disrespect Mike and Val's marriage.

However six weeks later, Rob and Val visisted a pregnancy clinic where they learned that she was pregnant with his child. After breaking this news to Mike, he punched Rob for this betrayal, though only after Rob had pointed out that his feelings for Val had never changed despite his coma (seeing as it had seemed like no time had passed for him). Subsequently Mike moved out and severed ties with both of them. (Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice)


Around the age of 21, Rob and Valerie were deeply in love. Even after he fell into his coma she continued to care about him greatly. When Rob finally woke up fifteen years later he wasn't happy to learn that Mike and Valerie had gotten married. The two continued to share a deep connection, and while away in Danniverke with her they had an affair. After they learned she was pregnant with his baby, Rob told Mike that despite being asleep for fifteen years nothing about his feelings for Valerie had changed.