The Almighty Johnsons Wiki
First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present 1x01
Last Appearance: You Gotta Love Life, Babe
Played By: Ashleigh Rose Keating
Gender: Female

Rhiannon is a surfer chick who had a fling with Olaf Johnson and became pregnant to him.


Season 1[]

She and Olaf were having sex in his car at a beach when he suddenly realised he had somewhere to be and had to go, and so she was left on the beach. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

Rhiannon later showed up and Mike Johnson's place, where she met Mike and Axl. She asked if Olaf was around, and the dismissive Mike said he wasn't at the moment, and Rhiannon asked them to tell Olaf that she was pregnant with his child. Later as Olaf prepared to shoot through to avoid her, he instead ran into her as she arrived, and he acted happy about the news. During lunch, Rhiannon claimed that she was going to have an abortion, but Olaf went on about how she should keep it since life was great, before they went to his room to have sex.

Convinced that Olaf wanted to be with her in the long run, she set about looking at houses for them to live in. However later Axl told her that Olaf had shot through and left her a little money, leaving Rhiannon upset and Valerie tried to console her. She considered getting the abortion, and Axl tried to convince her to have the baby so that Mike and Valerie could adopt it. However she decided to go through with it, and farewelled Axl as a friend picked her up to take her to the abortion apointment. (You Gotta Love Life, Babe)