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Playing God
Season 3, Episode 10
Air date September 5, 2013
Written by Natalie Medlock & James Griffin
Directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn
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Playing God In is the tenth episode of the third season, and is the thirty-third episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall


In which the best-laid plans and sundry schemes are thwarted by a man of morals, who also happens to be a man of action.


Axl arrives home to find Zeb, Ingrid and Olaf watching Stacey perform with the Yggdrasil Stick. Stacey explains what the Stick does for her and Ingrid, the latter to Axl's surprise. Michele arrives looking for Ingrid to prepare her things for a healing of a wealthy man Anders has arranged, and also takes the Stick, to Axl's disappointment. When Michele learns that Anders' client, Guy, has cancer, she is dubious, but agrees to do so. Guy reveals he has prostate cancer, to her horror, and as she prepares to start examining, Michele gives Anders a furious look.

The next morning, Mike and Michele are in bed together when she asks if Mike has talked to any of his brothers since his angry outburst. He says he hasn't having spent some time alone, and notes that he has to be the bad guy. Over breakfast, Axl asks Ingrid for more help in searching for Frigg, and the possibility of using the Stick to help speed up the process. Ingrid is reluctant to do so since she can't control what information she learns, but is more concerned since Michele has more use of it.

Ty and Dawn wake up together, amazed at their fast moving in together and the revelation of Ty's true self bringing them together. Ty suggests that they celebrate their regained relationship, which Dawn agrees to. Ty later wonders if he is being too clingy to Dawn when he realizes she is being somewhat distant, and shares his concerns with Olaf. Olaf tells Ty to leave it to him, but Ty disagrees, saying he will handle things himself.

Olaf brings Dawn a "special" gift.

Axl visits Anders to ask him to arrange for him and Ingrid to get the Stick for his plan. Anders is worried about doing so, but agrees to talk to Michele, who then has to leave when Guy calls to arrange a meeting. Olaf visits Dawn at JPR, asking how she's adjusting to the strange new world, and offers her home-made biscuits. As they eat, Dawn says she's doing well but realizes Ty's concern's and admits that Ty's clinginess is off-putting. She suddenly asks what kind of biscuits they're eating, and Olaf mentions that there is dope in them, to Dawn's surprise.

Guy visits Michele and Anders questioning how they managed to cure him, but despite their lack of answers, promises to pay them back. Meanwhile, Axl delivers a pizza to Mike, who wants to apologize about his outburst. Axl is reluctant to accept since he is now suspicious of Mike's ambitions, but accepts before Zeb calls to let him know Ingrid has brought them the Stick. Suddenly Mike has an urge to find Michele after Axl's comment that Anders is meeting with her later.

Olaf and Dawn begin tripping from the dope, and Dawn takes a call from Anders. Anders is concerned about her oddly light behavior but asks her to take charge of a meeting with their dog food clients, and Dawn begins freaking out that she is going to screw up, and decides to go out for some air, and Olaf follows. Michele is concerned about Anders trying to take control of her healing operation, and that Guy will rain on her parade. Anders questions whether she is truly happy with Mike, and while she says she is, in her own way, Anders suggests that Mike is far below her. As she storms away from the hotel, she fails to notice Mike watching her.

Dawn and Olaf are watching the clouds when Olaf asks that they talk seriously for a moment. He admits that Ty is worried about her, because of the fact that when mortals become involved in God business bad things happen to them. This freaks Dawn outs and she flees, with Olaf going after her again. As Axl tries to convince Ingrid that they need to stand against Michele's control of the Stick, Zeb's reminder of Ragnarök convinces her to help. Using Yggdrasil's power, she falls into a trance-like state, and eventually begins mentioning Heimdallr and Hœnir's names. Since this is not who they're looking for, Axl snaps her out of it. However, but she claims to know where they need to go, and the trio head off, while Ingrid ignores the blood trickling from her nose and ears.

Mike ventures to see Anders in his room, suspicious of her and Michele's alliance since they cannot stand each other. Anders points out that they have not been fooling around, and mentions that her healing, particularly of Guy, who has earned them $200,000. He asks what's so bad about that, however Mike then storms out. Olaf finds Dawn, who asks if Ty is going to freeze her. Olaf assures her that he has never done it intentionally, but Ty's dark thoughts were what caused her last freezing. Dawn begins worrying if her love for Ty isn't real, and fears the bad things that might happen to her. Anders informs Michele of Mike's sudden knowledge of their operation, and suggests that she hide from Ullr's power using the Stick, however she can't since Ingrid had disappeared with it.

As they are following Ingrid's wild directions, Zeb becomes concerned that Ingrid is letting the Stick take control of her brain, before she darts off and they are forced to follow. Ty finds Dawn is not at JPR, and immediately deduces that Olaf is involved and calls him to demands answers, to which Olaf tells Ty where they are. Michele goes to see Mike, admitting the truth about her healing schemes and recent alliance with Anders. Mike is unhappy that she's risking her safety and wellbeing - as well as all the other Gods and Goddesses - stating that she clearly only wanted power. Michele admits to this, but that she has felt the best she has ever felt by doing so, and reveals that she knows Mike is using for his own gain. They are both unwilling to back down from each other, and since they cannot think of a resolution while they are together, end things.

Dawn and Ty happily settling in together.

Arriving at an old folk's home, Ingrid proclaims they have arrived. Once inside, they find Fredrick Larson, the mortal incarnation of Hœnir, the God of Silence. Axl points out that this is not Frigg, however Ingrid claims that Larson is the father of Frigg. Ty finds Olaf and Dawn, and he is quick to apologize for Olaf's drug-cookies. He also assures her that bad things don't have to happen, and that she is the opposite of him, which makes them perfect for each other. She asks him to do all he can to keep bad things from happening to her, and he promises.

Even knowing that Larson is the father of Frigg, Larson cannot tell them anything due to a brain injury. However Axl gets the idea that Michele's healing powers might be able to restore him, and goes to ask Michele for her help. However Michele is bitter after her breakup with Mike and refuses. Axl demands her help, and she reluctantly agrees before she points out that Mike is already on his way after the Stick.

Axl and Mike clash over the Stick.

Mike arrives at the folk's home, and takes the Stick from Zeb and Ingrid after they have found a photo with a young girl who must be the Frigg, and the pair protest that they need it to find Frigg. However Mike claims that it doesn't belong in their hands and that it is corrupting them. Michele and Axl arrive and they all try to stop him, but Mike throws the Stick into a nearby wood chipper. Michele is furious that Mike would be so selfish as Axl turns on Mike and reveals his suspicions about Mike's desire to control everyone. Mike denies this and as he walks away, Axl swears that he will pay. 



  • Writer - Natalie Medlock & James Griffin
  • Director - Geoffrey Cawthorn
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock & Laura Hill
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Guy - "You're the Goddess Healer?"
Michele - "Is that what they're calling me?"
Guy - "You look more like a prostitute."
Michele - "Good luck with the cancer." (starts to leave)
Guy - "OK, OK. Sorry.
- Michele isn't happy with Guy's assumptions

Michele - "I'm not Anders. I found something good within myself, something worthwhile, with this power I've been given. Why is that so wrong?"
Mike - "Good for you. But when you come down off your throne, can you even begin to understand how I might have a problem with this?"
Michele - "Yes, Mike. I can see how you have many problems with this. I thought of them all, and I knew you wouldn't get it, which is why I didn't tell you."
Mike - "That you were off playing God."
Michele - "I was off being a Goddess."
Mike - "And in return you're adored and you are no longer a minor Goddess.
Michele - "Oh, fuck you and your sanctimonious opinion of me. What is wrong with healing people, Mike? Yes, it makes me feel good about myself. So what? Why should I feel guilty about that? Just forget Anders and his bullshit sales pitch. I love the fact that I can save people's lives, because it is the best thing that I could ever imagine doing."
- Mike and Michele argue the merits of her work

Ty - "Where's Dawn?
Olaf - "Emotionally, psychologically or physically?"
Ty - "Um, all of the above."
Olaf - "First two, all over the place. Last one... up there." (looks at the climbing frame)
Ty - "Thanks, Grandpa. Top work!"
Olaf - "Never again."
- The result of Olaf's methods don't sit well with Ty

Deleted Scenes[]

  • Ty and Dawn think back on their earlier 'discussion' of whose place they should move in to.
  • Ty questions why no bad things have happened to Zeb since he became aware of the Godly world; Olaf reminds him that Zeb was set on fire and was kidnapped by a Giant (though he and Eggther still Skype one another). Olaf knows Ty is concerned about what the universe might do to Dawn, and goes on to talk about commitment (particulaly around Stacey).
  • Dawn, in her drug-induced high, starts thinking that Gods have psychic communication powers; Olaf assures her they don't and that he's grateful since he wouldn't get peace otherwise.
  • Ty comes in to JPR and asks Dawn how the dog-food corporation meeting went. She explains that in the meeting where she was still high, that human love was dog-food, which apparently won them over. Anders comes in just as they start kissing passionately and tells them to get a room.


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • Dirty Love - Performed by Gin Wigmore
  • Black Mould - Performed by The Phoenix Foundation