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Týr is a one-armed norse God of War.


According to Olaf and Mike, when someone inherits the God Spirit of Týr, they will lose one of their arms, which is then burried. (Gods Among Us, Episode 3)

The last known reincarnation of Týr met Derrick / Thor while they were in prison together. Since Derrick knew nothing about Gods, Týr had to explain a lot to him. (Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms)

This same mortal vessel encountered a group of Maori Gods, and formed a relationship with one of their Goddesses. They eventually had a child together (Gaia), but due to an apparent drug business, lived in squalor in a shed in a forest. When the midget-Giant Bryn arrived to kill their child (based on a prochecy that she would be the Giants' downfall), he killed both Týr's mortal form and the Maori Goddesss, but decided to look after Gaia himself. (Everything Starts With Gaia, The House of Jerome)



Try Mythology

Týr, Old Norse, Old English Tiw, or Tiu,  one of the oldest gods of the Germanic peoples and a somewhat enigmatic figure. He was apparently the god concerned with the formalities of war—especially treaties—and also, appropriately, of justice. It is in his character as guarantor of contracts, guardian of oaths, that the most famous myth about him may be understood: as a guarantee of good faith, he placed his hand between the jaws of the monstrous wolf Fenrir while the gods, pretending sport but intending a trap, bound the wolf; when Fenrir realized he had been tricked he bit off Týr’s hand (hence Týr’s identification as the one-handed god). Týr came to be identified by the Romans with their own Mars, hence dies Marti (Mars’ Day) came to be rendered Týsdagr (Tuesday).