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Natalie Mather
First Appearance: The House of Jerome
Last Appearance: Does This Look Like Asgard? 2x13
Played By: Natalie Medlock
Gender: Female
Occupation: Lindus Employee (false)
Spouse: Bevan Mather
Nationality: United Kingdom

Natalie Mather was a God-hunter.


Early History[]

Natalie Mather was raised as a strict Catholic, and at some point married her husband Bevan.

Apparently due to Anders Johnson's travels in Norway, the God-hunters discovered the existance of Norse Gods living in New Zealand. Natalie was asked to confirm their suspicions before they took any action, posing as a representative of the company named Lindus. (Does This Look Like Asgard?)

Season 2[]

Natalie appeared at Anders' company, JPR, and his assistant Dawn brought Anders in. Natalie claimed that she had met him while in Norway, a fact he pretended to confirm. With an apparent deal to have JPR represent Lindus in New Zealand, Anders invited her to join him and his apparent wife Helen, along with Dawn, to dinner to make arrangements. Over the course of the meal, Natalie showed a great deal of interest in Anders' family history, and how they came to be there. Once the dinner was over, Natalie apparent left to contact Lindus. However she instead diverted to the bathroom, calling a member of the God-hunters and confirmed that Anders was a Norse God. While washing the places Anders had touched her furiously with special soaps, she was told to keep an eye on him while a council was called. Later she and Helen went hiking around the New Zealand mountains. (The House of Jerome)

Natalie beat around the bush when Dawn called to ask why no contract arrangements had been made by Lindus, instead taking time to relax. Her patience grew weary when Dawn confronted her at her hotel, and Natalie gave her the impression that there was something bigger at stake, arousing Dawn's suspicions. (You Call This the Real World?)

Natalie armed with a crossbow

With or without the other God-hunters knowledge, Natalie went to Anders' flat and confronted him with a crossbow. She revealed she knew he was Bragi, and was going to kill him and the rest of his kind. Helen, who upon hearing her recites of a biblical phrase, realized that her Catholic beliefs were more extreme than first thought, but gloated that as she was Iðunn, she would be unable to stop the both of them. However Natalie quickly killed Helen with an arrow to the chest, and was mesmerized by the God Spirit floating out of her body, giving Anders the chance to flee.

She pursued him to a forest where a God ceremony was taking place, and while searching instead came across Mike / Ullr. After eventually cornering him, she prepared to kill him, reciting the same biblical passage. But before she could do anything, she suddenly burst into flames and exploded, as Colin / Loki and his flame powers took advantage of her reciting. (Does This Look Like Asgard?)

After Death[]

Michele and Stacey went to clear out her hotel room and attempted to find out more about the God Hunters, however Natalie had packed light and there were no apparent leads. (An Orchard of Trees)

However Stacey did find out the registration of Natalie's car was licensed in New Zealand, and tracked the address to Natalie's home and her husband Bevan. When the Gods confronted the group of God Hunters, Anders made them stop believing in them and told Bevan to accept Natalie's death and move on. (Like The Berserkers of Old)