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Mike in the Mirror
Season 3, Episode 9
Air date August 29, 2013
Written by Michael Bennett & James Griffin
Directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn
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Mike in the Mirror In is the ninth episode of the third season, and is the thirty-second episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall.


Miracles and visions abound, as do secrets and lies, when Axl's quest encounters many Friggs.


Zeb has a dream of a Frigg promoting beer, and shares this with Axl, proclaiming that they make a beer commercial of their own in the hopes that it will bring the real Frigg to them. Axl is dubious since it would cost money, until Zeb points out they only to have auditions to search through the mases. Dawn notes how Colin has pulled out of his Mayoral campaign, and asks Anders about what he and Ty talked to him about, but declines seeing anything out of the ordinary in the alley. Axl and Zeb arrive to pitch their idea to Anders, but he laughs at their immature and lack-luster idea, so the pair decide to do it themselves.

Anders wants in on the "Goddess Healer" scam

Mike asks Michele about her 'research project', since it is taking time between them, and accepts her lies even though he is aware of it. Taking the issue to Olaf, both try to figure out what Michele is really up to, though Olaf points out the double-standard of Mike not telling her about his money-generating schemes. Meanwhile Anders goes to Stacey to ask where Ingrid is, and arrives at a hotel where Ingrid and Michele have set up a healing scam; where Michele is preaching woman-empowerment and using her healing abilities. Anders demands to be let in on the scheme, threatening to tell Mike what she's up to, which Michele reluctantly agrees.

Axl and Zeb start preparing for their commercial, organizing a time on a set and Zeb an audition list. Axl hopes that the real Frigg is on the list. Dawn has another series of memory flashes of her and Ty together, prompting her to go and visit him at his place. When she asks about his ice carving, Ty is immediately surprised since she shouldn't remember, and feigns being busy in order to avoid going any further into the subject.

Anders watches Michele in action by hiding from her patients' view. He notes that she is selling herself short by not advertising herself, and suggests that Ingrid's organizing is not really contributing to the plan. Ty goes to see Olaf about Dawn's returning memories, and worries that Höðr's is returning to him. Olaf points out that Dawn remembering him would not be a bad thing, but Ty says that as a God he will suffer, and as a mortal, she will never be his; essentially he will never be happy. Martin, who has been watching the exchange, leaves Ty a message telling him that honesty equals freedom.

Axl and Zeb hold casting calls for a fictional Frigg

Ingrid is unhappy about Anders' involvement in their plan, but Michele is certain that she can control Anders and keep him from spilling. Later, Mike makes clear his suspicions to her, however Michele distracts him by presenting herself to him. Zeb and Axl begin their commercial auditions, however none of the auditioning girls are recognised by Axl as the real Frigg. His attitude is not improved when one failed auditionee's fiancee punches Axl since he and Zeb denied her the part even after she removed her top for them.

Dawn is visited by Martin, who claims to be a client waiting for a meeting, and advises her to be honest with Ty before he disappears. Later, when Dawn asks Anders about his meeting with this man, Anders denies any knowledge of this. Axl is far from happy when he gets a swollen black eye, and when looking in the mirror he suddenly sees his reflection as Mike. 'Mike' tells Axl that Ullr is the true Odin, and that only he can find Frigg and restore the Norse Gods' powers. Axl protests that he is Odin, even as 'Mike' tells him to give up on the quest and becoming Odin.

Dawn goes to see Ty again, asking if they were once together, fearing that something must of happened to her to make her forget. Ty admits that they were - and that he loved her - and proceeds to tell her that he is a God. He explains everything about almost killing her by freezing and that her memory disappeared when he became a mortal, but that he is becoming Höðr again. Dawn, having seen what happened in the alley, believes what he is telling her, and kisses Ty, deciding that she wants to take her chances with him, and he kisses her back.

Anders calls Michele to organize a meeting, threatening to come to Mike's if she refuses. After they sleep together, Ty proceeds to explain more about his Norse heritage, as well as Anders' powers as Bragi. Anders suggests to Michele that they work in an anonymous angle for her to be able to heal men as well. She does not take well to his suggestion to cut Ingrid out, but decides to consider his idea.

Axl is certain that he has had a genuine vision, Zeb is suddenly struck by a thought about the story of Mímir's well, after seeing one on their set, and explains the legend where Odin pulled out his eye in order to see the truth about things, and that Mike must truly want to replace him as Allfather. Axl is initially dubious until Zeb point out that Mike has a penchant for wanting to be in charge of his brothers.

The Johnsons and Michele gather at the bar, which Ty is organizing is share the news, where Mike begins chastising Axl for the whole campaign and his black eye, at which point Ty and Dawn arrive. Dawn immediately slaps Anders for all his misuse of her, revealing that she knows about them. While everyone else is happy for the pair, Mike is outraged and points out that their very existence is at stake, and that telling Dawn the truth increases them failing in the Quest. Axl believes he has found the proof that Mike wants to be Odin, and the rest of the family are also displeased with Mike's attempts at control over them, and all of them walk off, leaving Mike lamenting about his own outburst.



  • Writer - Michael Bennett & James Griffin
  • Director - Geoffrey Cawthorn
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock, Laura Hill & Michael Bennett
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Michele - "So you know, there's a fine line between healing and pain."
Anders - "I bet you're good at both."
Michele - "Oh yes. (pins Anders to the wall with the Stick) If you screw this up, I will be very unhappy."
Anders - All I want to do is watch."
Michele - "Yeah, I bet you like to watch."
Anders - "No, I like to participate, but we can get to that later."
- Michele negotiates with Anders

Joelle - "I am Frigg of the fjords."
Axl - "No. Sorry. Thank you."
Joelle - Would it help if I took my top off? (does so) I am Frigg of the fjords. And when I look out upon the icy waters of my Norwegian home..."
Zeb - (whispers to Axl) "Don't you dare say a word."
- Zeb gets more out a Frigg's audition than Axl

Ty - "Hey, everyone. Um..."
(Dawn stalks towards Anders)
Anders - "Hey, Dawn."
Dawn - (slaps Anders hard) "Don't you ever pull that Bragi shit with me again. (everyone stares between her and Ty) Sorry. Got a bit ahead of the anncouncement, didn't I?"
Ty - "Teensy bit."
- Dawn finally gives Anders what he deserves

Deleted Scenes

  • When Axl and Zeb are trying to convince Anders to get involved with their idea to find Frigg, they further elaborate on their plan. Anders points out further flaws in their plan, such as that Frigg may be an old woman or may not even live in Auckland. Axl then tells Anders about Jormungand and Ragnarok, which Anders finds as plausible as their mother being a tree and agrees to help, but by finding Ingrid.
  • While Zeb and Axl start to scope out their set, Axl reads Zeb's script and thinks its perfect.
  • After Dawn's failiure to get in contact with Anders about his and Martin's (false) meeting, Martin prepares to leave, but Dawn asks for his help (since he claimed to be involved with mental health). Dawn asks if it's possible for someone to lose entire parts of their life. Martin proceeds to suggest that the mind sometimes block things out as a defence mechanism due to things that are too much for the mind to handle. He then suggests that she simply talk to him (Ty) and states that being honest can set you free. Dawn wonders how he knew a person was involved, but Martin simply leaves.
  • After sleeping together, Ty wakes and finds Dawn unresponsive, to his horror. However Dawn is revealed to have simply being messing with him. Ty admits his surprise that she believes him, but she thinks that she simply knew the truth when she heard it.
  • As Anders and Michele meet, he admits he was harsh to her using his Stick, even though he was the one who found it, and then asks why the Stick only works for women. Michele simply says its a Goddess thing, before Anders continues to snipe at her and Ingrid's plans.
  • As Axl protests that Mike isn't plotting against him, Zeb points out that sometimes in mythology, one's name might mean another. He then says that in the Danish myths, Ullr ruled as Odin before being killed, but Axl is dubious since it's a crazy story.


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • Bond is Back - Performed by Sola Rosa
  • Get it Together (Beatfanatic Remix) - Performed by Sola Rosa



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