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Vital statistics
Title God of Fishing
Gender Male
Faction Maori Gods
Health Good
Level High
Status Immortal

Maui Demigod of Fishing and is the greatest culture hero and Trickster he is reincarnated as Jerome


Maui Is the offering of Taranga the wife of the Makeatutara Maui was thrown in the ocean by his Mother wrapping her hair like boat and send him floating in the ocean and Maui Rescue by God's and he was sent to live with he grandfather and Maui were to find he Mother and she was happy to see he and Maui Adventures begins pulled up the sky and Maui stole fire from aunt the goddess of fire from the fingnails of Mahuika and brought it to humans fire in the night Maui and pulled the sun to bring for day and maui create his fishhook from jaws of his grandmother Maui was canoeing four brothers and he use has fishhook to catch a big fish was transform in to a Island which was named after Maui


  • Demigod of Fishing
  • The greatest culture hero
  • Trickster


  • Godly strength
  • immortality
  • Fish Hook proficiency
  • Shapeshifting

In the series[]

  • Maui was reincarnated into a human boby of Jerome