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First Appearance: This Is Where Duty Starts
Played By: Johnathon Brugh
Gender: Male
Occupation: Netball Mascot

This character's name is conjecture based on what is currently known. Their real name may come later.

The Mascot Man is a mascot for a women's netball team, who wears a female rabbit suit.


Season 1

Before a netball game started, the Mascot Man was getting ready as Axl Johnson arrived to be the mascot for the opposing team. Though Axl was trying to be friendly, the Mascot Man was rude amd dismissive of him, since they were enemies. As Axl went out to show off for the crowd, the Mascot Man tripped him over, and throughout the match continued to mock Axl. When Axl struck back, the Mascot Man was furious and attacked him, and even as he was held back he yelled that he was going to make Axl hurt. (This Is Where Duty Starts)