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Martin Larson
First Appearance: An Orchard of Trees 3.01
Last Appearance: The End of the World As We Know It 3.13
Played By: Matthew Saville
Gender: Male
Occupation: As Heimdallr: (Formerly)
*God of foreknowledge, keen eyesight and hearing
*Keeper of the Bifröst Bridge
*Guardian of Asgard
God/Goddess: Heimdallr (Formerly)
Power: Formerly:
*Teleportation between realms and locations
Relatives: Frederick Larson (father)
Hanna Larson (sister)
Residence: Auckland
Nationality: New Zealand

Martin Larson was the mysterious reincarnation of Heimdallr; God of foreknowledge, keen eyesight and hearing; Keeper of the Bifröst Bridge and Guardian of Asgard. His father Frederick Larson and his sister Hanna Larson were also gods, Hœnir and Frigg, respectively.


Early Life

Martin became the host for Heimdallr on his 21st birthday. Sometime before or after this his father suffered an accident that left him essentially brain dead and he was sent to a care home. Martin had to look after his sister Hanna; a task that was hindered by his growing madness due to Heimdallr's powers of sight. Despite the potential danger, Hanna stuck with her brother, keeping him mostly grounded in reality. It is implied he eventually isolated himself from his family as he feared becoming a danger to them.

With the return of Odin in the form of Axl Johnson, Martin regained some control over himself; Heimdallr is sworn to protect Asgard and its rulers and set out to serve his master. He begins setting up events to lead Axl to Hanna, the vessel of Frigg.

Season 3

Martin first saw to it that Axl did not waste time pursuing Gaia, who had recently become Iðunn, and allowed her to reach Anders Johnson / Bragi's place in the hopes that their union would make Axl focus on finding Frigg. (An Orchard of Trees, Late to the Point of Knowledge)

He later watched as Axl prepared to take a road trip with his father to Norsewood. (Unleash the Kraken!) When he found Axl abandoned by his father, he approached him and offered him a lift towards Norsewood. While Martin did not reveal his identity to Axl, his behavior unsettled him, yet he agreed for the ride. However Martin instead left him in Whangamaungamoa, where he knew that Axl would need to help Derrick / Thor with his own troubles. (And Then On to Norsewood)


Outwardly appearing awkward and confused, he tends to make people nervous and uneasy. According to Olaf, all vessels of Heimdallr are driven mad; being unable to process all the sensory information that comes with being able to see and hear across dimensions, and Martin is no different. When pushed, he becomes dark and serious; warning Mike to stay away and stop messing with fate. The fact he only sent Mike back to the bar and not somewhere more unpleasant was a according Olaf a sign Heimdallr was going easy on the other God.

He is very loyal to his sister and "Odin" going out of his way to keep his sister safe and to ensure the two meet at the proper time and place. When Axl was depressed after the incident with Gaia he helps him get home and meet with Suzie and Derrick. The encounter with the pair raises Axl's spirits and gets the quest back on track. .



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