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Like The Beserkers of Old
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date 25th July 2013
Written by Natalie Medlock & James Griffin
Directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn
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 Like The Beserkers of Old is the fourth episode of the third season, and is the twenty-seventh episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall


As the righteous are vanquished, Anders is made an offer he should refuse; Mike finds out his is not the only family with issues; and Axl makes a new and interesting friend.


Axl arrives at Mike's bar to continue helping with the renovations, and gets to works. Michele complains about the living conditions they're in, and Mike questions why she won't kick out the tenant in her flat. At that moment, Axl breaks a beam in the ceiling, narrowly missing them. With the damage causing problems for the sleeping arrangements, Mike suggests again that Michele kick her tenant out, and she is forced to reveal that the tenant is in fact her mother, Karen. They go to move in there while the rennovations are going, and Mike meets Karen, who learns he is also a God, and introduces herself as the Goddess Lofn.

Meanwhile, Anders arrives at his office to find a mysterious briefcase, which he discovers is full of money and a note which claims the person who left hopes to do more business. Intrigued, he follows the address on the note to find Colin sent the money (which was in fact counterfeit). Colin wants his help (or rather, just Bragi's powers) in his campaign to run for Auckland's Mayor, to Anders' initial amusement. Colin urges him to change his mind, offering a larger bribe, and before he leaves, gives Anders a Catholic doll.

Stacey and Olaf head the bar to inform the other Gods that they have discovered more of the God Hunters living in New Zealand. Having tracked down Natalie's car through to her husband Bevan, Stacey and Olaf followed him to a Church event where they discovered five other God Hunter members who are meeting that afternoon. Although they think the best thing to do is to have Colin burn them all like Natalie, everyone is reluctant to bring in the God of Fire, and Axl suggests they go and watch them, Mike agreees, but insists Axl stay behind since taking him along will risk his safety. The others get Anders and head off.

Axl continues the renovation work when a young woman named Tansy arrives thinking the bar is still open, and Axl readily agrees to get her something to drink. As they chat, Axl encourages her to stand up to her sleazy boss, since he is in a similar situation when it comes to standing up to others. He goes with her and pretends to be her boyfriend as she quits her job. Grateful for his help, Tansy suggests they go and have some fun.

The Gods confront the God Hunters, and prove themselves as Michele heals Bevan (after hitting him with the Yggdrasil stick when Bevan recognized Anders). Mike demands to know how they discovered their existence, and it turns out that when in the north, Anders gloated that he was a God among men and seduced the sister of a strict-Catholic man who determined what he was and passed on the word about the false-prophets. Anders then uses his powers to convince the group that they don't exist and not to bother thinking about coming after them. The Gods congratulate Stacey on her detective work, the threat of the God Hunters now apparently over.

Axl and Tansy go for a swim at the beach, however they are struck by strange electrical shocks and and heaving waves, and bail out of the water. Tansy attributes it to the strange waves and calls Axl her hero. Anders returns to his office to find another bribe from Colin, and Mike to the bar to find Axl gone. Axl and Tansy go back to the flat and start to have sex, however Axl becomes distant thinking about Gaia. Realizing he's somewhat damaged goods, Tansy decides that she's not going to be the rebound girl and decides they shouldn't continue.

Ingrid goes to tell Mike that she's discovered that they've missed a member of the God Hunters, and that he was going to do God's work. Fearing about Axl's disappearance, Mike barges into the flat as Tansy is leaving. Asserting that Axl is fine and that so are all the others, Axl questions about Ty, and while Mike thinks that he will be safe since he's no longer a God, Axl points out that the God Hunter won't know that. Mike quickly calls Ty just as the Church Minister attempts to run Ty over while on his courier bike. Barely missing, the Minister comes at him with a knife, and Ty tries to hold him off until Lance arrives and tackles the Minister.

Later, the staff of Stacey's courrier company are having drinks and discussing the attack, when Dawn arrives and kisses Lance. Ty does his best not to be jealous. Anders goes to Colin to agree to help, with conditions, including leaving his family alone. Colin agrees, and when Anders returns home he finds a naked woman in his bed, a gift on Colin's part.

As Axl laments about screwing up with Tansy, Michele and Mike are disturbed by Karen having sex in the other room, and while waiting out the tie in the kitchen, Mike sees that the person Karen is sleeping with is in fact his father Joe.



  • Writer - Natalie Medlock & James Griffin
  • Director - Geoffrey Cawthorn
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock & Helen Searancke
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Mike - The last boyfriend being Colin, I take it."
Karen - "Loki. Yes. I had him on the phone, you know, in pain. Kneeing him in the privates like that, you could have done some serious damage."
Michele - "That was the idea."
- Karen disagrees with her daughter's methods of breaking up

Stacey - "In the package was her Bible - the one that I found in her hotel room."
Ingrid - "That's nice - returning a treasured possesion. Talk about turning the other cheek."
Stacey - "No, Ingrid, I was sending a message that she's gone."
Mike - "Ashes to ashes."
Ingrid - "OK, that's cruel."
- Mixed messages on returning bibles to fanatics

(Olaf smokes a joint)
Mike - "What are you doing?"
Olaf - "Preparing for battle like the beserkers of old."
Mike - "OK, I'm driving."
- Riding into battle requires having a non-stoned driver

Mike - "Your mother is, um-"
Michele - "-an overbearing, passive-aggressive, social-climbing, interfering, narcissistic control freak, sexual-predator cougar with deep-seated issues pertaining to her status as a minor Goddess?"
Mike - "I was gonna say interesting."
- Michele's opion of her mother

Colin - "I take it your answer is yes."
Anders - "No."
Colin - "No?"
Anders - "No, my is yes."
Colin - "Why did you say no?"
Anders - "My answer is yes, but I have conditions."
- Anders takes the hard way of saying yes


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • Bright Idea - Performed by Andrew Keoghan
  • All The Way To Her - Performed by Dimmer
  • Powercord - Peformed by Dimmer
  • Scarecrow - Performed by The Veils
  • I Want My Baby - Performed by Voom
  • Hitchcock - Performed by The Phoenix Foundation