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Late to the Point of Knowledge
Season 3, Episode 12
Air date September 19, 2013
Written by James Griffin
Directed by Murray Keane
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Late to the Point of Knowledge is the twelfth episode of the third season, and is the thirty-fifth episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall.


Forget what you think you know. Throw away all your preconceived notions, and how you think things will go. Because today is the day everything changes.


Axl, Mike, Ty Olaf and Anders are mini-putting at a Thing, telling the latter that they have found Frigg. Since Mike's claim to be an equal Odin has made things confusing, Hanna has decided that she would like time to decide who she wants to be with, with Stacey volunteering to mediate while things are sorted. Axl complains that Mike is screwing with destiny, and that his earlier transformation into a woman actually showed what Frigg looked like and that they were destined. However Mike's claims that its now up to Hanna makes Axl storm off in a fury. He takes his frustrations to Zeb, who recommends taking command of the situation by getting close to Hanna first.

Hanna explains Martin's mental health issues.

While Stacey is busy, Olaf is trying to manage her delivery company, trying to convince Ty to work, who is more concerned with being with Dawn to work. When Axl comes by asking for Stacey, Olaf says that she's still with Hanna. Meanwhile, Stacey and Hanna are waiting for Martin to finish talking with his shrink when Mike arrives, with the intention of talking to Hanna alone. Hanna reluctantly allows this despite knowing that he is trying to outshine Axl. Mike being concern about Martin in order to get close to Hanna, and offers to refer him to someone who'll know who to handle Martin's problems of being Heimdallr.

Axl complains to Ty about his helping Mike to find Frigg, however Ty protests and Dawn defends him since Axl being with Hanna would potentially mean that Ty would become the full God of Darkness and thus cause problems for their relationship. Ty then offers Martin's address to apologize. However when he goes to Martin's place, no one answers. Hanna and Martin arrive with Stacey to Mike's bar to accept his offer, and Mike takes them to Ingrid, since her own personal experience in having difficulties coming to terms with being a God (and mental health issues). Martin refuses to stay without Hanna, knowing that he Mike is not her destiny, however she claims that he needs to do this on his own, and reminds him that it is her decision between Mike and Axl.

Meanwhile Michele and Anders are discussing Frigg's finding when Axl shows up to vent and ask about Gaia, since they two were destined and he questions why the same thing isn't happening between him and Hanna. Michele listens in as Anders' attempts at reassurance doesn't help much, however Axl tries to accept the best of his on-the-spot advice. Stacey bursts in on Olaf, angry about his mess in her business, when Ty and Dawn ask for Olaf's help. Olaf isn't much help in trying to provide information about what will happen to Dawn and Ty when when the latter becomes a God, and with Dawn's frustrations, Olaf can't help but vent as well.

Sparks fly on Mike and Hanna's date.

Hanna and Mike have lunch together, sharing their family troubles with each other and how they seem to be the normal ones. Hanna reveals that she is unsure what she should do, since she never truly believed that her 'Prince Charming' would ever arrive, and Mike takes advantage of her unease. Zeb's own attempts to reassure Axl fail, who decides he cannot just sit around and that he must see Hanna. However at that moment, Hanna and Mike's lunch ends as the two kiss passionately, leading the two of them to bed together.

Michele goes to Stacey, demanding to meet Frigg, however at first Stacey refuses. Michele suspects she is lying, however Stacey is forced to admit the last place she saw her was at Mike's bar. Michele goes there and finds the two in bed, and departs before they wake up. Hanna decides to leave, apparently unsure of what's just happened, and Michele follows her.

Ingrid's attempts to help Martin seem to have little effect. He reveals that he despises his job as 'bad cupid' and helping Axl on his path of destiny, as well as that he helped get Anders and Gaia together since Axl could not be with her, and that he provided the wood chipper that destroyed the Yggdrasil Stick, saying that there cannot be any evidence of them after The Ga, which is the point of their very existence. Mike reveals his coupling with Hanna to Olaf, claiming that he is the one that she has chosen and that he is now Odin. However Olaf points out that nothing has happened to make them ascend, meaning that he is not Odin, and warns Mike not to confuse her current choice to mean that things are now going to go his way.

Axl and Hanna have some fun at the arcade.

Axl waits for Hanna outside her house, and when she arrives he tries to further explain that he is Odin, and asks if she feels that he is Odin. Hanna doesn't answer, and suggests that they go and have some fun, all while Michele watches. Ingrid goes to Olaf, asking that they gather as many of the Johnsons as possible, regarding the Ga. Meanwhile Mike goes to Stacey to ask if she knows anything about Frigg's powers, revealing that he slept with her. Stacey is horrified, but says she has no idea what her power is. When Mike and Ty talk about this, Mike reveals he doesn't want Axl anywhere near Hanna, having fallen in love with her.

Axl and Hanna play games at an arcade, Hanna reveals she was aware that she was destined to be found by the right Odin, and that it was Odin's destiny to come to her. Axl reveals his brief shape-shift into her in the hopes that she may have felt something of him when it happened, however she denies any knowledge of this. Olaf then calls Axl to call a Thing, regarding Ingrid and Martin's revelation of The Ga, and Axl reluctantly agrees to go as Hanna suggests that they should catch up another time.

As Axl arrives, he learns that Mike slept with Hanna, however Ingrid interrupts by telling the gathered Johnsons that their lives are at stake. The Ga is a ceremony where Odin and Frigg are united properly, and Frigg decides who her Odin is before, however there has never been two before so this is now confusing. All of the nine realms must be represented and that they have cast all of the Gods and Goddesses to do so, including Colin, to everyone's dismay. But in regards to the Pure Light, which happens after the Ga, Olaf and Ingrid say that this is where they have gotten things spectacularly wrong. Martin, avoiding everyone's notice, suddenly senses something is wrong with Hanna and leaves, taking a hammer with him.

As all this is happening, Hanna arrives back at her home, where Michele is waiting, claiming to want to discuss an alliance to benefit Goddesses everywhere. Hanna is hardly rattled when Michele suggests that Hanna forget about ever getting with Odin since they would come underneath the Gods. She also reveals that Mike was her partner before pulling the knife on her, saying that killing Frigg is a preferable option to allow this since killing Odin would result in natural disasters. As Hanna says that there is a third option, one where Frigg is on Michele's side, Martin appears and strikes Michele on the back of the head with the hammer. Michele falls to the floor, her eyes staring blankly while blood begins to flow.



  • Writer - James Griffin
  • Director - Murray Keane
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock & Laura Hill
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Axl - "She's meant to be my One, right? So how come I'mnot having to fight her off from jumping me?"
Anders - "Do you feel like jumping her?"
Axl - "Yeah. Well, I mean, I was a bit confused at the begining, because I looked like her for a while, but now definitely, yeah."
- Axl vents to Anders on the situation

Mike - "And when I say 'in the company', I mean, you know... in the coompany."
Olaf - "Ah. Intriguing. You move fast."
Mike - "The thing is, she was the one who did most of the moving. I was there for the ride."
Olaf - "And the ride was...?"
Mike - "Remarkable. And unexpected."
OIaf - "Indeed. For the Goddess of Marriage to so easily give it up to the first wannabe Odin who buys her a drink does seem unusual. Mind you, in the myths, Frigg is a bit of a slut."
Mike - "Don't talk about her like that."
Olaf - "I humbly apologise."
- Mike tells Olaf about his time with Hanna

Axl - "Sorry I'm late. I was a bit busy. With Frigg."
Olaf - "You've slept with her too? What is up with this chick?"
Axl - "No, we played video games. What do you mean 'too'?" (looks at Mike in realisation)
- Olaf spills the beans on Hanna's activities to Axl

Deleted Scenes[]

  •  After Hanna has asked everyone to leave, Ingrid comments that how they met Frigg is not how she imagined it being, before Stacey asks Olaf to look after her business.
  • When Olaf tells Axl he doesn't know where Stacey is, Axl demands that his grandfather call her, but Olaf refuses, pointing out that Hanna said she would get back to him.Axl starts complaining, leading Olaf to tell him to chill out.
  • After Axl and Anders' chat, Michele comments that their conversation was moving, and that shet thought Anders was on her side and not Axl's. Anders says he's on both their sides but not Mike's, which Michele remarks is due tot he fact that if he became Odin, Mike would smite Anders for shagging his ex.
  • (extended scene) During Ingrid and Martin's conversation on the beach, he also reveals that he was at the bar during the Johnson's Bergerbar, watched Axl with Tansy, that he was the driver of the van that blocked Dawn from leaving the alley during the confrontation between Ty and Colin and that he had help drive Ty and Dawn back together, and that he yelled at Mike after he and Ty saw Hanna, to which she had to calm him down.
  • Axl and Hanna play a driving simulator at the arcade, during which Axl notes that he's surprised that they've finally met and that they're playing video games. He asks how Hanna felt after turning 21 and learning she had a person destined for her; she says it felt like the onset of an arranged marriage, which Axl concurs. She tells him about her two attempts at marriage with other men, and he tells Hanna about falling in love with a false Frigg.
  • Anders arrives at Mike's bar for the Thing, and is introduced to Martin before complaining that he's being kept out of the loop by not meeting Frigg yet. Ty and Mike arrive and Olaf suggests that Mike get any beers he's hidden away out.


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • Kingmaker - Performed by Family Cactus
  • Sunsetter - Performed by Ghost Wave
  • Sideways Glance - Performed by The Phoenix Foundation
  • Headin' Inside - Performed by Native Tongue Music Publishing
  • 10 Years & 47 Minutes - Performed by Jan Hellriegel
  • The Prince - Performed by The Black Seeds


  • As Martin, Ingrid and Olaf explained, each of the Nine Realms connected by Yggdrasil from Norse Mythology must be represented at the Ga, thus the Gods and Goddesses gathered in Auckland must represent each Realm's citizens:
    • Asgard, which is represented by both Odin and Frigg, which Hanna is obviously to be a part, but since Mike and Axl are both in contention for Frigg's hand, only one can be chosen to represent Odin.
    • Álfheimr is to be represented by Stacey / Fulla, despite the irony of her being a dark person when Álfheimr is the home of the Light Elves.
    • Midgard (Earth) is to be represented by Ty / Höðr, since he was temporarily a mortal human and has the most love for them.
    • Muspelheim, being the home of the Fire Giants, is going to be represented (appropriately) by Colin / Loki.
    • Niðavellir, the Realm of the Dwarves has Anders / Bragi representing them, partially due to him being the shortest and that, like Dwarves, he talks the most crap.
    • Niflheim, the Realm of the Dead, is what Michele / Sjöfn is representing, due to her dark personality (presumably, if she were still alive, Eva / Hel would fit this perfectly)
    • Jötunheimr, to which Olaf / Baldr (being the tallest) will represent the Giants.
    • Vanaheimr, which is the home of the Vanir, will have Ingrid / Snotra representing them.
    • Svartálfar, the home of the Dark Elves, will have to be represented by whomever Hanna does not choose, Axl or Mike.