The Almighty Johnsons Wiki
First Appearance: Bad Things Happen
Played By: Kerry-Lee Dewing
Gender: Female
Occupation: Veterinary Receptionist

Kylie is one of Anders' Conquests. Known to work as the receptionist at a vet's office.


Season 1[]


Kylie once had a brief sexual relationship with Anders, who talked her into leaving with him from her hen night. She then spent the next 3 days, including her wedding day) in Anders's bed, causing all of her friends and family to think she was a slut.

To take revenge on Anders, she teams up with Leah and Sascha, with the intent to use her veterinary research to 'operate' on Anders's genitals, until Axl throws them out, having not been affected with the horse-tranquilizer like drugs she had supplied.