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Kvasir standing in fear
Vital statistics
Title Kvasir the Wise
Gender Male
Race Asgardian
Faction Norse Gods
Health Good
Level High
Status Immortal
Location Asgard

In Norse mythology, Kvasir is the wisest of all the Gods, and has the annoying compulsion to answer any question another God asks him. He was portrayed by Michael Hurst


Kvasir is a poet and the wisest of all men. Kvasir was born of the saliva of two rival groups of gods, the Æsir and the Vanir, when they performed the ancient peace ritual of spitting into a common vessel. He wandered around teaching and instructing, never failing to give the right answer to a question. Two dwarves, Fjalar and Galar, who were weary of academics and learning, killed Kvasir and distilled his blood in Odhrǫrir, the magic cauldron. When mixed with honey by the giant Suttung, his blood formed mead that gave wisdom and poetic inspiration to those who drank it.


  • The Wisest of all the Gods

In the series[]

Early Life[]

Kvasir knew Olaf Johnson / Baldr during the 1970s. In their last meeting, Kvasir was revealed to have been doing it with Olaf's lover at the time, and sometime later burned down his truck house by accident with lit candles. (And Then She Will Come To You)

At some point he also met Colin Gunderson / Loki, who disliked Kvasir for his low living standards in spite of his great knowledge, (Frigg Magnet) but gave him the task of being a guard for his bar (after all what better guard than a God?), which also enabled him to live in the cellar below the bar. (You Call This the Real World?)

Season 2[]

When Mike Johnson / Ullr's hunting skills led them to him in the bar, Olaf was furious and gave chase as Kvasir tried to flee, only to get caught in a dead end alley. While Olaf demanded repayment for his lost possessions, he retorted that he had no money. He recognized Axl Johnson as Odin, and was forced to answer his question as to how he found Frigg. Asking for Axl to turn away while he pissed, he replied that Frigg would in fact come to him once he had become a man. Before Axl could ask how he became a man, Kvasir turned himself into liquid and escaped down the drain, to Olaf's fury. (And Then She Will Come To You)

When Ty Johnson / Hodor decided to set out to try and find a way to become mortal, Mike tried to keep him from trying to freeze and unfreeze himself in a process that would likely kill him, and suggested that Kvasir might know a way. They returned to the place they last saw Kvasir, and Mike tried to pick up a trail, but they were interrupted by an urgent call from Axl. (Effortless Manly Coolness)

Kvasir eventually returned to the bar late at night, unaware that Mike had since won ownership of it from Colin, and failed to notice Olaf. Kvasir opened a secret passage in the office into a storage room Kvasir used as a home. Olaf attacked him, and the two fought (The House of Jerome), before Olaf finished him off with a blow to the groin.

Kvasir is captured by Olaf

For four days, Olaf kept Kvasir tied up and forced to piss in a bottle to prevent him from escaping. Eventually Kvasir told him about his deal with Colin and the surveillance equipment around the bar, which was being used to spy on the Gods activities. Ty learned of his capture and asked Kvasir if could he become a mortal. A smug Kvasir told him that he required two things; one, a way to die and be resuscitated, and the second, less likely thing they would be able to retrieve, a piece of the Yggdrasil tree. However he was shocked when he was told that they had that as well, allowing Ty to become a mortal. (You Call This the Real World?)

When Mike came to see him, he asked for a way to kill Colin, and Kvasir made the God of Games realize the answer for himself. Mike later returned to confront Kvasir about telling Ty about becoming a mortal, and after seeing him go off at Zeb, Kvasir noted to Olaf that Mike was very likely to snap.

Ty later returned with his own issues; becoming a mortal had made other mortals forget about him entirely, and demanded to know why. Kvasir refused to answer him since he was no longer a God, but when Olaf asked, Kvasir divulged that the subconscious minds of mortals knew a God when they saw one, and that by no longer being a God, their subconscious minds can't handle it and simple erased Ty from their memories. When Ty asked why Kvasir hadn't warned him, Kvasir mocked him by saying he hadn't asked, prompting Ty to attack him. Only Olaf's intervention kept Kvasir alive. (Does This Look Like Asgard?)

After this he was presumably set free.

After Season 2[]

When Frigg and Odin were officially united together, the God Spirit of Kvasir presumably left this mortal along with all the other Gods and Goddesses who weren't present. How this affected him or his relationships with mortals is unknown. (The End of the World As We Know It)


Kvasir is established to have a great disdain for Gods, likely due to most of his contact with them being purely for interrogation. This is likely why he chooses to aid Colin in frustrating other gods and giving only the bare minimum response when asked a question. As the original Kvasir is claimed to have been made from the saliva of the Gods, he has the ability to change into liquid. Like Stacey's forced servitude, Kvasir is obligated to truthfully answer any questions asked to him by a god, but is known to give riddles and omit key details unless expressly asked about them.


  • Answering God questions without a choice
  • Changing into a liquid