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First Appearance: This Is Where Duty Starts
Played By: Rachel Blampied
Gender: Female
Occupation: Netball Player

Karla is a professional netball player, and was the first person Axl Johnson ever slept with


Season 1

As the Public Relations representive for her netball team, Anders Johnson learned that Karla was caught in a lot of controversy when she danced around drunk and topless at a fundraiser involving young children. Since Axl had become Odin and needed to find Frigg, he decided to set her and Axl up since she seemed to be a likely candidate, but only due to her looks.

At the netball game, Karla was dismissive of Axl, who was filling in as the team's mascot. However once the game was over, Anders used his powers to seduce her, and make her more attracted to Axl, making her believe that a fight between Axl and the opposing team's mascot was him defending her. After arriving at Anders' apartment, Anders used his power to make Karla seduce Axl and take his virginity. However in the middle of their intercourse, she suddenly stopped breathing. When the Johnsons tried to figure out what had happened, Anders suggested that Ty use his cold powers to shock her back to life, which worked. As the others left, including an apologetic Axl, Anders then seduced Karla into sleeping with him. (This Is Where Duty Starts)