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First Appearance: Like The Berserkers of Old
Played By: Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Gender: Female
God/Goddess: Lofn
Power: Organising Gods Events
Relatives: Michele Brock (daughter)
Residence: Auckland

Karen was a flighty reincarnation of the Goddess Lofn, and is also Michele Brock's mother.

"An overbearing, passive-aggressive, social-climbing, interfering, narcissistic control freak, sexual-predator cougar with deep-seated issues pertaining to her status as a minor Goddess." - Michele on her mother


Early Life[]

When Michele became the Goddess Sjöfn, Karen was disapointed that she was a minor Goddess, causing their relationship to become uneasy.

She knew of Michele's relationship with Colin / Loki, and disapproved of how she ended things with him by kneeing him in the testicles.

Sometime during the course of Mike and Michele's relationship where Michele moved out of her apartment, she allowed Karen to move in.


  • Organising Gods Events

Season 3[]

When the rennovations at Mike's Bar became awkward for the couple to live in, Michele revealed to Mike that her tennant was her mother, and reluctantly moved back in with her. Karen was delighted to meet Mike, and was surprised to learn that he was also a God, Ullr. (Like The Berserkers of Old)

When Frigg and Odin were officially united together, Karen's God Spirit of Lofn presumably left her along with all the other Gods and Goddesses who weren't present. How this affected her or her relationships with mortals is unknown. (The End of the World As We Know It)


She's nice she's kind and she's carrying for her daughter but she's a great party planner when she loved throwing parties


Her Daughter Michele Brock she had a very difficult relationship as mother and Daughter