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The Johnson Brothers were the reincarnated vessels of four Norse Gods. They constantly face problems that any normal person would have.

The Johnsons Brothers[]

The Four Brothers[]

Extended Related Family[]

Extended Unrelated Family[]


Early History[]

Elisabet Johnson decided to abandon her children after their father left and Axl was born, out of fear that she would eventually end up killing them (since Gods and Goddesses generally don't get along well). Mike subsequently took up the mantle as head of the family, with their grandfather Olaf to advise them on God business. (And Then She Will Come To You)

Over time, Mike helped Anders and Ty in the ceremonies that turned them into Gods.

Season 1[]

When it was revealed following Axl's ascension to becoming a God that he was Odin, it was clear to all of them that they would need to help him find Frigg, or else risk dying if he died before the quest was complete. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

Season 2

Season 3

Dawn is Ty's girlfriend

Hanna is Mike's girlfriend

Axl presumably reunites with Gaia, since she is no longer sex-obsessed to Anders/Bragi