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Johan Johnson
First Appearance: Like The Beserkers of Old 3x04
Last Appearance: And Then On to Norsewood 3x06
Played By: Stuart Devenie
Reason Left: His nature to be out at sea
Nickname(s): Joe
Gender: Male
Occupation: As Njörðr:
*God of the Sea
God/Goddess: Njörðr (Formerly)
Power: Settling Arguments
Tidal Control
Ex-Spouse: Elizabet Johnson (deceased)
Relatives: Elna Johnson (mother, deceased)
Olaf Johnson (father)
Mike Johnson (son)
Anders Johnson (son)
Ty Johnson (son)
Axl Johnson (son)
Valerie Johnson (ex-daughter-in-law)
Hanna Larson (daughter-in-law)
Eva (daughter-in-law, deceased)
Religion: Norse
Nationality: New Zealand

Johan "Joe" Johnson is the father of the Johnson brothers, the son of Olaf Johnson, and was the reincarnation of Njörðr; God of the Sea.


Early Life

Joe met and later married Elizabet, and with her had four sons, Mike, Anders, Ty and Axl. Due to his nature as Njörðr, he always felt the call of the ocean and would often leave his family for extended periods of time, returning only to force Elizabet to have sex with him, against the rules of his father, Olaf, to never hit a woman. Eventually he stopped returning altogether and left his family to their own devices.

Around the time that Axl became Odin, Joe felt a subconscious pull drawing him to Auckland, and he could not resist the urge in spite of not knowing what it was.

Season 3

Karen met Joe at a bar and the two returned to her daughter's home where they had sex. During a brief interlude in their intercourse, Joe went into the kitchen for a drink, where Mike happened to be with Michele, and the two were surprised to see each other. (Like The Berserkers of Old)

. (Unleash the Kraken!)

. (And Then On to Norsewood)

When Frigg and Odin were officially united together, Joe's God Spirit of Njörðr presumably left him along with all the other Gods and Goddesses who weren't present. How this affected him or his relationships with mortals is unknown. (The End of the World As We Know It)


Joe's character feels similar to that of mariners in literature; having the sea as a mistress and always desiring to keep moving. His abilities to settle arguments seems to have given him a taste for conflict, as evidenced between the fighting with his wife, since he knows that he will always win. As a result, he has alienated all of those closest to him, particularly his family. However he doesn't seem to care; the only thing he truly cares about is himself.


Tidal Control - As a result of being the God of the Sea, Joe has the ability to control the ocean to a small extent; whenever he is on a ship, it will never encounter a storm or extreme tides.

Conflict Control - Joe also has the ability to calm people during arguments; Olaf describes this as Njörðr settling the waves of conflicts. However, this also means that once he has left the immediate picture, all those who were soothed by his words will feel their anger return, and will begin arguing with each other. This ability will only work if Joe manages to get the first word in during a conversation.




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