First Appearance: Bad Things Happen
Last Appearance: Everything Starts With Gaia
Played By: Arthur Meek
Gender: Male
Occupation: Jeweller (apparently)

Jacob is an exceptionally tall Dwarf. He was also Gaia's boyfriend-of-sorts and Bryn's friend.


Early Life

When it was discovered that the child of a prophecy doomed to kill all dwarves was born, Jacob was chosen to go to New Zealand to kill the baby girl since his unusually tall size would help him blend in. However once he laid eyes on her he was unable to do it, and instead decided to protect her, along with the short Giant, Bryn, and regularly gave his people false reports that he couldn't find her. While he acted as a close friend during Gaia's early life, as she grew older, he stayed away so that she wouldn't notice his apparent lack of aging.

However Jacob insisted that Bryn make himself appear less than normal by making him eat vegetarian food and pretend that he was gay, while Jacob himself would pretend to be straight. (Everything Starts With Gaia)

Season 1

Jacob pretended to bump into Gaia on Waiheke, and the two formed a relationship.

When Gaia returned to her home in Auckland, Jacob went with her and stayed at her flat. Axl was surprised to see him and Gaia together, as he had been away when they had returned, as Zeb explained. When Jacob and Gaia prepared to head out on a date, Jacob chatted with Axl and explained how they met before they left. (Bad Things Happen)

Later he and Gaia went out for dinner and a movie. (I Can Give You Frigg)

Around Gaia's false 22nd birthday, Jacob was away. (Hunting Reindeer on Slippery Rocks) When Gaia decided to leave and move back to Waiheke to live with Jacob, he helped pack up her stuff. (Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice)

Season 2

Jacob and Bryn were overly protective of Gaia after her return to Waiheke, and she eventually felt constricted because of their constant watching of her, especially after discovering cameras in Jacob's place, and so she decided to run away, but they stopped her from getting on the ferry. On her second attempt, she laced Bryn's hash in food for them, and used the opportunity to escape. (Charlie Truman)

Jacob went to the old flat to search for her and tried to break in the front door, only to be noticed by Axl. Jacob asked if Gaia was there, and despite Axl saying she wasn't, burst into her old room looking for himself. Axl attacked him and demanded he leave, to which Jacob complied. (Frigg Magnet)

Later, after Bryn failed to convince Gaia to come back, he called Jacob with a plan to try and change her mind. Jacob showed up at the flat with flowers, asking to speak with Gaia alone. He apolgised for his wierd behavior, before he suddenly proposed. In response, Gaia kicked him in the balls, sending him gasping to the floor. (Charlie Truman)

2.9 - Bryn&JacoblookforGaia.jpg
After the Giants found out that Bryn had decieved them and were sending someone to kill Gaia once and for all, Jacob and Bryn quickly set to warning Gaia. Arriving at the flat, they failed to convince Gai they had to leave, just as Eggther broke the door down. After Axl knocked the Giant out, they fled with Gaia and Axl to Mike's bar, where they demanded to know what was going on. When Olaf arrived, he noted that they were Giants and Dwarves, and upon realising that they were Gods, and Axl was Odin, they fled.

At a nearby restaurant, they were again confronted by the Gods, who demanded to know what exactly was going on. As they explained how they had been sent to kill Gaia, the Gods realised that Gaia was going to be Frigg. As they explained further as they went back to the bar, they realised Zeb was in danger if Eggther was still at the flat, but Zeb had been taken hostage by Eggther, who was demanded Gaia in exchange. Jacob suggested that Zeb be left to Eggther since he was just a mortal, but the Gods decided otherwise. Back at the bar, while trying to figure out what to do about the situation, Jacob the suggested handing over Gaia, citing she had grown up to be somewhat of a disappointment. In response, Olaf tossed him out onto the street, to which Jacob noted that it was easy for him to make a stereotype of tossing a Dwarf. (Everything Starts With Gaia)


Jacob is a very fearful and non-confident person, typical of a Dwarf, but on the few occassions he has risen above himself, it has only been out of fear of something worse if he doesn't do it. He is even willing to sacrifice others to ensure his own survivial.


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