First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present 1x01
Last Appearance: The End of the World As We Know It 3x13
Played By: Rachel Nash
Gender: Female
God/Goddess: Snotra
Power: Oracle
Increased Knowledge (Yggdrasil Stick induced)

Ingrid is a hairdresser, part-time fortune-teller, enthusiastic genealogist and was the human incarnation of Snotra, the Norse Goddess of wisdom.


Early Life

Ingrid speant some time in mental institutions for hearing voices, which was a result of her not knowing she was a Goddess and an Oracle (suggesting she doesn't know her parents or they are dead). At one facility, she met Danny, whom she started falling for and started helping to steal drugs to take and sell. Even knowing that Danny was bad, she continued to help him as he appeared to be the only one to believe in her. Sometime after she got out, Danny was caught stealing drugs, and she was left on her own again. (Effortless Manly Coolness)

At some point she learned she was actually a Goddess, and later met Agnetha and the other Goddesses, and agreed to stop Odin and Frigg from meeting and restoring all the Gods powers.

Season 1

On the night before Axl Johnson turned 21, Ingrid used fortune cards to try and determine whether or not he was going to become Odin, and the results were always the same, and Agnetha claimed that killing him before the prophecy became true was the only way. When Stacey failed, she noted killing him would be harder as the signs of becoming Odin came to light. However when Michele’s actions led to the prophecy of Odin’s return coming true, she remained silent. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

During the engagement of Axl and Eva, she and Olaf noticed the decay of the food caused by Eva during her and Ty's fight which resulted in her being exposed as Hel. She later witnessed Ty and Eva's marriage. (Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice)

Season 2

When Danny got out of prison, she had Axl give her a lift so that she could meet him, and had sex with him in Axl's car. Unable to concinve Ty to let Danny stay with them they instead crashed at Axl's flat, and was drawn into Danny's idea of growing magic mushrooms, under his belief that they would be legalised. Having also stolen drugs, she refused to leave Danny on his own when Axl kicked them out. After learning that she would have a share in Agnetha's fortune from Mike, Ingrid realised that she could use the money to buy the farmland for her and Danny's magic mushroom plan.

When Axl learned about this, he went to see Ingrid to try and convince her to let go of Danny and not tell him about the money, however she already had and refused to listen. Not wanting to accept this, Axl and Zeb kidnapped ingrid the next day and left her with Zeb at Mike's bar while Axl arranged an intervention. However Ingrid was far from convinced by Mike, Michele and Stacey's obviously on-the-spot comments, and Olaf's lack of realising that it was an intervention. However Ty convinced Ingrid that he needed her, and wanted her help in Kvasir so that he could become mortal. Ingrid agreed and decided to dump Danny, though her attempts to do so calmly failed as she yelled at him instead for using her, though she felt better for it. (Effortless Manly Coolness)

Season 3



Ingrid is a lovely person; a bit fluffy round the edges, yes, and with a remarkably positive, upbeat take on life, but she’s just one of those people who always tries to see the best in everyone. This propensity towards optimism is made even more remarkable when you discover that Ingrid is also a survivor; of many things, not the least of which was her toxic parents and being the daughter of a God and Goddess who fought all the time. Out of this came an indefatigable, forward moving woman, determined to rise above everything life throws at her.

Despite not being the brightest button in the sewing-box, Ingrid is the Oracle for the Goddesses. This is good for the Goddesses in that Ingrid has a great memory for legends and myths; and a real gift for reading signs. She’s not that good at interpreting the signs, so she’s happy to leave that bit to Agnetha.

Also of great use to the Forces of Frigg is Ingrid’s love of genealogy. She just loves poking round in the past, seeing where people came from. Thus Ingrid is in charge of the search for Frigg through the genealogical records of the descendants of those who sailed to New Zealand from Norway, in the 1860’s. This is not proving as easy as you would think, but if anyone can find her it, by gosh, it will be Ingrid. And you can bet she’ll have a jolly old time doing it. Of her genealogical searching, only the discovery of Colin Gunderson is known to have been successful. However, it is possible that her research was used to find Michelle or Stacey.


Ingrid has been married before and has children, not that she sees them now. Her first husband has been in prison and another had her sectioned.

Olaf Johnson

When she first met Olaf, she felt a connection with him, possibly because they are both oracles, and with his carefree lifestyle, Ingrid is eager to try anything he does, including heavy drinking and drugs. They continued their "unique and open" on for quite some time before Olaf evetually started a relationship with Stacey, to her initial chargin (though she had first gone back to her old flame Danny).


Once when she was in a psychiatric facility, she fell in love with her carer, Danny. The two had a fling that involved stealing perscription drugs and seeling them before he was caught and sent to prison. When he was released, she quickly went to go and meet him, and they started their relationship once more. When Axl tried to convince her that Danny wasn't right for her, Ingrid admitted that he was right, but felt that Danny was the only one that truly cared about her. However once Ty convinced her that he was a person worth caring for, she immediately turned on Danny and threw a tantrum, never wanting to see him again.

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