Helen Larvig
First Appearance: God's Gift To Zebras
Last Appearance: Does This Look Like Asgard?
Played By: Sarah Wiseman
Reason Left: Murdered
Gender: Female
Occupation: Bar Manager
God/Goddess: Iðunn (Formerly)
Power: Formerly:
Partner: Anders Johnson
Residence: Auckland

Helen Larvig was the reincarnation of Iðunn; Goddess of Youth and keeper of orchards. As a bar and club owner, this works in her favor. She is known to make an excellent apple martini.


Early Life

In spite of her Norse heritage, Helen went to a Catholic school when she was young. (Does This Look Like Asgard?)

Helen mentioned to Ty that her mother was killed by her father, who is now in prison (Making her father a possible canditate for the person who informed Thor of his birthright). She also owned a bar in Wellington, and moved to Auckland to try and get out of the business, but fell back into the game. (God's Gift to Zebras)

Season 1

Helen's bar was experiencing problems with the fridge, so she called Ty Johnson's fridge repair business. Upon his arrival, she showed Ty to the fridge and prepared apple martinis for the pair of them, and the two flirted with one another. The next day she called him again to say there was another fridge problem, however he could find nothing wrong. Helen made more apple martinis, and once again they flirted. Helen asked Ty why he was so irresistible to her, and Ty said he could ask the same of her. The two then started to make out, and as they were undressing they were interrupted by the cleaners. The two arranged to meet for dinner the next night, and Helen told Ty her history in the bar business.

They went to his flat and once again prepared to have sex when it started to snow inside the flat. Helen and Ty tasted it and realized it was apple. Helen revealed she was the Goddess Iðunn, and Ty admitted he was the God Höðr. Ty apologized, saying there were probably better Gods than him, but Helen said he was the first she'd made love to. Overnight the two talked about their lives before Helen departed. Ty told Olaf Johnson that he was falling in love with Helen, but Olaf had the bad news that they were not destined for each other, but she was meant to be with the God Bragi, who happened to be his brother Anders. Ty went to see Helen, and saw that she was flirting with other men, drawn in by her gift of youthfulness, and decided to break things off. Helen took this in her stride, offering for them to still be friends but Ty declined, and Helen said goodbye in the form of a kiss. (God's Gift to Zebras)

Season 2

Some time later, Helen was the duty manager at another bar where Ty and Anders went. While Anders was in the bathroom, Ty recognized the apple martinis and saw her name on the duty manager's board and went to get Anders to keep the two from meeting. However he was too late, Anders was already doing Helen in one of the stalls, and she was surprised to see Ty. (Everything Starts With Gaia)

2.13 - Helendies.jpg
Helen is shot with Natalie's crossbow

Later, after Anders had requested that she take things more slowly, Helen appeared at his apartment before they were due to head to the ceremony that would reveal who Gaia would become. She was unsatisfied with his earlier request, and suggested that they avoid the ceremony, since they were powerful together even without Odin and Frigg's union. At that moment Natalie Mather arrived, armed with a crossbow, and from her gelic words Helen realized that she was an extreme believer in God, who sought to remove the Norse Gods since they were considered abominations against God. Helen believed that because she and Anders were together they could easily stop Natalie, however her gloating led Natalie to fire a bow straight into her heart, killing her instantly and releasing her Iðunn Spirit.

Ironically, once the ceremony was complete (after Natalie had been killed by Colin / Loki) Gaia was revealed to be the new reincarnation of Iðunn, since Iðunn was a constant Goddess and Gods and Goddesses could not survive without her being around. (Does This Look Like Asgard?)


Ty Johnson

Helen has not had any relationships with Gods until Ty, but she is destined to be with Bragi, not Hodor. Olaf has mentioned that if she ever sees Bragi (Anders Johnson), she will immediately fall in love with him, and despite being hurt constantly will continue to do so until it finally ends badly for her. This has happened many times in the past reincarnations of Bragi and Iðunn.

Anders Johnson

After laying eyes on Anders, she became instantly attracted to him, and the two engaged in constant meetings of pleasure and (some) business. However she was far more keen on him than he was on her, and her desire for sex was too much, even for him, and he tried to get her to slow down, but her attraction to him was far too much for her to ignores, showing she was practically obsessed with him.


Helen is a fun-loving Goddess, who is somewhat self-absorbed about herself (and Iðunn), but meeting Ty showed that she is just as curious about the whole pantheon of Gods and what they can do together. Her ability to make the people around her feel youthful has worked wonders for the many bars and clubs she has run over the years, a fact she revels in and on occasion exploit.

Meeting Anders has increased this behavior, and her attraction to Anders borders on obsession, on the verge of being intoxicated by his very being. Her belief that they were more powerful together than Odin and Frigg would ever be showed her blatant ambition and short-sightedness for anything but them together. Even in the face of danger she believes that together they can face anything, a fact that often threatens both her and Anders.

Helen seems to seek power but believed Iðunn's powers to be entirely metaphorical. Instead, she pressed Bragi to increase utilization of his powers to the point where he could manipulate anyone. Her death ended this plan prior to any noticeable increase in Bragi's power.

About the goddess Iðunn

Iðunn, also spelled Idunn, or Iduna,  in Norse mythology, the goddess of spring or rejuvenation and the wife of Bragi, the god of poetry. She was the keeper of the magic apples of immortality, which the gods must eat to preserve their youth. When, through the cunning of Loki, the trickster god, she and her apples were seized by the giant Thiassi and taken to the realm of the giants, the gods quickly began to grow old. They then forced Loki to rescue Iðunn, which he did by taking the form of a falcon, changing Iðunn into a nut (in some sources, a sparrow), and flying off with her in his claws.

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