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Hanna Larson
First Appearance: A Bit Like Buses Really 3x11
Last Appearance: The End of the World As We Know It 3x13
Played By: Siobhan Marshall
Gender: Female
Occupation: As Hanna:
*Bridal Boutique Owner
As Frigg: (formerly)
*Goddess of Marriage, Fertility, and Motherhood
*Queen of Asgard
God/Goddess: Frigg (formerly)
Power: Formerly:
*Giving / Restoring life
Spouse: Axl Johnson Norse spiritual ceremony, non-binding afterwards
Relatives: Frederick Larson (father)
Martin Larson (brother, deceased)
Olaf Johnson (grandfather-in-law)
Elna Johnson (grandmother-in-law, deceased)
Elizabet Johnson (mother-in-law, deceased)
Johan Johnson (father-in-law)
Mike Johnson (brother-in-law, boyfriend)
Anders Johnson (brother-in-law)
Ty Johnson (brother-in-law)
Residence: Auckland, New Zealand
Religion: Norse
Nationality: United Kingdom

Hanna Larson is the wife of Axl Johnson, and was the reincarnation of Frigg; Goddess of Marriage, Fertility & Motherhood and Queen of Sex and Asgard. As Frigg, she was also the wife of Odin. Her father Frederick Larson and her brother Martin were also gods, Hœnir and Heimdallr, respectively.


Axl Johnson

Even though Odin finally found his beloved Frigg, Axl and Hanna's relationship wasn't very long. When they laid eyes on each other they knew who they were inside and the love their god spirits shared. Ullr decided to throw his hat in the ring to be crowned as Odin, so Hanna had to decide between Mike or Axl. She performed the ceremony and then Hanna answered they did not have to stay together. Mike and Hanna was shown kissing after the ceremony and going for a lunch date.

About the goddess Frigg

Frigg (Old Norse) is The Goddess of Marriage, Fertility & Motherhood; Keeper of Domestic Arts and Queen of the gods in Norse mythology and wife of Odin. Odin and Frigg were the mother of two twin gods Baldr,and Höðr and the stepmother of Thor some myths said that she was the wife and daughter of Odin

in some myths she was rumoured to have had a love affair with Odin's Brothers Ve and Vili and she has a handmaiden Fulla and her messenger is Gna, who rides through the sky on the horse Hofvarpnir and her hall in Asgard is Fensalir, "water hall".

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