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Hœnir standing silently
Vital statistics
Title The Silent
Gender Male
Race Asgardian
Faction Norse Gods
Health Good
Level High
Status Immortal
Location Asgard

In Norse mythology, Hœnir is the warrior God of Silence, Spirituality, Poetry, Passion, Battle frenzy, and Sexual ecstasy Óðr. He is mentioned as the one who helped Odin to create humans.


He is sometimes confused with Vili. Hœnir and Mímir were hostages in a war between the Æsir and Vanir gods. He is an original Æsir god. Hœnir usually relied on Mímir. Hœnir is the travel companion of Odin and Loki, he was also a part of the creation of Ask and Embla.

Hœnir also goes with Mímir to the Vanir as hostage, in order to seal a truce to the Æsir-Vanir war. During the negotiations, Hœnir heavily relies on Mímir to address any query as the latter was better informed and knowledgeable. The Vanir perceive this as indecision and thus a character flaw, and end up beheading Mímir as retaliation, thinking the gods cheated them in the hostage exchange. Hœnir is one of the few gods to survive Ragnarök.


  • Hœnir the Silent
  • The God of Silence, Spirituality, Poetry, Passion & Battle frenzy



In the series[]

Season 3[]

  • When Odin and Frigg were reunited and remarried at The Ga, Hœnir emerged from Frederick, along with all the other gods and goddesses who were or weren't present there, and they returned home to Asgard.