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Gods Among Us
Webisode Series

Series Begining

August 28, 2013

Series End

October 31, 2013

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Gods Among Us is a webisode series spin-off of The Almighty Johnsons.


This series follows Zeb as he makes a documentary following the lives of the Johnsons, as well as hearing about their Norse heritage... or at least Olaf's wacky stories.


  1. Zeb begins his investigation into the Norse Gods history by hearing how they came to New Zealand
  2. Olaf tells the tale of how he brought the jandal to New Zealand...
  3. Zeb's questions about the process of what happens when one becomes a God become emotional for Olaf.
  4. The story of Vick, the mad reincarnation of Móði (Modi) during the 1981 Springbok Tour protests.
  5. The first part of the epic tale of the creation of pavlova
  6. Olaf continues his story on how be made the first pavlova.
  7. Zeb questions how the Gods have remained undetected for so long, and what an Oracle actually does.
  8. Olaf shares his tale of how he witnessed what inspired Sir Edmund Hillary to climb Mount Everest.
  9. Tales of conspiracies involving cover-ups of Norse Gods, but is Zeb still being kept out of the loop?
  10. Olaf begins telling the story of him in the battle of Upperman, but Zeb has reached breaking point.


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  • The Webisode series is sponsored by Hyundai.
  • During the tales told by Olaf, crude yet comedic animation is used to fill in the visuals.
  • This series began during the airing of the second half of Season 3, so it is presumably set around that time, and before the series finale.