Goddesses are the Female Gods , They are extremely powerful deities, wherever they come from. All those who have been encountered so far have been spirits inhabiting mortal bodies. No ascended gods have been shown to exist at this point. Both Moari and Norse gods have the joining of a particular God and Goddess (Frigg and Odin for Norse, and Maui with Papatuanuku for Maori) as the condition for their ascension.


Norse Goddesses

The Norse Gods (aslo known as the Æsir) ruled over Norway from Asgard for many years until they decided to leave Asgard to walk amongst the mortals, until the mortals started hunting the pagan gods with sticks and burning their houses down, so the Norse Gods fled Norway in the early 1870s to a place called Norsewood, until the religious mortals found them, and so to avoid more religious persecution the Gods fled on board a ship called the Hofting and fled to New Zealand.

Since coming to New Zealand the Norse Gods and Goddesses tend to be isolated from one another and rarely ever meets in large groups. Agnetha attributes this to their natural habit of quarreling with one another and says a gathering is not normal unless someone ends up stabbed in the eye. generally Gods will abandon their children when they are young or break off contact before they turn 21.Since Odin's return as Axl Johnson, the normal levels of isolation have been breaking down as a result of the search for Frigg and while Goddesses have been met by chance, others have Goddessse have aligned with each other in order to stop Odin and Frigg from reuniting, since their union would bring the restoration of their powers and ascension to Asgard. The Goddesses fear that once the Male Gods have their power they will be returning to the old ways where they Males are in charge and use the goddess to their advantage.

However, it wasn't until just before the ceremony called The Ga where Odin and Frigg were reunited that most of the Gods and Goddesses learned that they would not in fact ascend to Asgard themselves; their God Spirits would leave them to return to Asgard, while the vessels themselves would become mortals. In spite of this, the danger of Jörmungandr and Ragnarök was too great, and so the ceremony was performed, and the Gods and Goddesses returned to Asgard, while their mortal vessels began assuming normal lives.

History of Maori Goddesses

The Maori Gods and Goddesses have resided in New Zealand for thousands of years, long before Norse Gods came to New Zealand. It is hinted that Maori Goddesses, though far fewer in number, are treated with less respect by Maori Gods. They also have many mortal followers that actually know of their existence and Quest, either from the Gods' belief that their worship empowers them of that they did not keep the secret from some select few. No Maori Goddesses have been seen only two have been mentioned on screen, Leon and Gaia's Mother who was the Goddess Apakura and Goddess Papatuanuku who the Maori Gods believed Gaia would become.

The Maori and Norse Gods also share a similar way of how their Pantheons can become true Gods again by their leaders finding their Goddess beloved, which is what led the two Pantheons to meet each other for the first time via Gaia. However once she became the Goddess Iðunn, that separated the Norse and the Maori Gods once again. Since the Norse Gods and Goddesses discovered that their mortal vessels would not ascend once Frigg and Odin were united, only the God Spirits within them, it can be assumed that the same thing applies to the Maori and the Pantheon.

History of the Polynesian Goddesses

No Polynesian Goddesses have been seen but, it seems possible that they are aware of the Norse Pantheon, due to the Gods,Tigilau's knowledge of Jörmungandr and Ragnarök.

Modern History

In Modern History of the world, Goddesses were powerful beings that were worshipped by mortals thousands of years ago but as time went on the Goddesses became weaker and mortals forgot about them but have remained as beings of mythology from many different pantheons and believed not to actually have exist anymore by mortals, except by the God Hunters and very few mortals such as Zeb and Delphine, as well as the Dwarves and Giants.

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