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Frigg Magnet
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date 7th March 2012
Written by Tim Balme
Directed by Simon Bennett
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And Then She Will Come To You
Charlie Truman

Frigg Magnet is the second episode of the second season, and is the twelfth episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall.


Axl is taken to school, while Ty is scarred for life.


Agnetha is still trying to win the boys over to her side, by taking Ty and Axl out to dinner. But when Ty gets ‘detained’ by Eva and doesn’t show, Axl is left to face the dragon alone – which is a task he manages relatively successfully, managing to steer Agnetha in the direction of affirming his decision to work on becoming more of a man. This, Axl has decided, includes knuckling down and working on his studies.


Unfortunately, when Axl decides to reacquaint himself with his building studies, it coincides with the appearance of Colin in his class, as the most depressing guest lecturer ever. Axl buttonholes Colin and gets from him the confirmation that he is on the right path, trying to become a better God through being a better man – though Colin doesn’t think mucking round in the building trade is the way to achieve this. But Mike, for his part, thinks the whole “be a man to become a God” angle is a waste of time, and has no compunction in telling Axl this.

Agnetha, meanwhile, is becoming increasingly worried about Ty – and the detrimental effect Eva is having on his health and welfare. With the aid of Anders, she attempts to steer Ty, her most favoured son, away from his wife, and in the direction of Dawn – who clearly still loves Ty. This, however, does not work, as Ty has it in his head that he and Dawn can never be together.


Ultimately all both Mike and Agnetha manage to do is to steer their chosen charges in completely the wrong direction. Axl stomps off to meet Colin, who starts him on his manliness lessons by getting him completely trashed at the bar where they found Kvasir. The next morning Axl wakes up with a beautiful woman leaving his room and no recollection of events the night before.

But whatever did take place that night takes a turn towards the dark side when Colin informs Axl that the woman, Brianna, a junior lawyer at Colin’s firm, is claiming that some non-consensual sex took place. Axl freaks out, but it is Mike and Olaf who take control of the situation, and head off to meet Colin.

At this meeting two things happen: Colin admits that the allegations against Axl are bogus – revenge for Axl laughing at his offer of help; and a way to send the Johnsons a message to stop pretending to be Gods and to leave God business to those who actually deserve to be called Gods; and Mike, in a wager over Axl’s massive bar-tab from the night before, wins the bar, which it transpires Colin owns.

Thus it comes to pass that Mike finds a place to call his own; Ty is driven deeper into the arms of Eva (with a branding ceremony to prove it); and Axl is innocent of all allegations. But as Axl and Zeb celebrate the clearing of Axl’s good name, Jacob arrives at the flat looking for Gaia, and Axl sends him packing. Then they become aware that Gaia is in fact in the flat, looking to have her old room back.



  • Witter - Tim Balme
  • Director - Simon Bennett
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - Rachel Lang, Tim Balme & Ross Hastings
  • Producer - Simon Bennett
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Rachel Lang, Chris Bailey & John Barnett


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • Don't Think - Performed by Panther and the Zoo
  • Hospital Show - Performed by Clap Clap Riot
  • I Know Your Name - Performed by Panther and the Zoo
  • Fly Little Bird - Performed by Jocee Tuck