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Frigg spinning the clouds
Vital statistics
Title *Goddess of Marriage
*Keeper of Domestic Arts
*Queen of Asgard
Gender Female
Race Asgardian
Faction Norse Gods
Health Excellent
Level High
Status Immortal
Location Asgard

Frigg (Old Norse) is the Goddess of Marriage, Fertility & Motherhood; Keeper of Domestic Arts and Queen of Asgard, in Norse mythology.


Lady Frigg is the beloved-wife of Odin, the mother of the two twin gods Baldr and Höðr (by Odin), stepmother of the thunder-god Thor, and she is also one of the foremost goddesses of Asgard.

She has a reputation of knowing every person's destiny, but never unveils it. She tried to prevent the death of her son, Baldr by extracting oaths from every object in nature, but forgot the mistletoe, and by a dart made from mistletoe Baldr died.

She has a handmaiden named, Fulla. Her messenger is Gná, who rides through the sky on the horse Hofvarpnir.

Her hall in Asgard is Fensalir, "water halls".

In some myths she was rumored to have had love affairs with Odin's brothers Ve and Vili.


  • Lady Frigg
  • The Goddess of Marriage, Fertility & Motherhood
  • The Keeper of Domestic Arts
  • The Queen of Asgard


  • Clairvoyance
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Enhanced Wisdom
  • Fertility Inducement
  • Nigh Omniscience
  • Precognition

In the series[]

  • When Odin and Frigg were reunited and remarried at The Ga, they emerged from Axl Johnson and Hanna, along with all the other gods in the Johnson family and friends, and they returned home to Asgard. When Odin (and probably Thor) prepared for battle against Jörmungandr to save the world from Ragnarök, Frigg wished her husband the best of luck and she prayed for his safe return. Once Odin won the fight against Jörmungandr, restoring balance to the world, Frigg greeted him with love when he returned home. The two of them then went on to spend an eternity of love together in Asgard.