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Everything Starts With Gaia
Season 2, Episode 9
2.9 - Bryn&JacoblookforGaia.jpg
Air date 25th April 2012
Written by Tiffany Zenhal & James Griffin
Directed by Charlie Haskell
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Everything Starts With Gaia is the ninth episode of the second season, and is the ninteenth episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall


Sometimes all it takes is a door getting kicked down, and a large man walking in, for many many truths to be revealed.


The day gets off to a strange beginning, as Axl wakes to find Gaia shifting furniture, in response to a dream she had about the perfect furniture arrangement for the flat. She has also phoned in to quit her job, for reasons even she’s not entirely clear of. But before Axl can get to the bottom of this Bryn and Jacob barge in, demanding that Gaia come with them now. Gaia refuses, and goes to her room. Then, before Axl can get to the bottom of that a very large man kicks the door down, demanding to know where ‘the girl’ is.

It seems the very large man’s name is Eggther, and he is angry with Bryn about something to do with a possum heart. Axl has no idea what is going on, but when Eggther starts trashing the house, and after he bursts into Gaia’s room – to find that Gaia has fled out the window – Axl has little choice but to fell the angry Eggther with a cricket bat. Bryn and Jacob are very keen to leave the premises.

Outside they find that Gaia, who has injured her arm falling out her window, is trying to depart in Axl’s car – an idea Bryn and Jacob are supportive of. But before he takes the wheel and they all drive off Axl manages to glean that all this may have something to do with a drug deal of Bryn’s that has gone very wrong.

But when they rock up to Mike’s bar so that Michele can tend to Gaia’s sprained wrist, Olaf puts a whole new spin on events by sniffing Bryn and Jacob then asking why there is a giant and a dwarf in the bar. In this way Mike and Axl learn that Bryn is a midget giant and Jacob a tall dwarf, before Bryn and Jacob, realizing they are in the presence of Gods, and Odin, flee the building.

2.9 -Ty&Andersatbar.jpg

Anders, meanwhile, is in a funk. He decides to abandon his failing business in favor of a day out drinking with Ty. Across the course of this day Anders blames Mike for every bad thing that has happened to the family, then shows Ty The Stick, which has now been deemed the Stick of Uselessness, and then indulges in drunken discussions about the nature of destiny. A fun day out for the boys.

Meanwhile the rest of his family leave Gaia in the care of the suspicious Michele, and track down Bryn and Jacob to a nearby restaurant. In the interrogation that follows it transpires that: Bryn and Jacob were sent, independently but as the result of the same prophecy, to kill the baby Gaia. Both of them, however, fell in love with the child and resolved to keep her safe. Unfortunately this has failed because: (a) the giants have now sent Eggther, their enforcer, to complete the job; and (b) Gaia has been delivered unto the one group she needed to be kept away from, the Gods. And the reason for all this? The prophecy that says Gaia is to become Frigg, very very soon.

As this sinks in for Axl he realizes that the Eggther giant is still at the flat – and that Zeb is due home from work. But by the time the rescue squad get there it is too late, Zeb has been taken hostage and Eggther is demanding Gaia in return.

As they ponder what to do about this, the unhelpful dwarf Jacob is tossed from proceedings, and the bold decision is taken to call in the expert in fighting giants: Thor, aka Derrick. In the lull until they must face Eggther, Axl thinks that Gaia has the right to know who she is destined to become, so he and Bryn liberate her from a gaggle of suspicious Goddesses (who have got her drunk and stoned) and take her away.

2.9 - Bryn&AxltellingGaia.jpg

Also confronting destiny, in a whole other way, are Anders and Ty who have washed up at one last bar, to drink from Anders’ last underlined credit card. When Anders heads off to the toilet, Ty realizes there are many people in the bar drinking apple martinis. But by the time he’s got into the loos to tell Anders they need to leave it is too late, as Anders is already making love to Helen, aka Iðunn, Ty’s ex-Goddess and Bragi’s destiny.

Axl and Bryn, meanwhile, are trying to tell Gaia the news. After Bryn makes a hash of it, Axl steps up and gives it his best shot – she is to become Frigg, his Goddess beloved. And Gaia bursts out laughing and rolls about in the sand.



  • Writers - Tiffany Zehnal & James Griffin
  • Director - Charlie Haskell
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - Tim Balme, Ross Hastings & Tiffany Zenhal
  • Producer - Simon Bennett
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Rachel Lang, Chris Bailey & John Barnett


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • Reckless - Performed by Jess Chambers
  • Only Your Arms - Performed by Jess Chambers
  • Hopeful Dreamer - Performed by Jess Chambers
  • Dark Red Sea - Performed by Muholland
  • It's Only An Illusion - Performed by Muholland
  • Black Heart - Performed by Jocee Tuck
  • Lunatic Fringe - Performed by The Drab Doo Riffs