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First Appearance: Everything Starts With Gaia 2.09
Last Appearance: Magical Fluffy Bunny World 2.10
Played By: Oliver Driver
Gender: Male

Eggther is a Giant, skilled with many hunting abilities. He also has some anger management and eating issues.


Early Life[]

Over the years, Eggther gained a fearsome reputation among his fellow Giants, for his apparent brutality and ferocity. (Everything Starts With Gaia) In reality he was soft at heart, but would accept what they said as truth. On one occassion, he was drinking with Odin's wolf Freki (strange since wolves don't drink), and when Freki accidentally died, Eggther claimed that he had killed him, but deeply regreted the wolf's death. (Magical Fluffy Bunny World)

When the Giants realised they had been fooled into believing that Bryn had killed the girl who would become the Goddess Frigg, they sent Eggther to New Zealand to finish the job. (Everything Starts With Gaia) Upon his arrival, the car he had rented was caught in a mix up, and was left with a very small car for a Giant. (Magical Fluffy Bunny World)

Season 2[]

After tracking Bryn to the flat where Gaia lived, Eggther kicked the door down and demanded to know where she was, proceeding to smash various pieces of furniture. Bryn and the Dwarf Jacob tried to convince him to leave, before Axl was forced to knock him unconscious with a cricket bat. When Eggther woke up they were all gone, and made himself at home, believing they would eventually return. Instead, Zeb arrived, and Eggther immediately noticed the name Freki on his shirt, claiming to have killed the original. Zeb's knowledge of his reputation made Eggther curious as to how the mortal knew things he shouldn't, and Zeb told him it was because Axl was a God - Odin. (Everything Starts With Gaia). Upon eating the burgers Zeb had brought home, he was delighted at the taste and then planted Zeb's shirt on the wall with knives before taking Zeb as a hostage. (Magical Fluffy Bunny World)

He called Axl with Zeb's phone, demanding that Gaia (and a cooked chicken from the supermarket) be given to him in exchange for Zeb, or else he would kill Zeb. Zeb hoped that it was a hollow threat, but Eggther assured him it wasn't. (Everything Starts With Gaia) However Zeb started to grow on him, with his sympathy to the Giant's car situation. He later explained that he didn't kill Freki and that it was an accident. He later called Axl again to make an exchange point, though he claimed there was a problem with the chicken, to stall Eggther. He agreed to wait a little longer, but after being reminded by Zeb, called back immediately to remind him bring the girl as well.

At the exchange point in the forest, things started going well until Axl and Gaia, who attempted to convince Eggther that they were not going to be malevolent dictators when their Odin / Frigg union was complete, were revealed to have been accompanied by Bryn, Mike (Ullr) and Derrick (Thor). The situation went critical as Derrick chased Eggther before being held back by the rest of the group. Eggther was about to hit Gaia with a log when Zeb convinced him he didn't want to kill her. Agreeing to spread Axl and Gaia's promise to the rest of the Giants, Eggther decided to head home, farewelling Zeb and agreeing to friend him on Facebook. (Magical Fluffy Bunny World)

Eggthar speaks a warning prior to leaving. Telling Axl that the giants investigated the possum heart  because "Jörmungandr is stirring". In mythology, Jörmungandr is known as "The World Serpent" who encircles Midgard by grasping his own tail. It is said that the world will end when he lets go.


Despite being called the most ferocious hunter of the Giants, Eggther is no more dangerous than a mortal when it comes to brutishness. His lack of major brainpower, and his vast appetite, which is unusual even for a Giant, make him more unusual than a Giant already would be, but his desire to just be himself and not the killing machine everyone thinks he is makes dealing with him a lot easier, and more easily manipulated.