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Dwarves are very short people, usually. They reside in the realm of Niðavellir.


The Dwarves are an ancient race with longevity, like Gods and Giants.

When a prophecy foretelling a time of great darkness for all Dwarves was told to come to pass with the reunion of Odin and Frigg, the Dwarves decided to send one of their own to kill the girl who would become the latter to prevent this from coming. They chose Jacob, since his unusually tall size would make him blend in with the mortals. However Jacob could not do the job once he laid eyes upon the girl, under the protection of a Giant named Bryn who had felt the same, and joined forces with him to protect her, telling his people that he could not locate her. (Everything Starts With Gaia)

During Anders Johnson's travels to find Yggdrasil in Norway, he encountered the Dwarves, one of whom really annoyed him at a cabin he was staying in. (Man-Flu)

Subsequently their prophecy would not come to fruition, as Gaia was possessed with the Spirit of Iðunn, not Frigg (Does This Look Like Asgard?) and it was discovered that Frigg had in actual fact already been reincarnated in Hanna Larson before the time of Gaia's ascension. (Late to the Point of Knowledge)

Known Dwarves[]

  • Jacob
  • Unknown Dwarf Anders met in Norway


  • They hate being belittled by other beings such as Gods, as jokes such as being the Dwarves from Snow White or the ease of being tossed out onto the street.
  • In the mythology dwarfs are excellent craftsmen. Producing Odin's spear, Gungnir and Thor's hammer, Mjölnir.

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