The Almighty Johnsons Wiki
First Appearance: Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms
Played By: Olivia Tennet
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Partner: Ross
Relatives: Derrick (father)
Residence: Whangamaungamoa
Nationality: New Zealand

Delphine is the daughter of Derrick. Born of a mortal mother, however she shows no powers. Suggesting no demigods exist.


Season 1[]

Delphine is introduced by Derrick, who, at a post-funeral lunch, tells the Gods (Axl, Anders, and Olaf) and Goddesses (Michele and Ingrid), and Gods that he believes she is Frigg. Upon observing her, Axl is shocked that his potential mate is actually quite homely, however, Olaf explains that "goddesses, Axl, come in all forms," including someone as unattractive as Delphine. Later Derrick introduces him to Delphine to 'get to know' one another, but he gets annoyed when she continues calling him "my lord," causing her to break down into tears. She admits to being nervous over hooking up with Axl because of pressure from her dad and reveals that she has been pregnant for six weeks following her 21st birthday, and the father of her child: Ross, a farm worker who lives nearby.

She confesses that she has not told her father yet because he might kill both her love interest and her, so she asks Axl to say that the child is his--a request he refuses outright. She then confesses that her mother was a mortal, although her father is the human incarnation of Thor - thus leading Axl to conclude that she is, in fact, not Frigg. After this discovery, he breaks the news to Derrick that he does not intend to hook up with Delphine. Blinded by rage, Derrick runs after Axl with Delphine trying desperately to restrain him. Axl manages to convince Derrick that Delphine is neither Frigg nor a goddess, and that he must stop trying to hook her up with other gods. He then reveals to Derrick that Delphine loves Ross, and she then confesses to having his baby. Surprised, Derrick comments that he never thought anyone would hook up with her. (Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms)


Being the daughter to a God, although not truly being one herself, Delphine is naturally curious about Axl's powers as Odin. She appears sheltered because of her homely and demure appearance, but she admits to having become drunk and passing out at the local tavern. She truly loves her father and is also impressed with his powers as Thor (although she also fears him for being "barking mad"), thus making her reluctant to admit to having been pregnant with Ross's child. She also appears easily prone to crying, but her pregnancy may also have something to do with it.