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Dean O'Gorman
Birth: December 1, 1976 (40)
Role: Anders Johnson
Gender: Male

Dean O'Gorman is a New Zealand actor, who has had various roles in New Zealand and Australian films and television series.

O'Gorman got his start in the television movie, The Rogue Stallion at the age of fourteen, and Raider of the South Seas, both of which were released in 1990. He has appeared in both Hercules and Xena multiple times, as well as a recurring role as young Iolaus in Young Hercules.

More recently, he has made multiple guest appearances on shows such as, The Cult, Go Girls and Legend of the Seeker and currently plays the role of Anders Johnson on The Almighty Johnsons. In April 2011 he was cast as Fili in Peter Jackson's upcoming film The Hobbit.