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First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present 1x01
Last Appearance: The End of the World As We Know It 3x13
Played By: Fern Sutherland
Gender: Female
Occupation: Anders' Assistant
Partner: Ty Johnson

Dawn is a mistreated but respected assistant around the job


Early Life[]

Despite Dawn’s constant despising of Anders and his behaviour and threatening to quit, he used his powers to keep her from leaving. (You Gotta Love Life, Babe) She was also attracted to his brother Ty, but Anders told her that he was gay, and preferred to have female friends. (Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms)

Season 1[]

Anders set Dawn to work promoting a company by drawing a symbol on the volcano, but when an earthquake hit she panicked and thought it was erupting before Anders told her to calm down. After narrowly avoiding being arrested, she complained to Anders, but he calmed her down and set her another grueling task. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

Season 2[]

After Ty became a mortal in the hopes of being closer to Dawn than he ever could of been before, he was heartbroken to discover that she no longer remembered him, precisely because he was now a mortal.

Season 3[]

For most of series three, Dawn is nagged by the constant feeling that she knows Ty in some way, and eventually, as Höðr returns to Ty, her memories start returning. After witnessing him freeze Colin's arm and breaking it, she starts to have even more flashes of her relationship with Ty, and so confronted him about it. He confirmed that they had been together and explained how he was a God and that becoming a mortal had made her forget him. Dawn accepted this, and the two resumed their relationship.

When Frigg and Odin were officially united together, the Goddess Spirits of all the Gods and Goddesses who were present disappeared. Since Ty was now mortal, Dawn lost all of her memories of him once again. However she and Ty had prepared for this possibility. Ty brought Dawn a package containing a film in which earlier Dawn explains that she knows that she has lost the love of her life and that Ty is the one to fill that gap. Following that is clips of their time together, and the recording of Dawn implores that she continue to love Ty like she wanted to before forgetting. Dawn accepts this and embraces Ty, saying that she does, in some way know him. At this point Anders rudely interrupted to ask if Ty had done something to help her remember him as well. (The End of the World As We Know It)


Ty Johnson[]

Dawn and Ty have always liked each other, but due to Anders' meddling she believed that Ty was gay until he cleared it up. He admitted she was the kind of girl he could fall for, and Dawn felt the same and the two started a relationship. Ty told her that he had many problems, and Dawn accepted his strange claims, loving him enough to see past his faults. However he broke up with her later, and was furious because she couldn't understand his mixed messages afterwards. Ty later claimed he was in love with someone else, and while she didn't believe him, he later became married to Eva.

Despite this and not wanting to speak to him, she still had feelings for him, so far as to stake out him and Eva at their new house. After Eva's death, she suspected Ty had killed her, but soon came to realize he hadn't, and began to mend her friendship with him. However when Ty suggested that they remain friends, Dawn was slightly disappointed, but agreed. After Ty sacrificed his God Spirit so that he could be with her, Dawn claimed she didn't know who he was, a side-effect of his change, and so all her feelings for him were lost.

Initially Ty attempted to insert himself casually into her life (though he was far from subtle) in the hopes of getting close to her again, however this failed and made her more wary of him. When she started dating Lance, he settled on a casual friendship with her, until they broke up and Colin attempted to manipulate Anders into having his way with her. When Ty attacked Colin with his returning powers, Dawn witnessed this and suddenly an onslaught of memories from their time together started returning to her. After Ty rebuffed her initial questions, he admitted the truth about him being a God (having Höðr return to him) and everything they had been through together. Dawn accepted the truth and the fact that she loved him, and the two resumed their relationship together.

Anders Johnson[]

Anders does nothing but annoy Dawn, with his belittling of her and failure to remember most of the things she tells him. However she does have a grudging respect for his ability to convince people to do things, unaware he is doing it to her as well

Dawn may have become a subject of attraction for Anders. Anders hasn't slept with Dawn, impling he holds her in regard above most other women.


Sometime after Lance began delivering packages to JPR, he asked Dawn out, and they dated for quite some time.

Colin Gunderson[]

Dawn aided Anders in running Colin's campaign to be a mayor During this campaign, Dawn expressed her desire to be involved in politics and it was noted by Colin that she was better at it than Anders. As such, she became a figurehead of his campaign until Colin asked Anders to use his powers so Colin could take advantage of her. Instead of doing what he asked, Anders made her think that Colin was a complete wanker.


Dawn is Anders’ girl Friday and the backbone (and moral centre) of his PR company. She is the woman who keeps things moving in the right direction, often despite the best/worst intentions of her employer. The things she puts up with from him are so remarkable that she wonders why she still works here. In fact, Dawn thinks about Anders a lot – and especially the way every time she resigns he manages to talk her round, talk her into changing her mind. It’s almost like he has this magical power over her. Deep down she wonders if she is in love with him, even though she kind of despises everything he does and everything he stands for.

Yet still she will sort out the messes of the one-night stands he leaves behind; the people he uses and abuses on a regular basis; the shit he lands the company in. Sometimes Dawn despairs that she seems to have no life of her own; that she has ended up married to this job and the dickhead boss who can piss her off then charm her senseless, often within the same conversation.

And all the time Dawn wonders where her life is fast disappearing. She lives alone; she’s been the bridesmaid at so many weddings yet there is no sign of a man on her horizon. Instead, all she has is her job working for a guy who abuses her good nature on a daily basis. Dawn knows that, deep down, she’s better than this – and one day she’ll prove it to a waiting world.

Dawn's uncertainty is finally ended when Ty explains to her that, as the god Bragi, her boss Anders has the power to persuade her to heed his words. The next time Dawn sees Anders she storms over to him and slaps his face saying "No more of that Bragi shit."