The Almighty Johnsons Wiki
First Appearance: This Is Not The Washing Powder, My Friend
Played By: John Leigh
Gender: Male
Relatives: Gaia (adoptive daughter)

Bryn is Gaia's father, a homosexual and a vegan. This was revealed in season 2 to be a an alias. In reality he is a Giant, a midget giant. True name, phonetically, is He-Leo-Bad


Early Life[]

Bryn was born with a birth defect (as his father called it), and was mocked by the other giants for his small size. However when it was discovered that the child of a prophecy dooomed to kill all giants was born, Bryn was chosen to go to New Zealand to kill the baby girl since his small size would help him blend in. However when Bryn laid eyes upon the girl, he felt as though he couldn't do it. Noting that her God-parents were terrible people who didn't deserve to have a child, he killed them both and set alight the shack they lived in, before he took the girl away with a vow to protect her.

To keep the other giants from coming after her, Bryn sent them a possum's heart (as he had been instructed to send the girl's once she was dead) to the giants and told them he had met someone and would stay in New Zealand. From there he moved to Waiheke Island, named the girl Gaia and made arrangements for legal documents that would indicate she was older than she was. (Everything Starts With Gaia, The House of Jerome)

Sometime later, a tall Dwarf named Jacob was sent to kill her too, however like Bryn he couldn't do it upon seeing her, so the two allied to keep her safe. However Jacob insisted that Bryn make himself appear less than normal by making him eat vegetarian food and pretend that he was gay. (Everything Starts With Gaia)

Season 1[]

(This Is Not The Washing Powder, My Friend)

Season 2[]

Jacob and Bryn were overly protective of Gaia after her return to Waiheke, and she eventually felt constricted because of their constant watching of her, especially after discovering cameras in Jacob's place, and so she decided to run away, but they stopped her from getting on the ferry. On her second attempt, she laced Bryn's hash in food for them, and used the opportunity to escape.

He went back to the flat to bring Gaia back to Waiheke Island, barging in and demanding to see her. Axl told him that he didn't know where she was, so Bryn decided to wait, regardless of how long it took. When Gaia finally returned, she refused to go back, and he and Axl fought while Gaia fled. Unable to track her, Bryn returned to the flat, and unable to get any answers from Zeb, tied him to a chair and gagged him to shut him up. When Axl returned with Gaia, who was drunk and unable to be convinced of anything at the time, he decided to wait until she was sober. During the night he called Jacob with a plan to try and change her mind with Jacob proposing. In response, Gaia kicked him in the balls, and reasserted that she wasn't going back. Axl and Bryn spoke again, and convinced him to allow Gaia to stay. (Charlie Truman)

At some point after this, the Giants discovered his deciet after testing the DNA of the possum heart and sent Eggther, their best warrior, to finish the job and punish Bryn. Jacob and Bryn quickly set to warning Gaia. Arriving at the flat, they failed to convince Gai they had to leave, just as Eggther broke the door down. After Axl knocked the Giant out, they fled with Gaia and Axl to Mike's bar, where they demanded to know what was going on. When Olaf arrived, he noted that they were Giants and Dwarves, and upon realising that they were Gods, and Axl was Odin, they fled.

At a nearby restaurant, where Bryn allowed himself to follow his Giant instincts and eat meat, they were again confronted by the Gods, who demanded to know what exactly was going on. As they explained how they had been sent to kill Gaia, the Gods realised that Gaia was going to be Frigg. As they explained further as they went back to the bar, they realised Zeb was in danger if Eggther was still at the flat, but Zeb had been taken hostage by Eggther, who was demanded Gaia in exchange. Back at the bar, while trying to figure out what to do about the situation, When they were discussing what to do about Eggther, Bryn voiced an objection to summoning Derrick (Thor) to deal with the problem, but relented. He also confessed everything to Gaia with Axl, though she ended up laughing in disbelief. (Everything Starts With Gaia)

Realising that Gaia was high from a join the Goddesses had given her earlier, they instead took Gaia home, just before Derrick arrived. Upon smelling Bryn, he tried to attack, but Axl called him off. While waiting for Gaia to get ready, Bryn argued with Derrick about Thor's killing of innocent Giants, before they realised gaia had fled, but luckily she had gone to Mike's bar, where she had been convinced of the reality of her situation. While trying to come up with a plan to take care of Eggther, Bryn again objected to killing him, and when the time came to confront him, Bryn decided to go as well to protect his daughter, though Gaia pointed out that she wasn't really. At the exchange site, Eggther noted Bryn's changing of sides, but Bryn pointed out that the situation had changed. Soon Zeb convinced Eggther to back down, and Eggther told Bryn he could consider himself banished from the Giants home. Back at the bar, when Gaia decided to leave, she showed little care towards him, to his disappointment. (Magical Fluffy Bunny World)

But Gaia was immediately kidnapped, and soon Mike led them on the trail of the kidnappers. (The House of Jerome)