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Season 3, Episode 3
Air date 18th July 2013
Written by Tim Balme
Directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn
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 Bergerbar is the third episode of the third season, and is the twenty-sixth episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall


Axl tries his hand at therapeutic binge-drinking, Ty experiences a life-changing catastrophe and Mike changes teams; all for the greater good of the family.


Zeb is attempting to find a new tenant for the flat, but a hungover and naked Axl ruins things with a potential new flatmate. Zeb takes the problem to Mike, complaining about Axl's behavior, prompting Mike to promise to speak with Axl. However Axl is less-than-happy about Mike's intervention, and Mike tells him to grow up. Olaf defends some of Axl's behavior and offers to handle Axl.

Ty is repairing a restaurant's fridge, experiencing new problems since losing Höðr, and so decides to resign. When he returns home to secure selling his home, Indrid is concerned, and figures out that Dawn has something to do with the problem. Stacey offes Ty a job at her courier company, which Ty initially scoffs at. Colin suddenly arrives, furious that Ty is selling, however Ty has legal proof that he can do so since the house was in Eva's Will. Colin warns him that the house will not be sold before he storms off.

Olaf returns to Mike's bar, (though he tried to connect with him by getting stoned together), and reports that Axl has not responded well, to Mike's disappointment. When Axl shows up later he asks Mike that everyone stop trying to help him, and that he has failed his builder's course. He questions what he should do now, and pointing out that what hurts most is that Anders shafted him, feeling that since he became Odin their family has falling apart. Mike subsequently goes to see Anders, telling him to apologize to Axl, but Anders is very reluctant and claims that he is a victim in this as well. He plays off the possibilites of how far Axl's depression will go, but while Mike refuses to take no for an answer, Anders insists that Axl wallow in his grief.

Ty looks at houses with Ingrid and Stacey, who are both concerned about Colin's threat.

During the night, Michele reassures Mike and claims that he should stop trying to be a father to his brothers, since it is holding him back from finishing refurbishing the bar. Meanwhile, Ty awakens to find Colin partying inside his house, and demands that he leave, but Colin is hardly threatened by the now-mortal. He mentions that he has a loop-hole for Ty's claim on the house; since the house was under Eva's name and her responsibility to insure it, which while she had asked asked her father to insure, Colin never in fact did. He then sets fire to the house, forcing Ty and Ingrid to leave it to burn.

When Ty informs Mike, Michele is insistant that they need to sort out Colin. Mike then calls Colin and warns him to stay away from Ty, and since they cannot prove Colin was involved, Mike also points out that Colin will get what he deserves. Since Ty and Ingrid need a place to stay, he takes them to stay at Axl and Zeb's flat for a while (though he has to pay Zeb for his compliance). Mike also insists that Axl come with him to speak to his course's tutor to get him back in, though they learn that Anders has already spoken to the tutor (using his powers to claim that Axl had being worrying about Mike, who had apparently had a sex-change from a woman). While Mike thinks that at least Anders is trying, Axl doesn't care about his course or Anders. With no other choice, Mike decides to call together a Bergerbar, so that the brothers can sort out their issues.

Ty laments about losing his possessions to Olaf and Ingrid, when Stacey arrives. Ty decides that he needs to accept Stacey's earlier job offer. When he gets started, Lance, one of the other couriers, freaks him out before he evens starts. Mike calls to invite Ty to the Bergerbar (despite him no longer being a God) and a still reluctant Anders, but not Olaf since he is not actually a brother. Ingrid gives Axl a manmurkin to go with the tradition of Bergerbar, which he reluctantly accepts by keeping it in his pants.

When the brothers gather, Mike notes that this is so that the brothers can start to start mend their bridges. They proceed to drink heavily, though this eventually results in them (really Mike) earning several tequilas from a chip-in-a-sombrero bet, and then they proceed to pour a bucket of ice down Anders pants for getting distracted and having sex with another customer's wife. Luckily this gets them in a good mood, however they suddenly lose track of Axl as Mike is paying the bill.

They soon spot a heavily intoxicated and near-naked Axl on the edge of a multi-parking lot, proclaiming his Godliness to several spectators. His brothers try to convince him to come down safely, but some of the spectators urge him to jump. Anders uses his powers to shut the spectators up. Ty, having snuck up behind him, tries to coax Axl down. Axl admits he thinks Ty is his favorite brother, and comes off the edge, wishing that he wasn't a God like Ty.

The next day, Ty is on his courier job route when he goes to see Dawn at the JPR office. His attempts to get closer to her are awkward, but he mentions that his house burnt down and says that he felt it had a bad vibe to continue to try and connect with her. However as Dawn responds more positively to this, Lance arrives with official documents for JPR, and to Ty's disappointment, sees that he may have a rival for Dawn's affection. Axl wakes up to a hangover and an angry Mike, who demands that he pay him off the flat rents by helping him with his renovations to the bar. However as he does so, he briefly considers killing himself with a nail gun, but changes his mind.



  • Writer - Tim Balme
  • Director - Geoffrey Cawthorn
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock & Helen Searancke
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Colin - "Tyrone Johnson! Do you actually think in your tiny mortal mind that this is your house to sell?
Ty - "Yes, because it's mine."
- Colin and Ty start to butt heads over the house

Olaf - "Are you at all familiar with the term 'upholstered'?"
Mike - "As in  when you're sitting on the couch with your grandpa, who's got you so incredibly stoned that your body becomes at one with the couch?
Olaf - "Mm."
Mike - "Yeah, you upholstered me in the past, Grandpa."
- Mike is familiar with Olaf's methods of connecting with someone

Colin - "Ah, quickly, call for Hod, the fireman of the Gods, who can extinguish flames with his icy demeanour Yay, Hod! (laughs) Oh, that's right - Hod's left the building. And soon there will be no building left." (continues to set things on fire)
- Colin mocks the now-mortal Ty


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • Orange & Mango - Performed by The Phoenix Foundation
  • Eventually - Performed by The Phoenix Foundation
  • Brother With the Bleeding Heart - Performed by Bannerman
  • Down to the Sea - Performed by Lindon Puffin
  • Too Hot Blues - Performed by Heart Attack Alley
  • Getting What You Give - Performed by Dimmer
  • Del Ray (Clav Mix) - Performed by Sola Rosa
  • Dust & Doubt (Instrumental) - Performed by Lindon Puffin
  • Sink - Performed by Street Chant
  • Dickshakers Union - Performed by Surf City
  • Superman, You're Crying - Performed by SJD



  • Anders uses his Bragi powers on multiple targets at once for the first time.