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Anders Johnson
First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present 1x01
Last Appearance: The End of the World As We Know It 3x13
Played By: Dean O'Gorman
Gender: Male
Age: 30s
Occupation: As Anders:
*JPR Manager
As Bragi: (formerly)
*God of Poetry
God/Goddess: Bragi (formerly)
Power: Formerly:
*Command Inducement
Relatives: Olaf Johnson (grandfather)
Elna Johnson (grandmother)
Elizabet Johnson (mother)
Johan Johnson (father)
Mike Johnson (brother)
Ty Johnson (brother)
Axl Johnson (brother)
Valerie Johnson (ex-sister-in-law)
Hanna Larson (sister-in-law)
Eva (sister-in-law, deceased)
Residence: Auckland, New Zealand
Religion: Norse
Nationality: New Zealand

Anders Johnson is the second born of the Johnson brothers, and was the reincarnation of Bragi; God of Poetry. Which means he had "the gift of the gab".


Early Life[]

After his 21st and becoming a God, Anders used his powers to seduce Valerie into having sex with him, believing that doing so will break up her and Mike. However the plan failed and the incident only drew them closer together, while he and Mike became estranged. (I Can Give You Frigg)

Despite Dawn’s constant despising of Anders and his behavior and threatening to quit, he used his powers to keep her from leaving. He also convinced her that Ty, whom they had mutual feelings for each other, was gay, just for the fun of it. (Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms)

Season 1[]

Anders set Dawn to work promoting a company by drawing a symbol on the volcano, while he engaged in intercourse with a woman he met a bar, oblivious to the earthquake until she ran off, but his main concern was his fish. The next day he was reluctant to go to the ceremony that would change Axl into a God, but Ty convinced him. After Axl was transformed, the near-unconscious Olaf claimed that he was Odin, a fact which worried the brothers. While pondering over the situation, he requested Dawn get him the number of one of his clients, and showed up at the 21st party with two scantily-clad ladies as a ‘present’ for his younger brother. Mike scolded him, for being there and using his powers, but Anders claimed that he was doing Axl a favor and pointed out he technically never made anyone do anything they didn’t want to deep down. When Olaf explained there were signs of Odin’s return, Anders realized his publicity stunt earlier had ignited one unintentionally. After Axl was led off by a woman Gaia claimed to be a third of the two Anders brought, he helped chase after them, and though Axl was shot with an arrow he was alright. As the final sign came to be, Axl was now Odin, so he would need to find Frigg or else if he died, they all would. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

(This Is Where Duty Starts)

(God's Gift to Zebras)

(You Gotta Love Life, Babe)

(This Is Not The Washing Powder, My Friend)

(Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms)

(Bad Things Happen)

(I Can Give You Frigg)

(Hunting Reindeer on Slippery Rocks)

(Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice)

Season 2[]

(And Then She Will Come To You)

(Frigg Magnet)

(Charlie Truman)

(Death's Cleansing Embrace)

(A Damn Fine Woman)

(Effortless Manly Coolness)


(Everything Starts With Gaia)

(Magical Fluffy Bunny World)

(The House of Jerome

(You Call This the Real World?)

(Does This Look Like Asgard?)

Season 3[]



Anders is the second Johnson brother. His godlike power is derived from Bragi, the God of Poetry. Anders’ power is that he can influence people with his words, but only on certain people, primarily mortals. And even then only most of the time. For example, if a mortal is aware of his power, they can become immune to it.

Thus Anders’ power has served him alright in a business sense. He runs a small PR company, where he makes a, somewhat disreputable, living off of a client base. Where there’s a bit of glitz and some glamour is generally where Anders is happiest plying his trade. He is an irrepressible rake, reveling in the powers he has; the very opposite of brother Mike, whom he scorns for hiding from the gifts he has been given.

Anders is also frustrated by the limitations of his powers. As a result of the watering down of the God-like powers, there are people out there who are completely impervious to Anders’ blandishments – important people; powerful people; intelligent people; truly beautiful people. Anders is forever smacking his head on the glass-ceiling of his limitations; and it frustrates hell out of him. Great wealth, great power and great women are tantalizingly just out of reach. Of course, that could all be about to change. If Axl is, in fact, Odin; if this heralds the return to full power of the Gods; if Anders will have the power to persuade anyone to do anything… And that’s a world Anders could seriously get to like.

Former Powers[]

  • Artistic Intuition
  • Empathic Voice
  • Enhanced Charisma
  • Enhanced Wisdom
  • Inscriptive Magic
  • Music Manipulation
  • Omnilegence
  • Omnilingualism
  • Persuasion
  • Voice Manipul


The Johnson Family[]

Anders is mostly on the outer when it comes to his brothers; he and Axl get on all right on occasion, but both Mike and Ty can rarely stand being around him. Mike was particularly put-off with Anders using his powers to sleep with Valerie (which was in fact just as much about trying to help Mike see that he and Val really weren't right for each other), and Anders being less mature than he should. Ty, meanwhile, is more irritated with Anders because of his mocking of Ty's being Höðr, always having a fresh ice joke at the ready.

Anders' Conquests[]

Anders has had numerous relationships with woman, rarely lasting than a few days and not much more than sex. Anders appears to have become completely reliant on his powers to pick up women. He has little to no care as to which kind of woman he uses his powers on, be they religious or engaged. Among the women he has manipulated into sleeping with him are Karla, Kylie, Leah and Sascha.


Anders does nothing but annoy Dawn, with his belittling of her and failure to remember most of the things she tells him. However he does care for her in some way; he believes in her ability to back him up even if she doesn't approve of his actions, though he does play some part in that.

Dawn may be a subject of attraction for Anders, however there is very little evidence of it.


He also had a flirty relationship with Michele. When down in Whangamaungamoa they shared a drink in a bar, where Anders says that Goddesses aren't to be trusted, but Michele said trust could be earned. They apparently kept in contact, and later met to discuss Anders' method for finding Frigg, and he told Michele that if she helped them find Frigg, she'd have a place in his heart. They later shared a blood oath, as she had decided to trust him. When Frigg was found they had another drink together, and though he tried to convince her to sleep with him, she declined, preferring to wait until Axl and Eva's wedding. However when it came to the pre-wedding ceremony and despite constant flirting throughout, he broke things off with her when she wanted to sacrifice Mike's life so that the real Frigg could be found.

Helen Larvig[]

When he laid eyes upon Helen, the Goddess Iðunn and Bragi's wife, she became instantly attracted to him, leading to a quickie in the bar toilets. He was intrigued by her personality, and treated her far more nicely than any other woman he had been with, and the two engaged in constant meetings of pleasure and (some) business. However she was far more keen on him than he was on her, and her desire for sex was too much, even for him, and he tried to get her to slow down, but her attraction to him was far too much for her to ignore. His overall reaction to her death is unclear, though he was clearly shocked.

During his time with Helen, she expressed an interest in becoming the power couple of the Norse Gods, even in spite of Odin and Frigg being set to unite. While Anders wanted to grow his powers, his disapproved of Helen's methods (using his persuasion to get out of a massive business dinner bill) and was skeptical and the lack of understanding of her own powers.


When Gaia became Iðunn following Helen's death, she found herself immediately drawn to Anders, though Anders asserted that he had no interest in Gaia. However the bond between the two Gods was so strong that they could not keep away from each other and slept together. While Anders admitted he regretted it, he couldn't help but get together with her again before she told Axl the truth. Olaf explained that in spite of what lack of feelings Anders had for Gaia, Bragi and Iðunn would always find a way to be together.

About the god Bragi[]

Bragi (Old English) Brego in Norse mythology is the God of Poetry, Music & The Harp he was the son of Odin and perhaps Giantess Gunnlod Husband of goddess of Youth Iðunn and Bragi would die at the tusks of the Dwarven battle-boar at Ragnarok