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And Then On to Norsewood
Season 3, Episode 6
Air date 8th August 2013
Written by Ross Hastings
Directed by Mike Smith
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 And Then On to Norsewood is the sixth episode of the third season, and is the twenty-ninth episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall


As Axl's road trip takes a couple of unexpected turns, Mike and Michele take their own roads to the dark side, and Dawn becomes the launch pad for a journey Anders can't see ending well.


Mike calls Axl to find out how Axl is during his roadtrip with their father, and Zeb starts complaining about Axl's departure since he is the only one paying rent. However Axl says he may not come back, to both his brother and friend's shock, before Axl hangs up and gets into a zorb going down as hill as Joe applauds. Mike pays Axl's rent to zeb, but Zeb starts bugging Mike about Ingrid also not paying either (in lieu of offering other ways to pay), but Mike tells him to ignore her.

Anders is chatting with several new 'interns' helping in Colin's Mayoral Campaign, which Dawn complains about since they are clearly not intended to be interns. Anders shares Dawn's concerns with Colin, who approves of Anders' standards, and takes all of the interns on his yacht to satiate Dawn, but Dawn holds Anders back. Dawn questions Anders' reasons to contribute to Colin's politcal campaign, revealing she has always wanted to be into politics, and implores Anders to take things more seriously, which he agrees to try.

Mike is asked by Karen whether Joe is returning soon, but Mike is vague since evenhe doesn't know. Karen then reveals that her father was Ullr also, and thus Mike's predacessor, and warns him about misusing his powers and being involved inb the Odin quest. Michele arrives and mocks her mother's desire to get back with Joe by suggesting she set up another God party, but Karen asserts she's not in a party mood. Meanwhile, Axl and Joe continue having fun on their way down to Norsewood, but Joe is intentionally trying to slow down their journey, explaining that he wants to use the time to get to know Axl better. He suggests that they go fishing, to Axl's delight, and says that he will teach him how to be a proper God.

Mike awakens to Michele complaining about living with her mother, sincehe is taking so long with the rennovation and suggests he hire people. Mike later laments to Olaf about needing money to finish his rennovations, but Olaf suggests that Mike utilise his abilities to win money, and to also find a fast way of doing so. Michele has now started complaiing to Ingrid and Stacey about her troubles, and imlores Ingrid to think of a way that they can use the Yggdrasil stick to help in their cause of preventing Goddess oppression. Stacey mentions that Bevan Mather has been wanting to meet up with Michele (since Anders' manipulation of the God Hunters has been slightly messed up so that he remembers her healing his arm), and suggests that Michele do so.

Axl notes that he and his father don't have fishing gear, and Joe says they he will fetch some while Axl remains at the pier. Axl waits a long time before Joe returns with news that they're going to volunteer working on a fishing vessel, but Axl complains that this isn not what he had in mind. Joe says that there will be no anger with him around and notes that Axl has no dreams, but Axl asserts that the whole point of the trip was to learn more about his father and go to Norsewood. Furious, Joe leaves, pointing out that he sold the car to pay for their work, leaving Axl stranded.

Colin is disgruntled to find that Anders has given in to Dawn and hired serious people to help in the campaign. Anders tells Colin that he is concerned about his seriousness about his own campaign, when Colin mentions that he's using the money that was originally Agnetha's to fund his campaign, and bribes Anders into continuing to do things his own way. As Ty warns Dawn about Colin's nature before Anders tells her to start spending as much money from Colin's campaign as possible, in an attempt ot have his share of Agnetha's money used back on him as possible.

Mike leads Olaf to a high stakes club to follow up on his suggestion. Meanwhile Bevan meets and starts worshipping Michele, asking her for her help healing his sister's arthrites, but Michele refuses to do so. Ingrid suggests that she does, since the fact that the mortals' belief in Gods causing them to lose their powers over the centuries was due to their diminishing help, and that doing things that prompt belief in them again may restore their powers without Yggdrasil, prompting Michele to agree.

Mike is victorious in several games at the club when Olaf suggests that he is tone down his powers, as Axl calls Mike to tell him what's happened. In light of this, Olaf implores Mike to walk away, but Mike refuses. Axl is approached by the mysterious man, Martin, that watched him leaving Auckland, who offers him a lift to Norsewood. However one he gets in the car, Axl starts becoming unnerved by Martin.

Dawn has her ego boosted by Colin's false approvals, as Anders makes several suggestions on how to promote his campaign while making it as expensive as possible. Colin asks for Dawn's opinion about what he should use in his campaign promotions and what he should do once he's mayor. Colin seems to approve and asks Dawn to prepare her place for a campaign party. Zeb returns to the flat to find Ingrid making strange preperations for the healing of Bevan's sister Kay before she and Michele kick him out. Michele gets to work, to the amazement of Bevan and Kay, who is completely healed by the Goddess.

Mike's ego continues to be boosted as his victories continue, as a spectator warns Olaf that one of the angrier players that Mike just bluffed stabbed a police officer. Olaf is forced to hit Mike and drag him out before things can get too heated. Mike is pleased with his winnings, and Olaf has now become concerned that Mike is letting his powers control him, and is letting go of his morals. Mike states he no longer cares about morals so long as his life is easy and no one gets hurt.

Anders and Dawn start the camaign promotion with Colin, who uses Dawn as his model citizen ideal that he wants to protray himself to be as he announce his mayoral running to the journalists. Dawn is grateful of Colin's words, unaware of Colin's using jer. As Colin and Anders discuss further promotin of the former's campaign, Colin questions why Anders is so concerned about Dawn, suggesting that there is something between them.

Zeb comes back to find Ingrid has the money for her rent (which she took from Kay after her healing), as Mike and Michele decide not to tell each other about their day. Karen asks about Joe again, forcing Mike to break the news about Joe's departutre from their lives. Martin stops the car and lets Axl  out, however it is not Norsewood and Martin tells Axl he needs to be here before driving off. Axl walks into a pub, where the bar tender, Suzie, gives him a free beer, and reveals that he is in Whangamaungamoa, which Axl is unhappy about. At that moment, a drunk Derrick stumbles out and sees Axl, requesting his helping in retrieving his stolen hammer, right before he throws up on Axl's shoes.



  • Writer - Ross Hastings 
  • Director - Mike Smith
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock & Helen Searancke
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Martin - "Do you, uh, require a lift?"
Axl - "Yeah, actually I do."
Martin - "Climb in."
Axl - "Where are you headed?"
Martin - "Where are you headed?"
Axl - Norsewood."
Martin - "Hop in."
Axl - "You're going to Norsewood?"
Martin - "Yeah, I can get you there."
- Nothing strange about Axl's first meeting with Martin...

Colin - "The main policy statement of the night will be: vote for me because all the others are small-town mushroom dicks. (laughs)
Anders - "Memorable."
Colin - "And true."
- Colin's campaign is a joke to him and Anders

(Zeb walks in to find the living room in a romantic-like setting. Ingrid appears and smiles at Zeb)
Zeb - "No. No, not going to happen. You can't touch this."
Ingrid - "Touch what?"
Zeb - (indicates himself) "This! I can't blame you for wanting it, but I will not trade sex for rent."
Ingrid - (choking sounds) "I don't know what sort of woman you think I am, but you need to stop hallucinating, and you need to go. Now."
- Zeb's ideas about Ingrid wanting him shock Ingrid Derrick - (starts emerging from the bathroom) "Ya mongrel piece of shit bloody bastards! Two-faced dicktards, the bloody lot of ya! And you know it! Dicktards!"

Suzie - "Derrick! I told you to go the hell home!"
(Derrick turns and sees Axl)
Axl - "Oh, no."
Derrick - My Lord, you have come!"
Suzie - (to Axl) "You know this troublemaker?"
- Axl's none-too-happy to be in Derrick's hometown

Deleted Scenes[]

  • As Stacey is explaining that Bevan wants to meet Michele, she elaborates that continued surveilance on him, and that the Church fell apart after the Minister that attacked Ty was put away.
  • When Ingrid tries to convince Michele to consider healing Bevan's sister, she admits she wondered why the Yggdrasil Stick gave Sjofn healing powers rather than amplifying her match-making abilities.


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)
  • The Leaver's Dance - Performed by The Veils
  • Bag of Money - Performed by Fly My Pretties
  • The Captain - Performed by The Phoenix Foundation