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A Bit Like Buses Really
Season 3, Episode 11
Air date September 12, 2013
Written by Ross Hastings & James Griffin
Directed by Murray Keane
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A Bit Like Buses Really is the eleventh episode of the third season, and is the thirty-fourth episode of The Almighty Johnsons overall.


Two pretenders must overcome a host of obstacles, mortal and Godly, as they race for the prize.


Axl is lamenting about finding Frigg to Zeb, who suspects that Mike now knows where she is. Mike is preparing to head off to locate her, only to find his car crushed. Looking across the road, Mike sees Michele giving him the finger, an act of revenge for destroying the Yggdrasil Stick and their breakup. Meanwhile Axl consults Ty, Anders and Olaf about what they think about Mike's desire to become Odin, and while Anders supports him, Ty and Olaf are more dubious. Oaf then points out that the true Odin will be able to find Frigg, something Mike is capable of.

Martin refuses to allow Mike in.

Mike takes a cab to a place where his powers allow his to know that Frigg lives. Martin, the mysterious man, opens the door, and refuses to let Mike in, stating that he is not the one who is meant to be with Frigg. Mike enters the house anyway, only to suddenly find himself back at his bar. Ty, who is there, shows him more damage caused by Michele, and then asks Mike whether he believes himself to be Odin. Mike admits he's considering it to be a good idea, but Ty points out that he isn't Odin, but Mike asserts that that won't stop him. Meanwhile, Michele is chatting to Stacey and Ingrid about Mike and her acts of revenge. Ingrid is concerned that Michele isn't letting her feelings about their breakup out, but Michele avoids the accusation by reminding her of the destruction of the Stick, and suggests that they are all better off without Gods.

Axl takes Anders to the retirement home so that he can use his powers to make the staff give out the information on Frederick Larson's daughter. However when he approaches one of the beautiful student nurses, she does not succumb to his powers and refuses to give out the information, but agrees to give him her number. He is then distracted by her twin sister and curses the distraction of the Quest.

Mike returns to the house where Martin continues to refuse him entry. Mike says that he will find her eventually, at which Martin opens the door, and reveals he is Frigg's brother. However as Mike tries to get into her room, he suddenly finds himself back at the bar again. The present Olaf confronts Mike about his desire to become Odin, reminding him that all the signs point to Axl being Odin. Mike ignores him but asks about who is moving him back to the bar when he tries to get close to Frigg. Olaf realizes that Martin must be Heimdallr, the God who sees and hears all, is capable of doing so due to his power to move between realms, and advises Mike not to piss him off.

Axl discovers runes on the walls.

Axl realizes Anders has been distracted, but Anders returns with the address of Martin Larson, Frederick's son, and the two head off. As Axl heads inside a completely different place to the one Mike went to, Anders receives a sexy picture of Michele, and hopes she wants revenge sex on Mike. Axl finds the place to be empty, but spots some symbols on the wall and the words Vili and Vé. As soon as he leaves, Martin returns to the room and spots that his clue for Axl has misunderstood the latter clue. Anders asks Axl to drop him off at his place, where Michele reveals her image to simply be a ploy to bring him in, and demands her share of the money from Guy. Anders reveals that Mike is going after Frigg now that he's free of her, to Michele's silent fury.

Mike again tries to get into Martin's house, this time by using a hidden key he finds. Martin realizes Mike is in the house, and confronts goes back to the house to confront him. He implores Mike to stop playing games with fate, only to find that Mike has already begun tricking him by using his powers to avoid Martin's traps. Mike realizes that while he can sense Frigg in the house, he also knows her to not be there, but Martin plays along  with Mike's antics, eventually trapping him in a bathroom. Martin says that Ullr is needed, which is why he doesn't do worse to him, and Mike is forced to go back to the bar, where Michele demands to know is what Anders said is true, but Mike refuses to admit that he did, and claims that the misuse of the Stick was the reason. Michele points out that Axl needs to find Frigg and that he is messing with the order of things, and says that she hopes that if he does find her, that she rejects him.

Axl brings Ingrid to the place in the address, where he tries to get her translates some symbols on the wall, hoping that the powers the Stick gave her is still present. She manages to understand a reference to Ragnarök and Heimdallr, figuring out that Martin is Frigg's brother (though Axl is still unaware that he is the same man who gave him a lift earlier) and the names Vili and Vé, who are Odin's brothers who slept with Frigg behind his back, and they suspect this to mean that Mike may succeed.

Mike goes to Ty to ask for his help, however Dawn confronts Mike, where Dawn expresses her concerns that Ty will then become the true Höðr, which neither really want. Mike asserts that they must find Frigg  and that whether she likes it or not, Ty will become Höðr, but will still be able to be with her. The scorned Michele goes to Anders, ready for her revenge sex, and the two get to it.

Axl, Zeb and Ingrid continue to work over Martin's clues, and Zeb suggests that Vili and Vé is actually live IV, as in Live for, however they quickly realize that this is a coincidence. Axl is frustrated and wonders what he is meant to live for, and starts picking on Zeb. Zeb reveals his own frustrations because of all he's gone through to try and help Axl become Odin, even if he is only a mortal, so Axl apologies, admitting that no matter what happens he wants Zeb by his side. Olaf and Stacey arrive to help, where Stacey reveals that Vili and Vé is also the name of a wedding dress boutique she delivers for. The group realize that Martin is the one who signed up the company, and that Frigg's mortal incarnation must own the boutique since Frigg is the Goddess of Marriage. Everyone is elated and heads off to find Frigg.

Ty and Mike grapple with Martin.

Michele is unfulfilled after her revenge sex with Anders, and the two bicker about their own self-pity and dignity, though Anders is pleased with himself. When he leaves the room, Michele stats to cry. Mike brings Ty to Martin's house to confront Martin for him. Ty appeals to Martin to let him in, and Mike tricks his way inside after Ty. Martin reveals that Ullr is a true danger to everything, and that Frigg will choose her true Odin. He then attempts to leave via his powers, however Ty and Axl manage to follow him since Mike was playing a follow the leader game with Ty and they made Martin the leader. They wind up in the boutique, where Martin tries to attack Mike with a knife before someone shouts for Martin to stop.

Axl and the others arrive at the boutique, and Zeb is reluctant to follow since this is probably above him, however Axl invites him to join them. After they go inside, they spot Mike and Ty, along with Martin and Hannah, who is Frigg. Axl presents himself as Odin, however Hanna is confused since Mike is also claiming to be Odin, and it is clear that it is now up to her to decide which one she wants to be with.



  • Writer - Ross Hastings & James Griffin
  • Director - Murray Keane
  • Script Editor - James Griffin
  • Storyliners - James Griffin, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Natalie Medlock & Laura Hill
  • Producer - Mark Beasley
  • Executive Producers - James Griffin, Chris Bailey, John Barnett & Kelly Martin


Axl - "I need to know we're on the same page about this."
Anders - "The page where Mike has spun out and disappeared up his own arse, where he's apparently quite enjoying the view?"
Axl - "Yes"
Anders - "I'm on that page, yes."
Axl - "Good. Ty?"
Ty - "I'm having trouble getting my head around where he's coming from, yeah."
Axl - "But you're still on my side, right?"
Ty - "I'm always on your side, Axl."
Axl - "Bam! Grandpa?"
(Olaf says nothing)
Anders - "Oh, just say he's off his nut, Grandpa."
- Axl looks to the rest of his family for support

Michele - "Don't worry. You're still the top of my list."
Anders - "Your 'people I must annoy today' list?"
Michele - "My revenge-fuck list. I believe it's traditional, in the situation I now find myself, as the scorned woman, to fuck a friend or sibling to get back at the prick who dumped me. Given Mike has no friends, that leaves the three of you. And 've already done Axl and have no need to go back. And Ty has a girlfriend and morality, so too much hard work. So that leaves you."
Anders - "Oh, well, I'm glad I passed your stringent criteria."
Michele - "Not really. You want it too much, and Mike would totally expect it, which takes all the revenge out of it, and that's the fun bit."
- Michele knows how best to work the "scorned woman" angle

Mike - "Prick!"
Martin - "Say my name."
Mike - Heimdall."
Martin - "And do you know what Heimdall can do to you? Where I can send you? I can send you bad places."
Mike - "Why haven't you?"
Martin - "Because you're needed. But you're not needed that much."
- Martin warns Mike not to mess with him

Axl - "Well, it might help if you could actually be, you know, of help; if you were thinking, rather than just monging out."
Zeb - "That's harsh."
Ax - "Yeah, well... it's true."
Zeb - "Man, I have worked my arse off for you to become Odin. I have taken a punding - physically, emotionally and probably financially - for this quest. I may not be a God, or family, I have been there for you all the way. And I don't even get invited to the cool ceremonies, but do I complain? OK, a little bit, maybe, but apart from that I have been the most loyal, the abosulutely most loyal Freki dude you will ever have, and I do not deserve to be told that I am monging out, when all I am doing is trying to help. (pauses) Sorry. It's an emotional time for me too."
Axl - "I know. I totally know that, man. I want to be Odin, Zeb. I want it so bad now that I can taste it, and it just... it pisses me off that we're stuck - this close. If I say the wrong things, dude, I'm sorry, because when I am Odin, I doubly want you by my side. And it doesn't matter if you're mortal or whatever. As far as I'm concerned you're Freki, and you always will be."
Ingrid - "Aw, that's so sweet."
- Zeb and Axl reveal how they feel about each other in the great scheme of things


  • Oh My - Performed by Gin Wigmore (Theme Music)



  • This is the episode where the real Frigg is finally found.